Sunday, January 15, 2017

Food Review: Gudetama Cafe!

The epitome of procrastination and sarcasm. :D

So excited when we knew it was opening in Singapore!

Gudetama Cafe Singapore
3 Temasek Boulevard, 
#01-361 Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 9 am to 10 pm

Waited till the crowd died down a little before deciding to go,
cause ain't nobody has time to queue for food after work!
Even so, we still chose a Monday so that we didn't have to risk empty tummies.

潇洒 face cause no long queue bwahahahaha my bimbotic friend.

Actually its damn heng for bimb she didn't have to wait long, 
cause she nearly went nuts hearing the gudetama theme song.

Gudetama is everywhere!

Menu! I like the chalk drawing-esque feel.

Most of the items are breakfast types, ranging about $20 onwards.
Kind of pricey, but for the effort that goes into crafting the dishes, I guess this is expected.

Big Nua Breakfast - $25.90 
2 Sunny side-ups, bacon, pork bratwurst, sauteed mushrooms, salad, and baked beans with brioche.
Bimb tried to request to change the sunnies to scrambled eggs but was rejected.

So she had to 'demarcate the area and remove the tumour' hahahahah 

I guess the worst part of it all is that.. 
After painstakingly removing the yolks, and eating half of an egg white,
she realised that there was a short hair embedded in the egg white. ughhhhhhhhhhhh!

Got the manager to replace a brand new plate for her and she had to remove yolks again HAHAHAH 

We tried to speculate where the hair could have come from. Arm? Eyelash? Or.. Nostril?! 

"I'm cold" Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict - $26.90
Avocado mash is spread on brioche, and topped with smoked salmon, 2 poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.
and YAY, tater tots and sauteed mushrooms!

Uh it got kind of jelat in the end, cause the avocado and hollandaise combined was overpoweringly creamy.
I'd request for them to skip the avocado, or at least the amount of sauce.

Rib "I don't care" - $28.50
I love the punny name!!
NZ Grass-fed Angus ribeye steak with wild mushroom sauce and Gudetama mash.
Pok says "Doneness is zhun, I asked for medium rare and they got it right.
But it was just above average and not like super omggg damn niceee"

Actually if they could put Gudetama's face on mashed potatoes,
I don't understand why they can't put it on scrambled eggs. :x

Eggcited Cajun Chicken with Waffles - $23.90
Buttermilk waffle with cajun chicken, sunny side up, whipped cream and maple syrup.

Suits Levon cause she was exactly that, eggcited. Like a kid in the toy store.
HAHAH her karma for judging me over Pompompurin Cafe!

We wanted to have the Shoyu Ramen Dessert but it was sold out! 
Ayeeee so sad, but that just means we should come back again heheheh.

Voted and ordered this Gude Pudding - $16.90 to share instead
Caramel pudding was awesomeeeeee, with the right amount of sweetnees, bouncy texture,
like the one we were obsessed over in Korea!
I love the apple crumble bits and the caramelised banana too!
Crispy tuile was a bit too sweet, hahaha.

Grateful for my best buds whom I've grown fatter over the years with. (:

Sunday, January 08, 2017

JGR - Reflections for 2016

Let's see..


Travels summed up in hashtags:
#buddingyeastinJP (First trip to Japan!!)

Yup I'm still intending to go back to Japan LOLOL.
Not in 2017 la, but omg I love it there so damn much.
Food. People. Places. Weather. All so perfect!
(Except when I got my shoes wet and the wind was blowing omg colddddd)

Definitely want to experience it with pok the next time!

Performed my first ever contemporary dance piece in 9 years!
Actually if I don't count my cca concerts in school, it'll be my first dance concert ever hahahah.

It wasn't an easy journey for me to get back into the swing of things, amidst my busy schedule.
Burnt up a lot of Tuesdays (5 months of training), going for 3 hours of consecutive classes + rehearsals.
And it's not like I'm a fast learner - I had to practice at home and after rehearsals to try and rmb moves.

My fellow dancers also made the entire experience enjoyable too, cause they were all really friendly and encouraging.
I definitely appreciated those who were there to help me spot my mistakes and improve.

People might think its a matter of talent, but other than that, it's a lot of blood, sweat and tears too.
You definitely need stamina to be able to move across a large stage.
So other than Tues, I went for 2 hour sessions on whichever days I was free.

Plus, I had to maintain my figure to squeeze into the costume HAHAHAH.

Really gotta thank my loved ones for supporting me and being so understanding.
Especially pok hahahah, cause I neglected him a lot, particularly so nearer to concert day.

The exhilaration and sense of achievement after completing my 3 min onstage perfectly is priceless.
Definitely would do it again!

Went thru my old reflections and rants before starting this,
and oh man, sometimes I think I sibei emotional hahahah!

I guess it's the way I manage my feelings
I tend to keep it all inside until some trigger point blows me up.
And people who don't know me think I'm overreacting.
Kind of unhealthy in a sense.. but I think it also makes my tolerance better?

