Wednesday, December 28, 2005

kewei just told me
my class for next yr.. its 3L
which means that
i am at on of the lower levels
in the block..
dun hav to climb so many steps..
haha dotx..
and most of 2jayers in 3K
so just next door
good.. and bad..
some shld noe what i mean

Friday, December 23, 2005

the year is coming to an end liao
next year will have new class.. new frens.. new tchers.. new subjects
although i am quite excited at the new change
but still sad bcoz leaving 2J'05
noe 2j for two yrs liao
she bu de
but i noe that fate will bring us together one day

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

my sister is back
let's see..
went for so-called 'class outing' last last saturday
with kiwi.. yj.. danicia.. glenn.. victor
6 out of 42 pple in class
nice one
ride bike around the place..
sit at jetty..
den danicia wanted to push me off
scary sia..
then play wif wet sand
build sand castle..
then last wednesday went out again
usual lah..
kiwi.. yj.. danicia
plus me and my sis
same east coast park
bbq den roast marshmallows.. hotdogs.. crabsticks.. satay
funny thing hor
yj and my sis from UG
boys brigade and girl guides
den FAILED to start the charcoal burning
have to let computer club and dance society to settle.. [kiwi and me]

what a failure..
wonder what will their seniors say?..
corporal and cadet cannot start simple fire
the CORPORAL cannot be forgiven
heard that failed venture training sumore
how he become corporal ah?
becoming mean liao
must be nice
or danicia won't 4give me
so sorry.. hahaha

Friday, December 09, 2005

yesterday was damn fun sia
ice-skate for 2 hrs
den went to snow city
very cold
kiwi ice-skating better than us
skate in 1 line
wif him dragging us along
but his steering sucks
caused us to crash
the fucking reindeer
let us go
den he didn't fall
i fell 6 times
den at snow city
played the slide lots of times
different ways of sliding
den yj nearly swallowed his bubble gum
lata start throwing snow
yj and danicia went inside igloo
wonder what were they doing inside
making snowballs lah
den this sat
got class outing organised by glenn
but cannot go liao
bcoz this week can only go once
sad sia
but nvmind
looking 4ward to ET outing

Monday, December 05, 2005

going sumwhere on thursday..

but too bad my sis can't make it
i miss her sia
am very happy now
love ice skating
though not very good
but still
yj,kiwi,danicia and me confirm
dunno who else
but shld be fun
happy holidays to everyone..

Saturday, December 03, 2005

have you ever been given hope..
just to have it totally destroyed?
i know everyone has been disappointed b4
but must it always be the same person everytime?
this is really depressing
more depressed than i have ever been

Thursday, December 01, 2005

holiday so sian..
not alot of people to talk to..
bcoz pple are going overseas..
including my sis..
nobody to argue wif liao..
mel and yj didn't seem to get thru their appeals..
only james.. i think..
but its okay..
life is never smooth-sailing anyway..
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