Friday, May 31, 2013

compositions II

Goodbye is always the hardest word

Another pop-up notification. She stoically ignored it, but deep within she wished she had the courage to respond. Leaning back into her plush chair, she heaved a huge sigh. Detachment. She resumed her work, resigning herself to fate.

She’d never expected coping with a permanent loss to be so painful, so heartbreaking. What made matters worse was the constant reminders. Bookmarks of memories which kept triggering her tears, slicing her scars. Why must separation be so painful?

Perhaps the most heartrending of all was the sudden shock, the sudden impact. In a flash, in a bang, everything she thought she once had was eradicated. It was as if it never existed.

Her friends told her to get over it. We don’t want to see you unhappy, grieving. What’s not meant to be will never be. Focus on the future, don’t let yourself be lost in the past. Move on. Kind words which sympathized, which should have been comforting. Didn’t they know that words are easy to spit out, but actions are harder and emotions are impossible to control?

Misery. Laced with guilt and topped with regret. A constant mix of feelings. Maybe if she’d handled it better, it might have been a different story. Not a tragic ending. Now she only had herself blame, for her lack of tact.

Back once again, to the same spot. She sighed inwardly, knowing that today was probably the last time she would ever stand here; the final resting place. It was time to act, time to close the book at the final chapter. To lock everything deep into the recesses of her heart. Maybe it was the best way, the only way out. She took another deep breath.

A single solitary tear dripped to the ground. She murmured an apology to her hamster, buried deep within. Such foolishness on her part, for neglecting to feed the furry critter for two days. A mistake which was fatal for the greedy pet.


love my twist? heheh.

Random happy shitz

vesak day was spent at USS, and its my third time going there !
they're having a special promotion for students above 13;
an unlimited pass till 30th Nov 2013 for $88.
usually adult single entry is $74,
so as long as you go more than once its super worth it alr.

immediately upon going there we went for battlestar galactica; cyclon :D
the queue for cyclon was significantly shorter than that of the human track.
probably cause it looked scarier with its inverting loops.
my aunt always said cyclon was 'inhuman' LOLOL.

still the ultimate ride in USS.

other than cyclon, i only took another two rides, the Mummy and Transformers.
wasnt in a rush to go for everything cause got the unlimited pass alr hehehe.
in my opinion its always best to go on a weekday to avoid crazy queuing.
oh and the past two times i went were rainy saturdays, :x

me and ahpok :D

this time we managed to take a photo with Po! :D
he pretended to be tired and sat down floppily on a nearby bench, hahaha.

woody the woodpecker! and his gf whom i dont know her name :x

heheheh chubby baby fishball !
he was sweating so much, his mummy decided to let him go au naturel :B

self- manicure for the long weekend.
a happy sky themed set - featuring clouds and paper planes and rainnnnbows :D


attending siti aishah's wedding with my colleagues !

super funny cause all of us went to work on saturday dressed up.
all of us except seen, who was wearing polo tee and jeans.
and she was like "aiya die, i dont wanna go liao. or i go home change first?"
then she tried convincing us to swap clothes with her, LOL

rise and shine to a beautiful view,
stayed over at Equarius Hotel which my first aunt booked for her anniversary :D



loots worth $61 from KissJane inaugural warehouse sale ! 

had been anticipating this sale event for quite some time now,
gotta say that overall it was only meh. below expectations.

firstly, the queue organization was lousy.
me and bimb went there half an hour earlier, and there was alr a long queue.
not surprising cause we've seen worse queues hahahaha.
but the problem arose when a security guard told us tt the queue was for lucky draw registration.
if we have alr registered online we can join the walk-in queue, which was shorter.
so we went over to the walk-in queue.

BUT THEN it turned out to be a miscomm. -.-
walk-in queue is for those who didnt register online, and registered queue would have priority.
omgggg the feeling was like, shit i have to rejoin the long queue?! 
which by then was far longer than forever ._________.

negotiated with the organizer who then kindly let us cut the registered queue :x

secondly, the clothes were a mess !
in the beginning all the stuff were sorted according to the blogshop and corresponding price.
then chaos happened; some selfish person started digging and throwing clothes around.
and everybody soon started doing the same thing.
at one point of time some girls were tossing clothes above bimb's head. seriously.
so end up all the clothes were mixed up and you couldnt really target by blogshop anymore. T.T

nevertheless, both of us shopaholics still managed to get items at a steal :D

rewarded ourselves to Char Siu Tonkotsu Ramen at RamenPlay
still the best ramen so far. 
入口即化 char siu, hot soup, springy noodles, melty egg omgggggg. *drools*



trying out the Redken Cocktail hair treatment at Salon Vim@Bugis!

