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Japan Travelogue: #buddingyeastinJP Day Six - Outlet Mall, Tokyo Station and Asakusa

It has been one year since my trip to Japan with Bimb and omggggg i'm not done with the posts HAHAH.

Well good morning from the #buddingyeasts !

On our way to Mitsui Outlet Park - Kisarazu !
Bwahaha I love Bimb's blue hair in this shot.

There are a few outlet stores in Tokyo, and Mitsui is only one of them.
Kisarazu is supposedly the largest in Japan,
but most importantly, most of the stores there are those we are interested in hehehe.

The outlet park is on the outskirts of Tokyo, so you'd have to take a 45 min bus journey from Tokyo Station.
A single trip ticket would cost 1250 yen, and there's a fixed schedule for bus timings.

There are other stations eg. Shinjuku station, or direct from Haneda/Narita Airports.
Please refer to this link for more details! 

Here we are!
It's basically like an open space shopping mall, and some of the items are a good steal!

Before anything else, food!
Actually I was having a slight cold, probably from the rain the day before, so my nose was dripping like a tap.
Bimb noticed and suggested that we go and grab smth warm to eat first. Dawwwww. 

This was Ramen Express - Hakata Ippudo!
First time having Ippudo, and it was awesomeeee. 
Char siu wasn't the thinly sliced type, but the springy noodles and crunchy beansprouts more than made up for it. #yums.

We shopped for about 4 hours and left at around 2.30 pm, 
cause there was this horrible time gap between the next bus to the nearest train station.

Yeah somehow there wasn't a direct bus back to Tokyo Station cause it was a weekday :x
Had to take a bus to the nearest train station, which was Sodegaura on JR Uchibo Line

Look at this chic grandma with lavender hair #herhaircoolerthanours

Our view from the train station. Look at the expanse of paddy fields! <3 p="">

I realised that I have a horrible habit of not taking photos when I'm shopping BWAHAHAH.
Completely had no snaps of First Avenue Tokyo Station!

It's a huge part of Tokyo Station, selling all sorts of Omiyage - gift items.
Omiyage in Japanese culture, it is more than souvenirs,
because they represent a more sincere form of gifting.
All the chio deco and individual wrapping is their way of expressing sincerity.

Other than the ever famous Tokyo Banana, I got something else: Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cookies!
My colleague gave them to me when she visited Japan, and omg I fell in love.
So I definitely had to buy boxes and boxes of em to bring back.

Omg I'm drooling just thinking about them.
Super love the Salt & Camembert, and the Honey & Gorgonzola flavours..
Gahhh. *drooling uncontrollably*

If you're interested, here's a link of the places you can get the cookies from!
Keiyo Street is inside the ticketing gates (Yaesu South Ticket Gate).

Ooooooooooo there is a Character Street also,
and I'm talking a whole row of shops selling memorabilia of your favourite anime characters.
We went absolutely batshit crazy at the Cardcaptor Sakura store, because hello! Cardcaptor leh!

I was seriously contemplating getting the full set of Clow Cards wtf.
Settled on buying two mystery boxes which contains an acrylic keychain each..
But okay la I got Suppi and the original Clow Staff! :D

Paid Sensoji Temple a visit!
The nearest subway station is Asakusa, on Asakusa/Ginza Line.

Kaminarimon – 1st gate, also known as Thunder Gate.

2 Chome-3-1 Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo

Opening hours:
Temple grounds 24 hr
Main hall 6 am to 5 pm

Entrance fee: Free

The lantern is just ginormous.

There are a row of stores leading the path towards the temple - Nakamise Shopping Street.
Most of the shops are selling similar items, like hair accessories and handmade trinkets.

You know the matsuri scene in animes? Bwahahahah this stretch gives you the vibes right!!

Oh and I got a pack of senbei for jh here too!
Some stores allow you to buy a freshly toasted senbei at only 100 yen - no free samples here.
But hey, better than buying randomly without trying, and as it happens,
I loved the first store I tried so heheheh buy liao!!

Cinderella hime-sama! hahahah so cuteeee.

The grand temple in sights.
It is a Buddhist temple that was built in the 7th century.. that's 14 centuries ago wtf.

Hozomon – 2nd gate.
Managed to catch the unlit and brightened up gate!
It emanates a different feel, don't you think?

Bwahahahah this has gotta be a size 500 straw sandal.
You can see the Tokyo Skytree from here!

Other than the Sensoji Temple, Asakusa is quite well known for its tempura.
We had intended to try, but WTF a tempura meal here costs about 5000 yen?! 
That's like 50 plus sgd for 2 pieces of tempura and a bowl of rice.. 

Uh I'm all about enjoying my food but unless the tempura contains gold or some magic potion I'm not paying that much.

Continued shopping in Ueno area.. I think we were looking for GUs to shop cause the clothes are 

Hi please pay attention to how the fitting rooms look like in Japan omg.

HELLO so damn spacious!
Yes abit mafan la cause you're supposed to take off your shoes before you step on the spotlight carpet, 
but what the heck. 
Way to make people feel like princesses.

I wonder how Japanese people feel when they're overseas/in Singapore and the changing rooms are half the normal to them.

That's it for Day Six! Shopping days are usually easier to write cause v little photos BWAHAHAH
I often digress when I have more photos to put cause I get carried away reminiscing. 

Or like that section on the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory cookies.. 
Walao I had to search and see if Singapore has it cause I was CRAVING for it.. #gluttonforlife
Answer: Shiok Japan carries it! Guess I might pay a visit to Burlington Square one of these days HAHAHA

Lai show off yi xia this gorgeous pair of Nike Flyknits I got from the outlet mall!!
This color combination is so me, I dont even know why I hesitated and nearly got scolded by Bimb HAHAHAH.
So comfy too! I wore it for Dance Cardio class and it was super lightweight. ^_^ v

NEXT POST IS DISNEYLAND AND DISNEYSEA OMG I can foresee I'll take super long cause too excited HAHAH.

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