Sorry you passerbys :B
i've realised that my efforts are not always appreciated.but i also do know that i will keep trying when i should.because i want to do what i feel like, and what i think is right.
This still rings true, because no matter how hard I try to not care,
there are times where I feel no one gives a shit to my efforts or my feelings, be it family or friends.

Just because I'm easygoing, does not equate to stepping over me, capisce?

Because I don't think its easy to make me angry - mostly I find it easy to ignore people whom I don't give a shit to.
It is more hurtful when it comes from those whom I had expected to know me better. I think.

Don't think it's double standard to expect understanding from people whom I understand right?

Despite this, I still find myself forgiving them easily - especially if they are super important to me.
Provided that they don't keep doing it again la, hahahaha.

I won't say I made progress with pok's family, but at least I tried.
His mom is still super against me, but at least his dad and younger sis are supportive.
Still.. I thought it was pretty fucked up and rude to have her behave like that at pok's graduation :x

But who cares, because BTO liao hahahahahah.

We haven't even gotten our queue number yet, just applied!
Yet it still seems kind of surreal to me that pok would even agree when I asked.

It's like.. And at last I see the light~

Yes obviously I'm the one asking cause I wear the pants HAHAHA.

But omg it was actually my dad who kept pestering us to apply for the Bedok project, LOL.
Didn't know he wanted us out of the house so badly hiakhiak.

So exhilarated that we are finally taking concrete steps.. and I can finally dare to dream about the future.

So for 2017, here's what I hope for..

My loved ones to be happy and healthy.
All the material enjoyments really won't matter unless you're healthy.

Great performance appraisal! #sponsorshipcometomama

Actually as of now I've progressed on to Blood Bank liao, which is another small step in my career.
Excited to learn new stuff heheheh!

Good news for the BTO exercise.
And for Jh and Bowei too!!

Everyday check email and mailbox hahahahhah.

More awesome experiences with my bffs!
So glad that I have my small yet fulfilling social circle - because I really don't have time for too many people hahahahaha.

It's already so hard to arrange meetups with my #bitchstand!
I'm more than happy to just have a meal, though bwahahah we will ambitious and try for dessert also LOLOL
Eh.. Is this considered legit Happy Meal? :B

Also, looking forward to Korea with my kats!
Bowei Pok and CJ will be tagging along too, teehee I can't wait!!

More time to do manicures.. omg I miss squinting and painting all those tiny details hahahaha.
Even Bimb also bo bian have to sign up for manicure package outside liao, cause I'm never free anymore.

Perform again!
Contemplating to try ballet or jazz this time, but I love Contemp.. #decisionsdecisions
Don't tell me do both la, where got time :x

Better emotional management?
I need to expect lesser of people to not get disappointed.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Food Review: BINGKI

Blk 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-106 
Singapore 081007 

Opening hours:
Sunday - Thursday 11 am to 2 am
Friday and Saturday 11 am to 4 am

I was initially skeptical about the whole bingsu craze, because it just seemed like overrated ice kachang.
More so after I tried places like O'ma spoon, and Nunsongyee - which was the worst, in my opinion.
All of them tasted like I expected - shaved ice with toppings on top.
That being said, at least O'ma Spoon's shaved ice had a slight hint of milky flavour, 
unlike NSY, which you needed to pour the milk yourself, and so ended up unevenly distributed.

On a random whim after our Tori King Ramen Keisuke, we decided to give BINGKI a try.
This Bimb was already on a bingsu spree, 
cause she was eating at 313's Ice Lab only the day AND 2 days before! hahahah.


Ordered 2 types to try - Mango and Watermelon - $15 each
Bimb was actually hesitant to order the mango in case it was sour, 
so she dee siao the korean waiter and asked him if the mango was sweet or not.
Poor guy obviously didn't understand such chim sentences, HAHAH so he was like ????

His colleague had to step in to save him LOLOL.

And later on when he delivered the bingsu to our table, he commented "Mango sweet, very sweet!"
BWAHAHAHA no it turned out sour #laughdieme

Bimb: "Is this supposed to be Pooh Bear?" 
HAHAHAH I hope not omg #差太远了

Looks more like Boss instead.

Watermelon is my favourite!

Both flavours had super fine shavings of milky ice, which was not too sweet and cloying.
I've never had bingsu in Korea, but this is definitely another level from what I've tried so far.
And I love how the fruits are fresh and juicy!
Well, the sour mango wasn't actually that bad, just not totally ripey sweet if you get what I mean :B

Yay first bingsu try with #bimbgluttonboss #pluspok !

Second time was with Manlin, and we ordered the Green Tea - $15  
Same with the previous time; fine shavings of light green tea milk ice.
No improvement with the art deco hahahaha.

Third time - after dinner with these crazies!
Friday nights are super crowded and this time we had to queue around 20 min.

LOL at that time Pokemon Go was still quite popular,
so me pok and bowei actually went roaming to catch a Jynx and Onix HAHAH.

Make a I'm-seriously-writing-for-bingsu face !
Omg bowei HAHAH.

Resting bitch face on hahahahah
Bimb's like YOU WANNA FIGHT?! 

