Sunday, December 30, 2012

birthday dinners and happy gluttons

my favourite month has got to be December :D
reason being my birthday month. hahah !
and precisely because of tt, i'm able to force people to meet me for dinners :B
managed to satisfy many of my glutton cravings too !
thanks to bimb cause she accompanied me :D

met manlin to celebrate both our birthdays!
got to know her better cause we had two modules tgt. :)
she's really v nice and its so easy to talk to her.
bimb is jealous of my new bff. HAHAHAH.

went to marche at vivo city.
omg i havent been there for at least 2 years, and i miss the damn yummy rostii there.
so freaking happy and 感动 when i could finally order it :B

rostii with wild mushroom sauce thingy. and sour cream ! love.

tried the banana caramel crepe too ! :D

love her handmade card and present, can really see the effort at she put in.
and thats priceless (:


tried tonkatsu @ ma maison !
other than the really awesome tonkatsu - deep fried breaded pork fillet,
they has refillable rice. HAHAHA.

shredded radish. looks like a cute fluffball :D

the prelude to huh face (far left) is my favourite. HAHA.

and i thought the staff provided really good service. :D


went back to tp for lunch with bimb and cliff !
didnt eat my dory fish, but business chicken cutlet was not a bad choice either :B
biz biz biz biz business ~

so nostalgic to be back in tp,
really miss all those times during camp and school.
especially when we were back in the LT,
it was like, omg flooded with memories.
had some mental imagery of the LT filled with coursemates.
miss poly life super a lot.
those were really the best three years of my life.

temasek's me, temasek's you, we are a team :D

look at how much we've changed since year 1 !
bimb really is prettier lor ! :D

must camwhore when in LT. hahah !

oh and we watched wreck-it-ralph. DAMN NICE.
s u g a r sugar rush ! :D


managed to have a steamboat this year at levon's hse!
people xmas eve eat turkey we eat steamboat. LOL.
and it wasnt a full clique but still happy. :D

missing soktheng and cliff! nvm next year cny :D

proud to say that i ate most. bwahahaha.

with our sibei geng wayne :D

dinner with wara and bimb at strictly pancakes !
only i managed to finish my portion, LOL whats new.
all of us tried the savoury pancakes,
and i wanted to try the sweet ones for dessert, but the other two no hope liao LOL.
shall go again for dessert the next time!

shots of maple syrup. hahaha.

mine! potatoes leeking cheese. :D

bimb's. chicken ala king :D
wara's. garlic buttered prawns. :D

damn awesome to meet up with wara cause i havent seen her in a long while.
and according to her its an honour, cause she is usually v busy :B


and just ytd we went eggs & berries. heheh.
i think this has gotta be bimb's favourite out of all the random places we've tried.
cause its really value for money !
more than what we expected sia :D

sweet groovy mango smoothie. tasted like 酸梅水 after awhile :x

smoked chicken with scambled eggs and rice. bimb's!

smoked chicken with poached egg and buttermilk pancakes. mine!
the best thing is, it came with baked beans, salad, tomato w garlic crumbs and rostii! 
value for moneyyyy.

strawberry angel soft crepe!

bff outfits - wearing the same blazer from megagamie :D

December has been a great month, good food, awesome company. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

tis the season to be jolly

merry christmas ! :D

feeling quite nostalgic at this point of time actually.
thinking back about xmas last year,
and everything seems different compared to then.

i wonder how things will change at the same time next year?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

twenty first celebration - final.

this one's with my paternal family, plus bimb and cliff :D
one of the most anticipated celebrations cause we're going overseas!
okay its just genting, but at least i get to fly somewhere. hahahaha.
i havent been overseas since 2 years ago. ):

managed to get to the airport earlier, cause it wasnt very busy at work.
must thank my colleagues for letting me zao too! :')
really really count myself very lucky to have such awesome colleagues.
proud to say that we really work as a team.
we look out for each other, and we're not calculative abt things. :D

ahpok was there to send me off!
touched cause he specially took leave, when he could have saved his weekly off day for his birthday.
thank goodness he was given half day off when the day came.
and kinda sad cause it'd be the first time in 5 years we cant celebrate our birthdays tgt on the actual day :x

 with ahpok :D
with my travel buddies! 
now boarding - AK1812 at Gate D37, on 17th Dec 2012 :D

bimb very excitedly looking at the plane.

