Friday, July 26, 2013

Three Crazies at Chock Full Of Beans

Second visit to Chock Full of Beans some time ago with ahsai and jh ! 

CFOB is one of my favourite brunch places,
because it's value for money and the food is super delicious.
plus the coffee art is a bonus !
its okay to request for the coffee art during slow hours, they will try to accede to your request ;)

the only drawback is the seating areas inside are quite small,
so during peak hours there's a high chance you'd have to sit outside at the al fresco area.

we went on a Friday afternoon this time so we managed to get inside seats. yay aircon !
The full brunch menu is only available on weekends, 9 am to 5.30 pm
for weekday, they feature different set lunches for each day of the week.
Fridays are Benedicts Day, so hehehe i didnt have to miss my runny golden yolk. yums.

love the chalk drawings.
generally i love places which uses chalkboards as deco.
there's some kind of a old-school charm to it. (:

ahsai's seafood aglio oligo just cause she was craving for pasta. 

portobello benedict ! 
its like eggs ben but the ham is replaced with juicy portobello mushrooms.
i will never say no to runny yolks 

jh's chicken pesto pasta !

the barista did this upon my request and it was so cute, i really couldnt bear to mix it up.
tried slurping it slowly but it started distorting.
then i was like GAHHS *stir*. LOLOL.

by the way this was the very unique rose latte. 
the smell of the roses was enjoyable but the flavour wasnt very strong.
which is good for me because it would have been like bandung. ew.

let our camwhoring photos hit you like a hammer. :B

so awesome to see ahsai after so long !
she's a champion pangseh/forgetful queen so its hard to meet.
seriously, she actually arranged for dinner one week before, and on that day she forgot. wtf !

but i'm glad she still tried, and the glutton in her keeps asking me out to nom yummy food hahaha.
i'm kind of a bad influence cause i keep spamming her instagram with food ;p.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tim Ho Wan with the corridor people ! ♥

second time at tim ho wan today!
heheh with sok and bimb; three of us form the corridor people.
lolol we have so many combinations :B

my first visit to tim ho wan was with my colleagues, as kanages' farewell dinner.
its kinda sad to have someone in your team leave,
especially when it took time to build up such great teamwork.
i'll miss how both of us gang up to bully emmanuel, hahah!

anyway that the first time we were there so we went abit crazy on the ordering.
this time i gave recommendations so that we wont waste stomach space and kachings. :D

Tim Ho Wan - 1 Michelin Star Dim Sum
Plaza Singapura #01-92A
Opened 10 am - 10 pm
(its at the new wing, you'll be able to spot it by its long queue)

mandatory shot of the signboard. 
reminds me of 一筒 in mahjong LOLOL.

Tim Ho Wan has four top dishes aka. Four Heavenly Kings.

photo credits to THW's fb page

First one is the super famous and absolutely om nom nom Baked Bun with BBQ Pork.
really cannot miss ordering this, if not you've never been to THW.
each person is limited to an order of 3 buns, which is 1 plate.
i cant explain how freaking much i love this. and i dont care what taupok says. LOL.

the bun is slightly sweet, with an outer crust similar to Roti Boy but flakier.
and the piping hot char siew filling inside is da bombz.
personally the sweetness is alright for me,
but i have bimb and eman saying its too sweet, so to them, one is enough.

i'd say gimme your portion. :D

so awesome i can drool at the thought it.

My second favourite, Steamed Egg cake.
this looks really plain and unimpressive, but its a lie.
super soft and fragrant, plus not too sweet.
i imagine its the love child of huat kueh and cotton candy.

Vermicelli Roll stuffed with Pig's Liver
hmm this didnt impress me because i'm not a fan of innards.
prefer my chee cheong fun plain with sesame oil and dark sauce, hahah.

didnt manage to grab a photo of the Pan-Fried Turnip Cake,
cause eman ate it faster than my camera. LOL.
but again, not as impressive as i expected, it being a heavenly king and all. 

okay for the rest of the dimsum!
THW doesnt have a wide range of dimsum (sad, no 流沙包)
but they do pride themselves on the quality of the ingredients used.
apparently they try to tweak with the recipe, like the dough, to adjust to Singapore's climate.
their efforts does shine through because some common dishes turned out so good!

Congee with Lean Pork, century egg and salted egg.
this is bimb's dish, hahaha. she and her everlasting love for century egg congee.
probably cause it brings her eye candy luck. LOL.

Prawn Dumpling
Chock full of prawns, this one. and may i add, it's fresh and fat prawns. 
you can see it almost bursting at the seams.
like me, when i leave THW (kidding).

Chicken Feet with Black bean sauce
ahma always called this 老巫婆的手, which is kinda true if you think about it ;p 
and she therefore, gave me fear towards chicken feet since young :x
ahsok's dish, and it was also my senior colleagues' choice. 
which places sok in the aunty category.. :B

Pork Dumpling with Shrimp, or just siew mai.
damn style, still got wolfberry as topping. hahahah.
this was also really nice cause the prawns are fresh and they're not stingy with the filling.
but the skin tended to stick together which was quite annoying.

