Saturday, October 31, 2009

wanted t pon MBio lecture today morning cuz i was soooo lazy!
but mini zkm blackmailed me t go. walao :x

BUT, luckily i went, cuz alot of things t copy. D:

DDCT INTERVIEW,was much much better than i thought.
she asked 1 question based on own area of research, then another based on smth else.
i thot tt i did quite okay for mine, but i kinda sorta screwed GCP guidelines :x


oh, but zul is a need-to-mention.
he made ms shahedah laugh cuz of his facial expression when deep in thought. LOL
she covered her mouth.
and bth, she covered her face totally cuz seeing it is funny also. EPIC shietz.

wtf, really dont like the way people randomly use me.
pretend nt to know me for no reason is bad enough. still got cheek t ask for favour.
go die and become invisible la. _l_

i quote my boss's comments on this.
And let's learn to say HI ^^

yes, say hi before you try t make use of me.
if not i will bloody stalk your blog. LOL :x

Thursday, October 29, 2009

HI. updates (:

went cineleisure t celebrate wayne's birthday
we tried t surprise him with th cake but was spotted like far far away.
forgot to hide :o

had kfc for lunch, and got cheated by kbox.
walao i seriously swear nvr t go back there again.
they got some goddamn 7th anniversary promo. say 7 bucks ++ only.
end up charge this and that, walao 14bucks sia ! _l_

wtf i'd rather go back topone and sing until my voice break oso cheaper.
somemore its only 3 hours, compared t topone's 6 hours. zzz.

bimbo lim keeps singing love songs t me!
epic moment. she sings i love you to me and grabs my arm.
i chua sai and run to the opposite side of the room sia :x

wayne, please control your sister more orh. dangerous object BIMBO !

mini zkm finally finished his O lvl maths
i think he's really happy that he managed t do th paper. hahas.
smiling when he came out of the exam hall sia. (:

its quite impressive tt he could take th paper with only 1 year of preparation.
with no prior knowledge of majority of th topics oso.

mini zkm, i'm proud of you ! :DD

i fucking goddamnit hate csas4
the teacher is a goddamn wanker. teeko. _l_ to th max sia.
dont know how t give instructions
dont know how t conduct lessons.
dont know how t STICK to his instructions
dont know anything abt tp. knows EVERYTHING abt phillips.
dont know wad time his class ends.
dont know how t stop flirting and be a real tcher for once.
dont even know how t open the classroom door!

see. failure anot.

bcuz i'm 17 GOING 18, i cant earn $50.
being not yet 18 sucks!
kena banned from taking part in this survey cuz i'm underage.

just watch films and circle the emotions only lehs!
liddat get paid $50 can! walaooooooooo easy money. i want !

nvm, von says she donating 5% of the money t me.
tts more generous than BIMBO LIM. walao she say donate $1.

ms hor admitted her affair with jacq during BPHAR! :O
really damn classic moment sia.
jacq points out a mistake in ms hor's slides.
ms hor praises jacq for spotting the mistake.
and adds this sentence.

" jacqueline, tonight ah."

LMAO ! i can see how introverted ms hor is. admitting in front of the whole LT. LOL

ddct interview tml :x
so scared mans. last slot.
i scared i stare at ms shahedah and forget what the damn thing i'm supposed t say ):
and all the notes seem FILLED with words. walao ganjiong.

random notes:
- i prefer my previous sem's class to this sem. D:
- mini zkm wanted t make me a bento for tml's lunch. aww :x
- i LOVE naked chickens. <3
- pearlyn wants mami poko pants size m.
- coconut is especially bimbotic blonde tonight :O
- bimb is being as bimb as always.
- tml's lunch is mineshine milktea and biscuits :DDD

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

known you since the subcomm days, but nt very well.
rmb first conversation, was during th LTC icebreaking games. LOL.

since then, you've become th cook during LC play.
and the brother of bimbo lim. HAHA.
and also, another person who tries t irritate me with london choco roll. :x

all th best t ya, for the year ahead. (:

