Sunday, February 23, 2014

Food Review: Poulet

Dinner yesterday night at Poulet!

Have wanted to try this since it opened its branch at Bedok Mall, cause the decor looked so nice. I have been forewarned by Levon that it's disappointing though, but still felt like trying. :p

We went to the one at Bugis. :D

French restaurant = Eiffel Tower everywhere.

Cream of country mushroom. $5.80
In my eyes, this is the only wow factor here. Soup was smooth and velvety, with the right amount of slightly sweet cream and salty taste of mushrooms. Cause it's light even with the cream, it wasnt cloying at all. 

French Onion soup. $5.80
Tried a little and it's also really good, a balance of slightly sweet and salty. 
Served with chock full of caramelized onions. 
Boss said halfway through that it's getting a tad too salty on his tongue though. 

Braised Duck leg with Red Wine sauce. $15.80
Boss: tastes just like the usual braised duck from downstairs!

HAHAHAH the chef must be so sad. Or rather, the patrons' wallets are sadder cause for the same price, you get a whole duck or at least half at a hawker center. Here you only get the leg.

Okay la it was really tender, but just not wow.
Oh and there was no alcohol taste. At all.

Poulet Roti with orange sauce $17.80
The supposed star of Poulet, cause they are known for their roast chicken afterall.

I started with the thigh meat, which was throughly marinated and really tender. 
The orange sauce was interesting so I liked it :D

But the breast meat. Um. Not exactly dry but not tender either. 
Definitely have to pair it with the sauce to make it more palatable.
The chicken was paired with purple cabbage, which wasn't a good choice cause the cabbage soaked up a lot of the sauce, making it taste v sour.

And supposedly there's bacon in here but where art thou, bacon? Where?!
My extra $2 suddenly seems v bo hua.

Poulet Roti $15.80
Le original. Served with chardonnay mushroom sauce.
Bimb says no alcohol taste in this either.

Overall verdict?
We're not going back.

Super pricey for only mediocre food. 
The star of the show didn't shine at all, 
and it is just not that worth it to go back for the soup or desserts.

Serving wise also quite small, if I had my full glutton's appetite I doubt I would have felt full at all :/

Now, where to try next? :D

My dinner buddies for the night. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Steamboat !

Steamboat mania with my awesome poly clique just now! We don't meet that often anymore cause we're all freaking busy, but when we do, I always feel v happy.

They're the bunch of friends who occasionally irritate me, but are most of the time still awesome. Hahahaha.

I guess friends are like that, we annoy each other, but at the end of the day we are still bffs who tolerate each other's nonsense.

“True friends are those who have insulting names for you, yet are those who know your most vulnerable side. ”

Cheers to my best gain from poly. Huat ah!

Mountain of carrots and radishes we shredded ourselves ! Used this uber cute specialised shredder but I didn't get the photo.

I do have the aftermath though. SO CUTE RIGHT!!

Anybody wants to use this ladle?

Le masterpiece yusheng. :D

Early birthday celebration for my pretty #buddingyeast @shirleelim ! Bwahaha surprised her with the emicakes mini cake cause I figured no one would have enough tummy to stuff a regular cake.

Damn epic trying to light the candle; I tried three times before I could bring the flame to the living room :x

Mango mousse, Oreo , super fudge and tiramisu :D

None for me cause I has no cake tummy. Tummy space is reserved for soup. :p

Le awesome clique,
@waynexf cliff @shirleelim @xinovel soktheng :D

Off to bed naozxz, so tired cause I woke up super early to prepare stuff.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's 2014

Happy Valentine's day!

I had no plans with taupok cause it's also 元宵, which is more important cause family always comes first. :D
But then.. 
Ytd night I was playing mstar with pok and I randomly bet on the outcome of the round.

“If I win this round, you'll have to meet me for lunch tmr! ”

I was 2k points behind him so I thought it would be impossible. I'd need a Valentine's miracle hahahah.

Who knows I hit perfect fever mode and ninja-ed him HAHAHA!

My poor boyfriend had to admit he was already planning to surprise me. HAHAHAH. He say I spoil market LOLOL
Pok still managed to surprise me though. He was hiding a single stalk of blue rose behind his back. :DDD

Wahahah my fav! However he kena niam by me, cause what the hell, it's so expensive :/ 
He still stayed back and waited for me to finish work. 感动 He didn't need to do all these but he did. (:

I'm truly blessed. 

#pokandpok #bestboyfriendever

Saw a nurse receive her surprise after work, in the form of her husband and kids presenting her with stalks of roses. One of the boys even cheekily knelt down and shouted "happy Valentine's day mama, I love you! " 

So heartwarming.

my blue valentine nails. 
i drew the roses and 'love' myself, using my fine brushes from :D

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Product Review for BornPrettyStore : Nail Art Brushes and Pen

Products were bought by myself (:

Finally received my order from BornPrettyStore ! 
Three weeks for normal shipping, which is quite reasonable :D
The items were packed in bubble wrap and arrived safely too. 

Teehee this is my set of 12 brushes in size 0, for painting fine detail. It's better than I expected cause each brush has its individual protective cap. 😍

Nail Art Pen in white! They have other colors too.

