Saturday, November 23, 2013

the sixth anniversary

six years tgt with pok.
as the years increase, somehow i realise that numbers are just for recording.
dont feel as super excited as our first, cause we're sort of used to each other.
we find ourselves wanting to keep celebrations simple.
and i'm comfortable with that.
i guess cause he is already irrevocably intertwined in my life. (:

this year, we spent the day at S.E.A Aquarium! :D
i loved the super calming effect of the whole place,
with the cool blue water and the bright species of fishes.
my favourite part has got to be the Open Ocean Habitat,
which is supposedly the largest aquarium in the world.
love the sight of the majestic manta ray soaring and gliding through the waters.
oh my gosh i totally feel like a mermaid there. :B

explosion of colors. :D

we got to touch this spongy looking starfish at the touch pool! 
felt damn velvety, like a soft toy. :D


looks like a tangle of greyish seaweed, but look closer.
its a leafy sea dragon! super amazing.

there were two silly fishes swimming around and round the cylindrical tank, 
damn cute! but didnt managed to catch a photo.

#pokandpok ! hahahaha.

the emo old grandpa, which is the Cuttlefish.

love how the rays look like cute smiley faces hehehe. :3

one actually swam right across the glass panels :D

this whole crowd of fish were just floating and suspended in the tank,
as if they were waiting for the traffic light to turn green. :D
reminded me of Finding Nemo, heheh.

giant spider crabs.

sea jellies under red light.
naturally, i thought of RBCs. dont their heads look like the concave discs? :D

love the green and blue too ! :D 

White Spotted Jelly 

Japanese Sea Nettle. super graceful and lethal tendrils in the water.

Malaysian Sea Nettle.

the gorgeous Giant Oceanic Manta Ray, boss of the tank. 
the whole sight is damn breathtaking.
and i kept thinking of the song "Under the Sea" hahahaha.

Reef Ray, which is smaller than the manta ray.

Threadfin Trevally. 
they look really serious and translucent. :D

Clownfish and their home, the purple tipped anemones!

Blue Tang aka Dory. 
when i visited the tank one of them was swimming in cartwheels !

i guess now we know why Dory has short term memory loss :p

some kind of sinster-friendly toothy smile.

love these brillant fishes. the color of sunset skies.

another ahpek looking fish. Lionfish !

Moray Eel says peek-a-boo !

Shark Island !
Hammerhead sharks and Silvertip Sharks.

love love love the visit there :D 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Glutton on Leave :D

there are four times in a year where I get to be on leave, due to some stupid system.
and when i'm on leave, i try to make sure i max out my time,
so that i can do whatever i want :D

so one of these days, i went out shopping with my aunts!
not really technically shopping, more like buying materials for jh's 21st. 
heheh so excited to be the planner this time.
and my aunts are so enthu and helpful with the ideas. 

before we hit spotlight and daiso, we went for brunch at Cups N Canvas :D
other than being a cafe, its also an art space, sometimes hosting exhibitions.

Cups N Canvas
139 Selegie Road, Singapore 188309
Closed on Mondays.
around 15 mins walk from dhoby ghaut mrt

we're super camwhore queens. :D
and 大姑姑 doesnt like my front camera much, HAHAH.
she says its not flattering ):

my eternal choice for brunch - eggs benedict !
there's always smth irresistible about the runny egg yolks. *drools* 

breakfast canvas.
love the sauteed mushrooms and scrambled eggs. :D

verdict? love the ambience, but the food wasnt amazing.
i will only visit if i happened to be near the area.
Chock Full of Beans still remains my favourite place for brunch, heheh.

really enjoyed the time i got to spend with my aunts,
even though we see each other almost every Sunday.
its an understatement to say we went crazy in spotlight hahah!

also met up with the boyfriend later on for dinner !
went all the way to bloody clementi to fetch him from school :x

Yellow Submarines
Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central #01-110
Singapore 310177

love the quirky names and design of the place.
super cheery yellow :D

torpedo fries and my chic submarine!
love the fries which was ultra drenched in cheese.
but the sub.. hmm. 
definitely not as cheesy as we thought, but still yummy.

the super awesome omg cheesecake (stick)!!
damn nice cause of the texture.
crumbly like baked cheesecake yet creamy enough to be a cream cheesecake.
just love. :D

#ootd : 
the tinsel rack's cape batwing top
bright yellow maxi from bangkok ! fav buy from last trip hehe.

and my #notd for halloween.
love my mr and mrs frankenstein. and the dripping blood. :D

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