Friday, February 27, 2009

we edited the damn thing for you. x]

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

aku finished my exams alr.
just waiting for the results. =/
year1 is kinda sorta officially over then.

vestige outing on sunday was GREAT.
damn fun, damn enjoyable.
played ball games and pushed people into water.
and i got a sunburnt nose which is peeling. ;x

but its still really awesome, cuz the people were. ;D

and, though exams are freaking over.
i still feel mentally stressed and physcially exhausted.
someone save me soon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HIS video.14.02.09.
MY video.14.02.08

hahas. publicity yeahs. ;p
but please dont be icked by some mushiness. LOL.

seriously seriously.

photos up another day, parents nagging alr. ;x

Monday, February 16, 2009

went out with mini zkm today - 15months + belated valentine.
and yes yes, i do know exams are coming. =/

anyway! i didnt get a present for him this time.
was busy with taking care of my grandparents and all, so. bleh.
he was perfectly fine with it though. ;p

his present for me was simple, yet i loved it so much.
its kinda like what i gave him last year, LOL!
a MMV that he made over 3 days.

thanks mini zkm, you made me smile :D

met him at tampines inter after HPI, went to e hub.
he planned today's date, supposed to be at escape.
but sadly it rained and we didnt wanna get our butts wet. xD

so so, we decided to go for an old fashioned lunch and movie. x]

lunch was at BBQ chicken. korea's no.1 worhs. o.O.
mini zkm said we shld try smth new tgt, so we did. :D
he had jerk chicken, i had korean charbroiled.

the portion of chicken was quite small, but for $7.90 student meal, what do ya expect?
i guess they minimised it, cuz original price was $13.90.
but thankfully the french fries stuffed me up. hahas.

spent arnd another 1 hr in the restaurant. playing warriors orochi. LOL
slow day in there, we were one of the 3 tables being occupied.
its usually quite packed on weekends, i've seen it.

movie was the wedding game. okay i know i'm outdated.
but i was busy okay! seriously, i forgot when i last watched a movie.
hmm. 18th dec? like omg 12345678 donkey months alr.

and i had a salted-not-sweet-popcorn craving. so. :D

played bishi-bashi champ and basketball for awhile.
its been quite long since i've played it too. =/

walked back to inter, took bus 12. long bus ride.
slacked at our usual scandalous playground. AHAHA.
he sent me home, end of story! (:

okay lawls.
i realised i havent been really going out seh.
my days are always oversleep, go school, slack with mini zkm, go home, slp.
like. omg. I'M STUCK IN A RUT =/

Friday, February 13, 2009

monday. hmm. had maths and cellb, but i skipped.

tuesday had jap presentation, that was a blast x)

we were always the first group to leave, but still, we did our jobs perfectly okay!
ignore the one or two lines we forgot.
especially zhigang, srsly he was game enough to put on fake boobs okay. haha.
and and desebelle and mahes. they're like gossip buddies, heh. :p

i'm gonna miss jap. ;x
mahes zhigang me and desebelle.
okay i know i look v king like with the crown. ;p

smexyaye zhigang and his boob job. ;p

wednesday. should have had cellb tutorial, but it got cancelled ;D

thursday. full day of school AND a retarded re-quiz for cellb.

apparently many people failed. and llyod calls last week's test a MOCK test.
hmm. if it was a mock test, why are the questions exactly the same? LOL

fatihah had her CSAS2 presentation, so everyone looks shorter. ;p
friday. today!

i finished up my design 101 finally. and my sketchbook. keke.
mr loh gave both only a C. :(
and and i skipped cellb tutorial. ;p

WHATEVER. yeemon is so not worth me waiting 4 hours for.

anyway. both my grandparents got admitted to hospital today.
grandpa had to have a cataract removal.
grandma did a minor op on her throat, due to an infection.
both are fine now. but my grandma's still warded in hospital for observation.
visting her tmr. :)

yes yes i know its valentine's day. but mini zkm understands fully. :D
he was totally like, family comes first, its okay larhs.

we're going out on 16th feb instead. x]

daddy and mummy are back from their overseas trip !
hahas. so sweet yeahs. ;p

she bought like SO many stuff for me larhs. keke.
and jh, she was practically jumping up and down at every single present. hahas.

buttonFAM parents :D

Monday, February 09, 2009

if working together sucks so much and no one wants to give their opinions honestly,
yet choose to express it in pm.


Tuesday, February 03, 2009


i <3 freddi fish.
she's orange and yellow. PWNAGE OKAY.

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