It's quite a pain to draw nail art in white polish, cause unlike other colors, white tends to require layers, and for some reason, dries faster. It's quite annoying cause Ive been throwing away bottles of white polish cause it's chunky from nail art use. -.-

so I've decided to just get a pen. Quite like the fine tip heheh. No more layering! ✌

Remember to utilize my discount code JNJX31 for 10% off your total purchase! Free international normal shipping as usual :D

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year !

its been such an awesome three days of celebrations!
love CNY because its a time to spend it with family, more so than other festivals.
e.g. christmas can sometimes still spend with friends,
but I'll get shot if i try that during CNY :B

as usual, it all starts with reunion dinner !
i was happier for this year's cause ahma finally didnt cry anymore :')
she did cry at the temple earlier, but its a start.
its unavoidable i guess, cause we still miss ahgong very much.
especially when CNY is his favourite time of the year.
he placed great emphasis on celebrating CNY properly, and was always excited during then.

even for his last CNY with us, even when he was sick,
he still tried to stay strong and sit through dinner with us.
he still obliged for photos and our nonsense singing greetings, as i rmb.

cant help it but think of him whenever CNY rolls around,
so its always bittersweet for me.

this year i ended work earlier than expected,
and since i missed the family's prayer ceremony earlier,
i decided to go visit ahgong at the temple.

made me feel a whole lot better (:

double steamboat! plus a grill this year, omg everything also grill.
abalone, bacon, scallop, fish. yums.

climbed and placed my phone on the edge of the fridge to take this. :D

with them cute cousins. ethel and wayne ! 
sometimes seeing them is like seeing me and jh. (:

and as usual, every year i'd bring my whole set of nail polishes over!
getting heavier each year :x

i chionged out a total of six manicures including my own !
crazy but i loved the challenge.
finished five before midnight some more. hehehe.

for third aunt, to match her cheongsam !
Base color: OPI Yoga-ta Get this Blue, Petals: China Glaze Surreal Appeal
Accent nail: Black Cat Lacquer Libra
On her thumbs is a firecracker and a God of Fortune. All hand drawn by yours truly ;p

for my mum!
Base color is China Glaze Surreal Appeal, with China Glaze Angel wings as glitter gradient.
On her thumbs is a pair of mandarin oranges and a maneki neko 招财猫, also hand drawn.

for first aunt ! 
Base color is China Glaze Surreal Appeal, and i tried to do peach blossoms.
On her thumbs is a gold ignot and a God of Fortune. hers was the first i tried !

for jingxuan !
Pastel themed pony x rainbow nails. she loved the freaking ghey set hahahaha. 
i was uber happy with the saran wrap-esque effect too ! 
invented my own way of dabbing on the colors so its less messy.

used a mix of China Glaze and OPI colors.
CG Sweet Hook, OPI Pink Friday, CG Electric Beat, OPI Garguantan Green Grape,
CG Lemon Fizz, thefaceshop pastel orange, CG Surreal Appeal.
(bwahahah i just recalled these out of memory, #trueaddict LOLOL)
and Emily De Molly Hole In the Sky for accent nail !

my own ! 

used China Glaze Kinetic Candy and Essence Mint to Be as base.

double ace to bring me good luck for blackjack hehehe.
then a horse to represent this year's zodiac ! 
the horseh stems from a v cool greeting from my colleague :D

for second aunt
OPI Love.Music.Angel.Baby and Black Cat Lacquer Libra.

out of all sets this was the hardest!
cause my aunt was quite a picky customer and she practically refused all colors i suggested :x

glad im not a real manicurist. ;p

for the dress theme, my family decided to go oriental !
and by family its the whole ng family. :D
we've been saying it for years and this time we managed to psycho almost everyone.
all the ladies cooperated but sadly not the men. :x
better than nothing though!


PURPLE HAIR  jinghui !

#selfie. with ma blue hair ! :D

first aunt.

first and second aunt. love this photo !

pose :B

JJ !

mummy :D

chuanjie ! wtf so tall for what.

ahma! :D

my gorgeous three aunts !

黄门女将 !

me and my sisters. :D

family photo ! :D

third aunt

kena photobomb by Dr Lee HAHAH.


with jx and ivan. 

ser ern.


ngee heng

walao these two v rude lor. sit there play phone. ;p



Bitch i'm fabulous HAHAHA.

uncle jeme and the 富贵花

le youngest ng family :D

second day at third aunt's house.
um this was taken while they were 'watching' 23:59 aka a horror movie. :x

second round dio banluck ! :D


with ernest :D

all the girls on my maternal side :D

Day three.
finally ate her mom's authentic thai tomyam and i'm in love. :DDD

Thank you bimb and aunty for having me over ! :D
and thanks to your aunt and uncle for sending me back (((:

le bff's cute ahma

le bff. :D


OMG this too. thai red ruby and honeydew sago ! damn nice, not too sweet.

coconut jelly :D
super refreshing and i like the crunchy coconut bits.

had fun playing guess the word, sg version.
wah i scored for the Makan section hehehehe.
quite tempted to buy the mandopop theme! :B

attempted to take a family selfie. i think not bad leh ! 
just that daddy looks stunned :x

#selfie . walao these days the wind + lighting damn good. ;P

dafuq we are definitely twins.

kns all my previous attempts fail. day three then can take nice one.

went cafebiz at Traders' Hotel for buffet dinner ! 
cause all of them attacked the seafood and it was damn fresh, 
its deemed worth it for seafood lovers, 

which means i didnt love it that much la. :x
the only seafood i ate was smoked salmon. 

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