Monday, October 26, 2009

no school today (:

went t tutor pok for his maths. the final dash ! HAHA.
as a token of thanks, he treated me t white chocolate coffee ice blend <3
both of us shared it. okay bahs.
despite th name, the sweetness level of the DRINK is just right. :x

actually, i wanted the non-coffee matcha green tea ice blend.
dont really like coffee. bad experience uh.
but he dunwan ! walaooooo.
green tea is absolutely loved okay, and he dunwan t try. D:
next time must force it upon him. no choice. ;p

naz came t meet us after he went t NUS,
and he got money t pay me back for th bet alr! $_$
$50 for some random eye-check. he got ask us if we want anot.
but i have this feeling tt my eyes are too small for their use. :x

oh, and he dio the ghey treatment from pok's friend. HAHAH.

went t simpang ( again ) for dinner with pok and naz; my BROTHERS. <3
naz suggested this chicken rice stall, which turned out t be quite nice.
which is quite a tall order, given tt i find ahs chicken rice chilli best. (:

food is one of the very few things tt i actually like from ahs. lol.
miss the vegetarian stall aunty, and the cheese hotdog sandwich.
and the OLD yongtaufoo stall.


okay back t topic :x

so, went xfire after dinner, and played L4D!
the mouse is different, so weird.
and omg man, i ran out t save pok from th witch tt he startled,
then bloody hell got attked by a hunter and smoker consecutively instead. LMAO.

both of them laughed at me, cuz i so suay. ):


here are some of the things which represent cambodia t me (:

it looks like its ready and plucked for dinner, and its so SMALL !
the way it runs, absolutely CUTE.

bth, i feel so excited everytime someone mentions naked chickens. <3

you wun get t see this kind of trees in singapore.
and there were SO MANY of them lining the road t th village we visited.

anyw, i kept exclaiming tt the trees looked like lollipops, cuz i'm so excited. :x

its me when i was little, and the pig tt i'm scared of.
i heard frm my grandma, tt if the pig is put there i dont dare t move, even abit.
just stare at the pig liddat. HAHA.
cant believe i was so gong. LOL.

and WALAO i find tt i look like a boy last time. D:
and my hair, so little. WHY NOW SO DAMN THICK. ROAR.

OKAY. end of random day (:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

friday was EPIC.
boss and i scammed bimb successfully, for 1 and 1/2 months. LOL.
her reaction was seriously damn funny!
considering if i should put the details here :x

dunwan la. just tell her the name DIAO CHAN. can alr. :D

and and and, she doesnt want t admit she dio pian lorhs !
AND she thinks tt i was originally innocent, just influenced by my boss. LMAO.
bimb really thinks too well of me sia. HAHAHA.

on th way home, i saw this owner walking his black dog.
then i saw this uber small cute kitten. nt th one featured on my fb :x
anyw, the dog barked at the kitten, and th kitten arched its back and tail like mad.
REALLY standing on ends sia !

guess what th owner said?
you so big, bully th small. cannot la you, cannot cannot.

saturday was damn fun :D
went out t mac t study with mini zkm <3
poor guy, he's really v stressed. having his O level maths on tues and wed.

luckily, i didnt burn away my stuff like i'd originally planned to. ;p

we're both collecting the mac/monopoly game pieces !
aiming for the 32GB iPOD touch. HAHHA.
anyone wants t donate the game pieces t us? :D

met OCP team for dinner at swensens, plaza sing.
omg, bimb's memory is damn leaky these few days.
i told her via msn and person and msn tt i'll be meeting them later.
and she STILL called me at 5pm t ask me where am i. HAHHA.

sir steven and mdm rauda were there !
HAHA its been so long since i've seen them (:
and sir steven is still as serious as ever :x

me and mini zkm are planning t visit there v soon :DD

had fish baked rice and team earthquake <3
dessert was supposed t be our own payment, but we forgot t ask for split bill
then our generous ms hor paid for all. really burn her pocket alr. =/

still had our guessing games at th table, and jacq was targeting both mshor and amierah.
things hasnt changed since then sia !
HAHA. and i like th epic questions we asked. :D

"ms hor, when is yr birthday ah?"
"ms hor, are you attached?"
"ms hor, when are you getting married?" < asked by shinta.

