Thursday, June 12, 2014



being humans, its a natural instinct to resist changes.
especially when the change is not desired.
we spend time in our comfort zones, seldom venturing out.
we're comfortable in our ruts.

when change occurs, it usually catches us by surprise.
the rude shock that something that once was will never be again.
the awakening that occompanies the realisation.
the feeling of disappointment that you've been shortchanged, left behind.

we are all victims of change.

have you noticed the change in you yet?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Thanks to Nailpolis 's competition, I discovered the very cute Quotesome Turtle !

I believe we all have a quote to live life by; our basic principles of life.

For me, my favourite quote is "Simplicity is key"
I find joy in the simplest of things, like a plate of carbonara, a pretty bottle of polish.
The simple things in life that we sometimes may overlook.
If we appreciate what we have, happiness is actually very easy.

Another favourite quote is "Love like you've never been hurt, dance like nobody is watching"
To be who I am, and not feel restricted by what society expects.
Of course, it is not to live life recklessly and go YOLO at every thing.
Rather, it is to live life to the fullest and not be scared of judgement.
Because you can never please everyone.

More about the competition.
In lieu of World Turtle's Day, Nailpolis had a collaboration with Quotesome Turtle 
So I was inspired to do this set of nails.

simplicity ♥ 

Mint base is Sea Lore Polish's Popping Parrotfish, a mint crelly with colorful square glitter.
Drew the cute turtle and my simplified quote on. 

Easy :D

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How I spent my Labour Day!

Met up with Manlin, cause we're only free on public holidays!

Even so, she was actually still busy and had to go for revision after our short lunch. :x
So never mind la, for her convenience I picked Ice Edge Cafe !


Carbonara pasta.
Creamy, but still quite light. 
They were generous with the bacon too!

Awesome waffles again.

Handmade card from Manlin!
She's always making these super pretty craft cards.
Handmade gifts are always full of thought (:

Second part of the day was dedicated to nua-ing at home!
Cooked for ahsai cause she has been singing the aglio olio song for waaay too long ahahahah.

Aglio olio, aglio olio, aglio aglio oliiiooooo.

Wtf no wonder we are friends.

Mostly prepared by jh, I only prepared ingredients.

cream of tomato

Mango and prawn salad with feta cheese.

Hash browns!

Garlic and Mushroom Aglio Olio.

Labour Day is also known as pasta day henceforth.

Smores for dessert!
Chocolate and marshmallows should get married.

Yay to my siaosters

Our faces are red cause of the moscato-sprite mixers. :B

My mum liked it too, so she grabbed my cup and finished.
Ermm her alcohol tolerance is like shit, because she turned red too, and started talking rubbish LOL.
She told me to smile and be happy, dont so stress. :OOO

Next morning when I asked her if she remembered, she didnt recall a thing :x

Monday, June 09, 2014

Labour Day Nails!

Did nails as a tribute to my job, for Labour Day.
Got a lot of comments on how much I'm a workaholic hahaha.
I love doing themed nails la. :D

My job title is Laboratory Technologist,
but the majority of my work actually revolves around phlebotomy.
Which is, in layman terms, the art of drawing blood hahaha.
Other than phlebotomy I do microscopy work too.

Initially wanted to do bloodstained nails,
but I thought it might be too gory and I wanted to do some actual nail art.
Public holiday so more time to spend hehehe.
So I painted on the tools of my trade!

A vacutainer needle, and EDTA tube, and a plaster.
The purplish abstract thing is actually how a full blood count slide looks like under a microscope.
I tried my best to accurately draw the cells. :D

Painted on straight lines for my right hand!

Le masterpiece.

Used OPI My Vampire is Buff for the base.
LOL even the name is quite apt, hahahaha.

Anyway, MViB is a popular base for many nail artists!
After seeing so many swatches I bought a bottle, and I can understand why.
Its a creamy nude which has a good formula, 
unlike most light cremes where it applies with many streaks.
If you have ever applied white polish you'll get what I mean. ._.
It matches well with most skin tones too!

OPI My Vampire is Buff, 
two coats for opacity.

i love the EDTA tube best.

China Glaze Creative Fantasy, and
OPI You're such a Budapest for the stripes.

Overall effect reminds me of peanut butter and jelly.


Sunday, June 08, 2014

Weddings are always beautiful.

Attended my beautiful colleague's wedding !
Congratulations again (and again) Saiyidah, may you be happy always!

It was unlike most Malay weddings I've seen, the settings were so grand.
And the bride was so gorgeous. :D

Selfie with the bride, because why not? :p

With the colleagues from various labs :D

Rongjie also somehow became my colleague. small world omg.

it was such a cool idea to have freshly made churros as dessert!

with sea salt caramel. yummmms.
nothing goes wrong with sea salt caramel.

selfie with saljorah!
the very steady rock in Bedok lab.

the newlyweds (:

with seen,
my favourite i/c! 

seen and saljorah. 

Kena deesiao by my colleagues, asking when is it my turn and would it be in a similar set-up LOL.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Hair Dye + 2 Degree Ice Exhibit !

Went back to good ol' Shunji Matsuo 313 for dye job!
I'm an incorrigible redhead; I have never gone for any other color tones except for red.
But I've always wanted to have electric blue streaks !

And my trusty stylist Zenn managed to achieve this for me.
I previously did three rounds of bleaching, and this is a refresh color.
I loveeee it, even if its not a common combination.

with ahpok, who was waiting patiently for me.
actually not like he really had a choice, cause we had plans later hahah.

the two boyfriends trying to death stare the receptionist LOLOL.
boys will be boys.

Five tickets to 2 Degree Ice Exhibit please !
Ignore their 'weekend special' , 
unless you want to waste money on a ice mug which will melt.

with le budding yeast!
we look good in purple. :D

the honeymoon couple. HAHAH. 
cause jh was eggcitedly asking bowei to take photos together at every iconic sculpture.

mock selfie hahahah

my boyfriend the photobomber.

le two bimbos. HAHAH.

okay left with the blonde one .


hi bowei !


The sculptures were not really impressive.
They mostly seemed like the miniaturized versions of the icons.
Mini is fine, but some were quite unproportionate.
You'll see what I mean.

Singapore Flyer.


Sir Stamford Raffles.
No kidding.

In real life he looks like this.

Malay version. ;p

"oh hai dahling, we're at the famous wall !" 

honeymoon feel anot? hahaha.

le belly competition.

bimb staring lovingly at her block of ice.
actually her melanholic face really got the feel sia. (Y)

andddd there goes pok and his adoration towards ice.
this is the i wanna eat you face.

speaking of eating.

bowei thinks he very strong. 

dinos !

blurry group photo!  

blurry selfie too, 
because le cameras all had a thin film of condensation after the extremely cold temp!

Overall, the whole exhibition was not impressive,
but the company made it damn fun !

Felt so bad for bimb because I rmbed the wrong date and she came unprepared :(
Sorry !

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