Glutinous Rice Dumpling
the portion is super huge, so its best for sharing among 2 -3 persons.
especially if you still want to try other stuff.

fragrant rice cause it was wrapped in lotus leaves.
not overly cloying and again, not stingy with the filling.

Garlic, Mushroom and Spinach Dumpling.
this one looked kind of weird but its quite yummy.
i thought it was gu cai at first (ew) but it wasnt.
not bad but its not wow. 

Spring Roll with Egg White
Another one of my favourites.
quite an interesting twist to the normal spring roll.
not too oily, and i thought the egg white went well as an alternative to the usual radish and carrot.
there were prawns in this as well. 

Tonic Medlar & Osmanthus Cake
a dessert which is served cold.
its another of my picks :D
its not really a cake. there's a soft jelly texture which makes it chewy,
and i love the sweet smell of the osmanthus.
but it is overly sweet for myself to finish, so its best for sharing.

Overall, I think THW is worth a visit once in a while to renew feelings with the bbq pork bun.
honestly it might be the only reason for the michelin star. :x
not all the dishes are up to the hype, 
but perhaps its because they dont have the exact same ingredients as in HK itself.

oh and another commendable point is the customer service!
the staff were quite fast in attending to our raised hands,
and they were really polite and helpful. (Y)

prices are reasonable for the good quality.
and the menu could have more items.
worth the pampering now and then, but i wont go too often.

my awesome possum bedok lab team at the first visit. :D

and my beloved corridor people ! ♥
hahahah corridor position in tp, so nostalgic.

took loads of camwhore shots because we had to entertain ourselves, hehe.
to ease our bulging tummies we actually walked from dhoby to orchard shaw,
and all the way to bugis junction. HAHAH.

it was really fun to catch up with them again. ♥

learn to treasure the now; what i have is what i have.

bimb's #ootd,
top from the editor's market,
wedges from rubi.
and wtf her pretty floral pleated skirt is passed down from her ahma !

i swear i'm so amazed because her ahma actually chose the fabric and requested the design herself.
few decades later she passes it on to her granddaughter.
the condition of the material is so good, it doesnt look vintage.
like bimb says, #OldTrendNeverDies and #GrandmaFashionDiary , hahah !

my #ootd
denim panel leather dress from hollyhoque
metal edge envelope clutch :D

Monday, July 22, 2013

Universal Studios Singapore - trip four :D

finally found the time to go uss with bimb and boss, who have been waiting since forever. :x
since the opening actually LOLOL.

its not my first visit there; actually i've been there 4 times alr.
but it is the first time i got to see the fireworks display ! :D
the previous three times uss was closing early at 7pm, so we couldnt catch it.
omg it was so freaking in our faces we had to shield our eyes from the dazzling light.

and we also caught the Hollywood Dreams parade for the first time.
smth like uss version of chingay. hahaha.

oh and please give the Donkey's show a miss,
cause its more for little kids.
even bimb didnt enjoy it. hahahaha.

predict that its not gonna be the last time to uss this year cause we have the student pass :B

with bff and boss. :D
kns this xx, act one teeko pek. 

with elmo ! 
uss has the new sesame street section, which i have yet to explore.
next visit maybe? :D


Shrek and the dragon 

Jurassic Park

The Mummy's float, featuring Imhotep.
LOLOL this thing freaked bimb out so bad.

which made our roller coaster ride later really funny. HAHAH.

In the land of Far Far Away (:

us imitating the madagascar stars! :D

super fun trip, heheh.
though the thrill rides were kinda losing kick cause i've been on it so many times. :x

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


forever waiting and waiting forever.

i should have seen it coming.


Monday, July 08, 2013


it is heartbreaking, heart aching to see a frail old man running for the bus.
waving his newspaper madly, urging for the driver to wait for him.
his heart pounding, a sort of desperation showing in his gaunt face.

but at least he is still running.

spare a thought for the wheelchair bound old man.
silently wheeling himself, slowly.

he's too tired to run, too tired to walk.
the cruel fate of time already taking a toll.

resignation must be feeling exactly like this.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

fucking giving up.

i dont often think very negative thoughts,
but when i do, usually its cause i've reached breaking point.

tired of constantly trying to imagine a silver lining in every cloud.
tired of telling myself that everything is gonna turn out fine.

its about time i faced the fact that my clique is no longer the same.
everyone has their own agenda, their own purpose.
its not really just about busy schedules.
its just plainly that we are not each other's priority anymore.
i can dare to say that for me and shirlee, we have made enough effort.
our first thoughts for trying new stuff has been with the clique.
but no one else is intrsted.

dont say go overseas, go dinner also hard.
everyone's excuse range expanded until i cant even keep up anymore.
yes, its all fucking excuses.
please dont think i cant tell.

i'm sick of trying to entertain those excuses.
disgusted by whatever lies or pretense you have under your sleeve.
dont want say dont want, dont fucking tell me see how, confirm later.
i dont need you to entertain me.

now on, i'm not gonna accommodate anyone any longer.
you can make it, feel like coming, you're welcome.
if not, shut up.

i've reached a point where i have no choice but to accept the facts.
facts which i've actually known long ago.
what you want may never happen, what you dont want can happen anytime..

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