LOL. and then shinta oso v blur one, we talking abt her oso dont know.

went t cathay LAN there, wanted t play L4D.
but the kp counter guy purposely closed even though he knew we were discussing. zzz.

so, headed t the dhoby mrt one instead.
played w von, jacq, bimb and mshor.

bimb and mshor pair tgt, is OMG EPIC.
the zombie attking them from behind, they shoot in front.
and they keep shooting me ! T.T
von teach until she shout tolong sia. HAHA.

at least jacq was quite good. saved me frm th tongue grabbing zombie once.
BUT she went t shoot the red car, alerting th hordes.

*bimb and mshor follows HUH* :DD

going t play L4D with mini zkm on wed, as a form of celebration. (:

sunday, today.
out studying th whole day with mini zkm,
i chiong my DDCT, he chiong his maths.

there was this table of student, who were quite inconsiderate.
they were sitting near th power socket, nt doing anything, just sitting there.
so, i went up t them and asked if i could use the supply.
"oh, we using the thing"
i looked, and i saw tt they had the laptop packed away
and they were just waiting for it t finish charging before they left. WTF.

seriously. they got no power supply at home ah?
1 hour plus sit there just for the laptop t charge. _l_.

studied till evening, then walked t simpang t eat.
masala thosai ! and teh c bing. :D
but cuz i got gastric, so nvr finish. luckily i got mini zkm as my tong sampah. :x

lazy t bring key for the first time ever, and i had t wait for them t come home.
liza say she cooking at home lorhs ! scam my feelings. ):

OKAY, tata ! off t do my DDCT after such a long post. :D

ahsai, i'm glad we cleared up.
please rmb not t be like that again horh! its really v kiampa :x

Friday, October 23, 2009

you rendered me speechless and i dont know what to say.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

first official day of school, cuz monday was lab and 1st week dont have :x
i LOVE the monday - wednesday timetable. few hours of school only <3
had DDCT lecture, and got the first assignment. which is due next week. X_x
so pressure larhs. PBL somemore. smth new for me.

anyw, my assigned grp, is zul, qhai, glenda, and LEVON TEO.
i'll be stuck w her for the rest of the sem. :D

went for lunch w jiajie, cliff, wayne, sokleng, von and bimb.
carl's jr, so damn expensive siaa !
their chicken burger meal, i can buy at least 3 ramly's and 1 mineshine okay.
ps. coconut is gonna wth you and yr ramly me. :x

okay ANYWAY. i thot i was quite malu. cuz i make the lemon tea, nvr add sugar syrup!
end up me and jiajie drinking bitter lemon tea liddat.
paiseh ah jiajie! next time i think you make th drink better. HAHA.

gossiped, chatted and reminisced.
the topics are cute lorhs !
tamagotchi, digimon, pokemon and michael jackson. and the green and red bird :x.

no wonder bimb loves t hang out with them (:

CSAS4 in the morning, wtf.
the tcher is damn weird. he like, super teeko can. -.-
and the worst thing, he set the late grace period from 15min t 5 minutes only!
i'm gonna go t school at 6.30am okay. liddat cfm cannot late.

BPHAR lecture, i buey tahan.
see ms hor's face, i'm reminded of the green tea-choco pie and her expression.
and i cannt help but want t laugh !

but honestly ah, the lecture itself was boring.
its really as dry as wad ms hor warned us.
smmore ah, cannot skip lec lorhs ! she can recognise us alr ._.

signed up for iguides today, i hope it'll be intrsting like bimb says.
didnt get a chance t join last yr, cuz clash with week0 planning.
this year bo commitment, can join alr :D

i miss tt fish okay. with the butter sauce ~
while waiting for mini zkm, i got damn bored.
so, i started sketching !
shall upload my happy drawing here. *shows off* LOL.

taa-daa. <3

Saturday, October 17, 2009

went out with mini zkm today t ion orchard (:
23rd month alr <3

this time was my turn t plan, so i thot of treating him t the swensens ice-cream buffet. :D
tt monster couldnt eat it tt time cuz of fasting month ma.
and somemore, we didnt have much time t browse through ion th past few times.
so i thot today would be good t walk arnd oso.

the flavors available were ALOT lorhs. went wide-eyed sia. <3
the chocolate fondue ! though it looked damn messy ._.
and the gelato flavors was nice as well.