love window seats. 

third uncle kena fined for smoking at KLCC airport.
like wtf, they were obviously targeting foreigners/chinese/people with fat pockets la.
there were no obvious zones for smoking/non-smoking at all.
they took freaking long to write the summons ticket, while squatting on the pavements.
they act drama and sealed the cigarette inside a ziplock bag.
and the most joke part?
they said that if we paid now, there would be a DISCOUNT. WTFFF HAHAH..
and on the signboards, the fine was stated 10k,
but the officer actually asked my uncle HOW MUCH HE WANTS TO PAY.

entered the casino after midnight just to take a look,
and omg they didnt question us at all. not even jh hahaha, walk in like a boss nia.
but seriously, the whole experience was meh.
its just like an arcade, filled with too much secondhand smoke.
needless to say we didnt stay around long.

instead we ran out to the lobby entrance t freeze ourselves with cold air. hahah.
like shiok la, thats one of the best parts of going genting.
the super cold and fresh mountain breeze at night is awesome max. :D


with ahma :D

bimb and jx have the same shirt. :oo

with my beloved mummy !

breakfast at coffee terrace!
with daddy ! :D 
uncle jeme :D

ahma and all the grandchildren. we're missing baby fishball and ethel !

with 3rd uncle. :D

visited snow world in the afternoon with first aunt, jj and jx.
the slope is not as fun as snow city's, cause it was a single slope instead of freestyle,
but my mini birthday photoshoot was superrr fun :B
saw them digging around for loose snow and i was telling cliff, eh lets sabo bimb.
dafuq they all turned around and sang birthday song t me instead LOL.
and the photog kept asking us to pose and such, plus rain me with snow.
he refused to let me put my hood up :x

kena surprised with a cake at dinner. happy moment (((:
the funny thing is the waitress accidentally whispered and asked me where should it be placed LOL.
guess she was trying to make things less awkward after she mistook baby fishball for my son. HAHAH.

super adorable singing penguins !!

with ahma

with first and third aunt. the redheads unite ! :D

with bimb and cliff. :D

with uncle, baby fishball and uncle jeme :D

kacheng. :D

outdoor theme park the next day !
super misty and it even rained for awhile, but we kept zi highing in th rain while waiting :D

ootd with jh ! :D
she looks damn harry potter-ish here (Y)

with bimb. we're wearing similar hoodies!

third aunt.

first aunt!

with jj !

with uncle 

ahma !

third aunt and uncle.

with cliff and bimb ;D

jh !

whoo so cold. see the mist !


waiting to take the spaceshot ! 

took quite a few thrill rides, like the corkscrew and the much anticipated space shot.
you know, the ultra tall tower which goes wayyyyy up and zooms down? :DD

but damn, i didnt completely enjoy the ride cause of some safety fault.
dont know to call it heng or suay. ><
the seat which i was in had a slightly loose locking mechanism.
instead of staying close t my body it could be pushed slightly further compared to other seats'
i was clutching to both the bottom of the seat and across the locking brace,
trying to hug it closer if possible.
but wtf it still fly outward when we plunged down from top.
the jerking sensation is smth i will never forget. :x

what pissed me off to was the staff's nonchalant reply when i told him it was loose.
he said that he knows its loose. and just shrugged.
dude wtf if i was skinnier and didnt hold the side of the seat i might have flown out! >:/

didnt finish the rest of the outdoor rides cause smth cropped up at the airport,
my uncle kena detained cause their stupid immigration officers chopped the wrong date of entry.
it became 16th nov instead of 16th dec. and they accused him of overstaying.
so aunt had to go back to the hotel to settle it.
super lucky cause she still kept the bus itinerary, and faxed it to the office as proof.

seriously idiotic.
cannot check against singapore's date of exit meh !
damn chicken one la, keep throwing shit at us, just cause we're not of their race.
and it was seriously a flashback moment cause i thought of what happened to ahsai the last time.

malaysia's ICA fail max. -.-

last day ootd with bimb! :D

with cliff :D

我们要回家了! :D

with jx.

with cj.

tour guide with her flag. hahahah

despite some minor hiccups, i loved the entire trip!
so very happy cause i spent quality time with people i cherish.
my awesome max family who dote on me alot.
and my two bestfs who accompanied me all the way.
thank you !! ♥

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