Thursday, January 25, 2007

happy 2007!
okay kinda lag lah..
january is almost over liao lor
anyway.. i haven't been updating lah
bcoz everytime i go online
i click on the freaking orange mush..
hahahaz.. lvl 42 liao! zzz. nothing much.

syf is coming..
so it means more dance prac lah. sian.
but den hor.. dis yr i dun hav to really dance.
hahahaz. bcoz sec4 liao den super song4.
we kinda just instruct the juniors
and make them practise over and over again.
tekan session! hahaz.. jking nia
but really la..
we gotta jiayou if we dun wan dance to be DISBANDED
yup dats right.
dis yr is really important to us
bcoz according to minghui's sources..
if we get anything less than a silver dis yr..
dance society is gonna be no more.
although i have only been in DS for 3 yrs..
the memories that i have is more than dat.
like the recent dance camp and all..

OH YA dance camp was super fun!
i can't believe i din blog abt it. zzz
2 days of crazy jamacian language
and all night mahjong.. whoo.
not to mention my 4am mcwings.. hahaz.
viva dasant 2006 rocked.
gayshit united!

i admit dat actually
the whole camp wasn't as adventure-packed
bcoz most of the time we let the juniors slack
asked them to practice their grp performance..
and supposedly we shld hav SYF PRAC.
siao lor. like who in the right mind.
but it wasn't us lah.
higher authority wanted ur to
but she FAILED. hahaz

still.. she spoiled the whole thing in the end.
but i like.. can't continue cuz my eyes wun let me
bleagh.. tired liaoz.
next time.
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