BUT i got the flu ! since ytd.
walao halfway thruout and i was alr sniffling while eating D:
affect my appetite sia. didnt enjoy everything.

then shopping wasnt enjoyable oso. keep sneezing like mad everywhere.
ESPECIALLY when i went past perfume shops. D:
or someone wearing strong perfume/ cologne.

damn my sensitive nose.

oh, and mini zkm, when he visited this shop, selling psp.
he wanted t ask for the charger, since his spolit.
then th woman, didnt really understand english. so she spoke t me.
both of us were v shocked when mini zkm suddenly said, " 我要 three -pin 的 "

okay la, not like both of us nvr converse in chinese before,
but first time i hear him speak t a stranger in chinese. :o.
so, mini zkm, hear see this. I'M PROUD OF YOU :DD.

sniffled arnd till 7pm, and mrt-ed home.
slacked at our usual place, and i was literally falling aslp cuz i bought and ate panadol max.
at least i stopped sniffling after that. =/

today, was enjoyable, memorable, and ice-creamable :D

pictures !

the uber colorful menu (:
our beloved hot U.S fries.
mini zkm was quite upset, cuz they dont serve cheese sticks anymore ):

green tea with marshmallow sauce.
tip: marshmallow sauce is one of the best toppings available.
as taught to us by one of our supervisors in swensens (:

frosted chocolate malt and sticky chewy chocolate with marshmallow sauce.

th new mushroom baked rice we had.
slightly watery, not very nice.

rocky road, cappucino cookie, and butterscotch icecream.
choco pop, marshmallow sauce and butterscotch sauce,
with whipped cream and cold fudge.

the cold fudge is disgusting. i thot it was hot fudge.
in case you were wondering, hot fudge is more melty, cold fudge is .. cold and hardens ._.

durian and butterscotch icecream, with whipped cream and butterscotch.
the durian ice cream is damn nice !
really like the pureed flesh. :D

and my nose didnt turn red. so HA. :DD

rockmelon and soursop gelato.
the sweet and slightly sour. best combination, didnt leave me feeling sticky :x

durian and wild strawberry gelato.
again, the durian is nice (:

didnt take photos of my fondue, cuz its too ugly :x

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i suddenly miss cambodia for everything.
the gossip and scenery and people, especially.

waking up at 7.30am in the morning, alarm clock being bimbo lim.
laughing in bed in the middle of the night.

emoshit :x

one of the group photos. (:

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

jinghui found her sec 1 chinese compo !
titled myself. and her wish at tt time was..
to study hard and get good results, and for world peace.

she was so innocent !
and she admits tt she was my 跟屁虫. LOL.

her own personal note :
i see th 乌黑的头发 ( jet black hair) , i also want t laugh alr.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

back from cambodia (:

its been 7 years since i've been on a plane, LOL.
and this trip has been extremely fun.
though there are some things that made me emoshit :x

like, the tuol sleng genocide museum.
seeing the faces of those who were killed and tortured inside.
and those bloodstains on the floor and wall.
cant believe that there are such atrocities committed towards their own people.
especially th children.

and the slum area that we visited.
imagine living near a mountain of rubbish, and scavenging there for food everyday.

it makes you feel like you've been very spolit and pampered, compared t them.

anyway, besides all this, it has been memorable in good ways as well.
the villagers that we taught were very friendly and enthusiastic.
so much for worrying that they wouldnt bother t response :x
and they asked so many questions ! some of them which we didnt even know how to answer.