Salon Vim had a blogger's promotion in the month of May - 30% off Redken / Armino Treatment.
been hearing lots of good reviews for the Redken Cocktail Treatment, so wanted to give it a shot.
got discount leh, so why not ! #auntymode

its a four step treatment:
1. hair and scalp analysis to decide which kind of treatment combi + cleansing shampoo
2. strengthening step to reconstruct hair structure
3. shot phix to balance hair pH
4. shot phase - mask and specific treatment are mixed together in a cocktail shaker for your own personalised treatment.

i think step four is the most exciting cause of the cocktail shaker LOLOL.

for my treatment, my stylist Joyce picked color extend + extreme + real control.
and the results are amazing !
zomg so smooth until i couldnt tie my hair properly cause it kept slipping.
its really that dramatic hahahaha.

bimb looks pretty with curls ! :D
my fringe looks fine here but actually its really v toot.
have t tahan till it grows out :x

mango sticky rice from bimb's mom !
love love love that its not too sweet and its really fragrant.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

大姑姑's birthday celebration: Kiseki at Orchard Central

super happy right now cause i'm a free bird again ! :D
the exam just now left me kinda stunned cause some of the questions were just bleh.
but its nothing a good supper at simpang cant heal.

really glad that bimb's finally having her much deserved break,
i've missed hanging out with her and just sitting down and talking.
not looking forward to august - dec when she's going HK for exchange! ))))):
kanasai, who's gonna be my bimbotic listening ear when she's gone?!

went to Kiseki at Orchard Central on 20th May to celebrate my aunt's birthday!
was super eggcited cause Kiseki's another buffet place which i've wanted to try since forever.
and its always fun to go out with my family cause we're all crazy.
you'll see what i mean later :B

Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant 
#08-01/02/03, Orchard Central

the price list.

my two adorable aunts.

i was leading the way and brought them up via the uber long escalators outside.
both of them were actually clutching the handles really tight cause it was so high!
and jx got scared too. hehehehe :p

with my really cute ahma. 

and my equally cute dad.

i've been trying to convince him to try japanese food for some time.
he's quite conservative about cuisine, 
and this was his supposedly scared face when we asked him to go see the selection.

fresh sashimi and sushi.

personally i think the salmon was sliced too thickly.
but jh had no problem since she devoured around 3 plates.
must have been a cat/bear in her past life.

see the seaweed covered sushi?
the yellow spot looks like corn, but its nacho cheese!
wah the burst of flavour, i love.

tempura prawn. 
the batter was good enough that it still tasted awesome,
even though its served warm instead of hot.

cold soba ! 

rostii ! my ultimate love. 
finding this there was a bonus since i was craving for it,
thanks to bimb and boss :x

chawanmushi. must-have at japanese buffet!

chicken yakitori, sausage, and shiitake mushrooms

one of their signature items - black japanese curry !

everyone was like, eeeyer ah ting what you eating?!
and i tried to force most of them to try bwahaha.
actually it tastes exactly like normal jap curry lor !
its just more intriguing with the color, possibly due to addition of squid ink.

to me, the highlight was really the rice.
japanese rice is definitely different from jasmine rice.
doesnt turn mushy even after i mixed everything up.  

potato salad and pasta salad.
my fav two kinds! but i was disappointed with the pasta salad.

no birthday cake but its mini cakes!
oops, i just revealed my aunt's age.. :x

from top left clockwise:
chocolate mousse
white chocolate mouse with mango.
black sesame mousse
japanese black bean panna cotta.

wasabi gelato and yuzu gelato !

the desserts was omg.. probably the first time i raved so much about desserts.
usually i dont have a sweet tooth but these really impressed me that much.

all the mousse desserts were really airy and the portion & sweetness was just right.
especially the sesame one, quite a creative twist.
and the gelato was om nom nomzxzxzx.
probably first time i can eat so much wasabi without crying or looking like ruduloph.

heheh ahma looking really happy with her food.
looking at her take care of baby fishball,
i could imagine how she took care of me and jh.
watching her filled me with lots of emotions at a time.

gratitude, love, and more gratitude.
and a tinge of sadness crept in as i remembered how ahgong took care of us too.

i still miss him.

photoshoot with the birthday girl ! 

then the attention shifted. HAHAHAH.
our own camwhoring session.

sexy muscular cj and the very impressed mother. HAHAHAH.

all of us have to do it to be considered legitimately part of the ng family ;p.

okay this is just me and cj being random.

my awesome fantastic sisters and dad 

the original ng sisters and ahma :D

we really love the camera. hahahaha.

this whole sequence of photos was epic.
cause i stood there snapping and everyone just kept joining in. hahahaha.

baby fishball looking very cute with his chubby cheeks! 
so adorable i swear.

blast from the past.

thank you first aunt, for all the love you've showered on me and jh.
really felt like your 宝贝 - you brought us everywhere and taught us alot.
so many thanks to thank you for. 


inclusive in this post is my wednesday night with bimb and boss too !

had ramen cravings so we went to Santouka: Hokkaido Ramen.
sadly i wasnt impressed with anything there.
probably cause everything was lukewarm and didnt taste as awesome.
pricing wise was worth for the set, but it wont entice me enough to go back.
give me ramenplay anytime !

i guess most memorable was the flavoured egg, which costs additional $1.50 -.-
and its only because i loved disturbing bimb with it by swallowing the yolk whole. HAHAH.

the set comprised of salad, chawanmushi, tea, small bowl of ramen and small main dish.
might have been better if it was actually piping hot.

cold stone creamery and gossips for close to 2 hours go best together.

my very bo liao boss tried to act as a 'photo-bomber' wtf.

okay 光明正大 already. hahahah. 

my another bonus from tp/oltc. :D

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