Monday, July 21, 2014

Cafehopping - Literally.

Been hoping to try the famed Symmetry for some time now.
Took a half day off and headed there with Levon.
We were quite excited.

Love the cosy interior and the little quirky touches.
We were there on a weekday afternoon so it wasn't crowded.

Additionally, by the time we reached the brunch menu was already over.
I actually had sent an email to enquire about the menu timings because,
a. none stated on the website
b. none of the bloggers who went there had the info 
Um till date I havent't received ANY response. (we went in May)

After pondering over the lunch menu (which wasn't very attractive),
we finally placed our orders, and the waitress didn't write them down.
She did repeat the order and got it right though, so we didnt think that anything was wrong.

My bff and future mc provider. :D

Waited incredibly long (30 minutes) and had our ice water refilled twice.
Once by the same waitress who took our order.
During this time the whole place wasn't crowded at all; 
The waitresses were walking around or hanging out at the kitchen entrance.
The bartender was cleaning his machine.. wait, what?!

Thats when we realised something was wrong. 

Cause the waitress didnt submit our orders. AT ALL.

Thats when I got irritated too, because there was no initiative from the staff.
The ones who refilled our iced waters, didnt they find it weird that there was no food on the table?
Especially the one who took the order. 
The one who served a neighbouring table, didnt she find it odd that no order was delivered to ours?

Personally, I have experience working as a service crew at Swensens,
so I dare to judge that their lack of initiative was unacceptable.
If it was crowded, we would have understood, but it wasn't even rush hour.

Poor Levon has gastric problems, so after the waitress told us no orders were received, 
we didn't decide to wait.

Too bad Symmetry, I won't be thinking of returning in the near future.
And I'm still waiting for my email reply LOL.


Hopped over to Artistry which was down the road!

Cranberry and Forest Ham Sandwich.
Levon loves their breads - its really quite nice.

My standardized poached eggs, part of the breakfast set.
You may request for poached eggs at a top-up of $3.

le levonix.:B

my ootd that day !
Cobalt Blue chiffon top from Bugis St.
Magnolia Chiffon Shorts from thetinselrack

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