so, never underestimate them (:

spending time with OCP people was also part of the great stuff :D
people that i havent talked to before, like shuhan, shinta, szejie.
were suddenly gossiping with us in th middle of the night. <3 room 303

and ms hor, i nvr knew tt she was that.. wild and liked jacq that much. LOL LOL :p

JACQ is scary ah pls.
she does funny things in the middle of the night, like ____________.
dont accept her into yr room sia :x

i think levon and bimb can agree on this.
both of them are on the same level alr anyw.

photos on facebook (:

Saturday, October 03, 2009

went out w mini zkm, nazzy, bimb, ziq.MRbiscuits, zebra and christine tday <3
sort of like a send-off for me. will miss them okay !
except bimb la. she staying SAME ROOM W ME *shivers* ;p

instead of our usual seoul garden dinner, we had lunch.
HAHA, student meal, cheaper sia ! 14 bucks only :3

zebra is lousy, dont know how t cook his grass.
but quite entertaining la. see th way he shudders from the hot oil :o
ask him beg me t help, he say he'd rather die sia ! walaooooos.

end up i still kind okay, help him and christine cook. HAHA.

played only 1 round of zjmm. i didnt dio anything okay ! :D
last time i damn suay, keep getting gross stuff. guess red IS lucky for me.

nazzy ran out of his pure luk though. 2 times.
then zebra and mini zkm, ke lian. one dio raw fish, the other disgusting POTATO.
somemore justin is help christine de sia. :x

make me feel so bad abt making tt concoction :DD

LOL bimb so suay. first time come then dio forfeit. HAHA.
note: forfeit = dio disgusting food 3 times alr.

but okay ley, thanks t forfeit she broke her record of nt laughing for 14 minutes.
14 minutes ! omg so happy !
ya, i help her make announcement (:

and then she paid back by laughing for 14minutes :x

went t arcade afterwards, played HoD4 w mini zkm and TC2 w bimb.
bimb won me at daytona ! then i won back at bishi bashi. :D

then then then, these girls approached us and asked for our help in buying NC16 tickets.
they wanted t borrow an ezlink card t buy for their friend.
i was feeling kind, then lent them the thing.
LOL LOL super funny, all sec sch cards then suddenly TP come out. HAHA.

they ended up watching the same show as us though :x

all the stories were okay okay. last one being the best :D
they got back the cast from 4bia, the hiking story. HAHAH. damn funny sia !
i liked it when they died. <3 kate, ter.

LOL okay i sound sadistic. but you really gotta watch it t know tt its HILARIOUS.

i thought tt the kid in salvage died freaking badly. he didnt deserve it ):
and the guy in ward, WALAO. so kaypoh siaaaaaa. HAHA.

overall, quite a good movie (:

dont give people false hope, dont throw them away only t pick them up when you need it.
cuz it wun come back _l_

Thursday, October 01, 2009


spent the whole day in school for OCP rehearsal. okok la.
got abit bored at the end, didnt present well. ms hor scolded me. :x
okay la not scold la. more like nag. oops.

lunched at business, then forced levon t admit tt she is kaypoh.
LOL LOL, she always self-proclaim introvert sia !
cannot stand it lehs, first time i see introvert so damn noisy. HAHAH

drank raspberry vodka, cuz cliff bought it for role play. :D
shared the bottle with MS HOR, cliff, bimb, jacq and szejie.
the bottle is pretty, the deep berry red is damn chio oso.
but the taste reminds me of medicine. eeeeew.

and mini zkm's gonna be pissed tt i had alcohol again.
drank during F1 and now this. ):

ANW. finally went for manicure with bimbo lim ! HAHA.
she's been bimbo-ing me for it for months alr lorhs.
abit like coconut. only tt she used blackmail instead :o

i got my raspberry pink, she got bimbo pink. :D

then then jh helped me t do the nail art !
she super stressed, but still got mood help me nail art. awww.
premium service sia. had to pay $100 lehs. ;p

OKAY and i saw a wild polar bear on bus38 today.
still looks as wild as ever. NVR CHANGE AT ALL. HAHA.

and as usual, he cfm will pangseh me tml lorhs. F3.
if he arrives, tml will rain green tea. :x

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