Janchi Bingsu - $22
Mountain of shaved milky ice, topped with almonds, blueberries, grapes, mango, rockmelon and watermelon.
This was ginormous!
Enough for 7 of us to share comfortably so it was pretty value for money :D
And it's Instagram worthy too hahahaha.

Definitely would recommend this for larger groups.

As a gauge this bowl can fit my #buddingyeast's face, so yup it's big *bwahahah ;p*

BINGKI is definitely my to-go place for bingsu!

However, I've also come across some recent reviews on their fb, 
who are complaining about the service and quality of the food.

Hopefully BINGKI will be able resolve their issues,
because they definitely have the potential to go far in Singapore's competitive cafe industry.

Monday, January 02, 2017

#pokandpok - Staycation 2016!

Again at Wanderlust :D

With the opening of the Downtown line, Wanderlust hotel is now more accessible than before!
3 min walk away to Rochor, 6 min to Little India Station, and 10 min to Bugis station.

This is my second visit, and this time we picked the Pantone room.
Bed was super comfy, and shower facilities were clean.
The shower is separate with the toilet btw, and so is the sink, therefore no fighting ensued :D

Socks & Pans for lunch !
There are always new cafes to try on my list so we usually have no problem with what to eat hahahah.

Socks & Pans
7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-108
Singapore 081007

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 11 am to 9 pm 
Friday 11 am to 10 pm

It is located right next to Bingki, my favourite bingsu place!
Which makes it convenient to pop over for desserts, :B

Socks & Pans has an interesting concept that's reflected in their name - Traditional Kopi and Pizza tgt.
So don't expect any fancy schmancy lattes there, just your good ol' kopi teh c siew dai.

The food dishes are the ones with the twist though.
There are your standard pizza flavours, 
and then there's He Bi Hiam, Thai Basil Pork, and Asian Pulled Pork. Like whaaat!
Cannot imagine these on pizzas hahaha.

You can see the menu here!

Show you what attracted us there in the first place..

Baked Mac & Cheese with Soft Egg - $11.10!!
This is really their star attraction.
Mac &Cheese sounds normal enough, 
but S&P throws in crunchy croutons which breaks the creamy texture, hence the dish won't get jelat.
Shreds of bacon inside also lends the dish a punch of flavour.

The soft egg is also optional (top-up $1.20), 
so you can skip it if you're worried that its too rich / cholesterol levels are too high ;p

Pok had their Wagyu Beef Bolognese - $9.90 , which he said was good.
I always feel bad when there's limited options for him but he always insists he is fine. #imsolucky

Caught a movie and then its on to sing k!
Absolute best la, sing until 1 am at Bugis+ then walk back to hotel.

Breakfast buffet at Cocotte is included, which comprises of a main dish,
and free flow cereal, milk, coffee, tea and assorted breads and pastries, till 11 am.
They have Waffle Crisps! Which I had 2 bowls each morning #fatdieme

The mess of melty looking sauce is my Eggs and Kale Benedict. #omnomnom

Whose breakfast is better uncle? 
Is that why you have your game on face? HAHAH.

Planned a totally different 'itinerary' from the last time - yay we're finally going Adventure Cove!
Previously I kept postponing AC visits because I didn't want my freshly dyed red hair to fade HAHAH.
Even though I'd look like Ariel in the water, I'd rather keep the color for longer.
But aiya now cannot vibrant liao, so doesn't matter anymore T.T

Adventure Cove is like an upgraded version of www, with more thrilling rides!
Pok's favourite is the Duelling Racer - we went 4 times because there wasn't much of a queue.
Weekday perks hahahah

My favourite was the Riptide Rocket - Southeast Asia's first hydro-magnetic roller coaster!
Poor Pok didn't know what was in store, and he freaked out on the ride HAHAH.
There was a series of ups and drops so he was screaming all the way.

Other than that, you have www favourites like Blu Water Bay, a tsunami pool,

And Adventure River, which is a prettier version of Shiok River in www.
Seriously I loveeeee the grottos, which are lit in brilliant blue (not cresyl) light, 
which makes me feel like a legit mermaid,
and the sections where it overlapped with the marine life aquariums.
We were lucky enough to spot some dolphins too!

The Bay Restaurant within the park allows you to enjoy your meals overlooking the park scenery..

But of course the main point is.. 
It is opposite another locker and showers area which is less crowded HAHAH.

If you ever go AC, dont dump your stuff into the first locker and shower area near the entrance.
Walk all the way in, so it's less crowded, and you can gao dim everything then head out comfortably.

Are we almost the same tone yet? 

Night is still young, and so are we!
Last night out cannot go back so early LOL.
Went for i Light @ Marina Bay despite running around the whole day hahahah.
Started walking from Raffles Place mrt exit.

One of my favourite installations - it feels like contemp dance x light.

This was one of my favourites too !
Its an interactive installation - you use your phone to 'send' elements onto the display,
so it's always changing, depending on what different users combine at that point in time.

Tranquil moments like this with Pok makes me feel so blessed (:

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