Tuesday, October 31, 2006

todays bridging was super sian la..
kinda pointless lor..
we were sitting down there..
doing sum qns..
the tcher gave us 5 mins for each qns
but she kip explaining la..
den we trying to keep up..
i din really listen lor..
doing it by myself..
and tching the rab la..
haix.. complete waste of time..
self studying is so much better la..
i think its oso bcoz the tchers hav no idea..
of wad they should do for us..
everyone de mistakes different wad..
so actually.. bridge wad?
ahh.. sian..

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

ystrday's discovery center was super boring..
we kept sitting and waiting..
den walked arnd sum exhibition..
and wait sum more..
only the 3D movie was nice..
but i din really enjoy it..
bcoz i couldn't SEE!
my specs broke la..
actually it was only the frame..
den the optician broke the lenses as well..
now i have nothing!
i wasn't wearing contacts AT ALL
my mum din let lor.. walao
den my specs hav to wait till thursday..
haix.. 2 days of partial blindness.. WHOOTS

Sunday, October 22, 2006

dis is sumthing ruiting sent...
sum qns missing la..hahaha..

Starting Time: 11.15am
Full Name: Ng Jing Ting
Best Friend(s): so many.. shu bu qing
Sexiest Friend: nalina! her sheng cai super good.. haha
Funniest Friend(s): literally everyone i noe is crappy la.. =>
Smartest friends: perry! resident genius in 3L..
Dumbest Person: danicia.. always acting stupid.. haha..
Shyest Friend: hweechen.. take super long time to start getting high
Most boring person: pple who dun noe how to talk?!
Who Do you get advice from: depends lor..
Height: dun wan say.. short jiu shi le.. haha
Date Of Birth: 18 dec 1991.. sch hols! haha
Righty / Lefty : the opposite of danicia's.. hahaha
Shoe Size : 6
Shoe Brand: doesnt really matter la..
Did you Crack any Body Parts: lol..
Siblings: 2 younger sisters.. sadly..
Boy Friend/Girl Friend: hmm.. dun have la
Crush: -_-"'.. dun hav
Liked a Teacher: ymx.. bullshit.
Ran Into a Glass Door: my sister has! i not so stupid
Gone Skinny Dipping: wth.. flashing!
Nearly hit by a car: twice in a day.. hahaha
Ran into a parked car: not so stupid la

Girls Fill Out About Guys (?)
Boxers or Briefs: lol.. not my business..
Tall or Short : taller.. needless to say
Does size matter: erm.. sounds sick and wrong! =P
Six-pack or Muscular Arms: does it matter??
Body or Personality: personality.. its more impt
Ear Pierced or Not : only if you are gay la..
Sporty or Outdoorsy: kinda the same wad..
Good or Bad guy: ??.. wth..

Guys Fill Out on girls
G or hipster undies:
Tall or Short :
Long Hair or Short: i noe wad yj will write! =P
Dark or Light
Light/Dark Hair:
Body or Personality:
Ears Pierced or Not:
Good Girl/Bad Girl:
Hair Up or Down :
Sporty or Classy:

Chicken or Not Afraid : i'm fearless! mwahaha
Coke or pepsi: same thing wad.. i can't find any diff
K.F.C or Mcdonalds: so long as got junk food can liao.. haha
Cats or Dogs : i think kittens and puppies are cuter! =>
Coffee or Tea : caramel frappe!
Eastside or westside: ..
Vanilla or chocolate: chocolate
Cake or Cookies: cookies
Purple striped Lime socks or white socks : purple and green?! ew.
Sunset or Sunrise: sunrise.. its the start of sumthing new.. =>
Day or Night: Night..
Lights on or off : ??
Summer or Winter: Winter!! snow city! hahaha

Your favourite
Food: junk food
Holiday destination: hmm.. so long as i am wif pple i like..
Radio Station: nv really listen.. got mp3! =>
Place: anywhere when i am happy
Day of the week: when i can slack!

In The Future
Will you believe in God: erm..
What you want to be when u grow up: erm.. no idea?

Random Questions
Define Love: so long as the person is happy nothing els matters
Bedtime: 11.30pm.. when there is nothing to do
Do you love someone right now: erm.. family.. my best buds.. =>
Do you care about someone: try to care abt everyone i noe lor
Do you think of someone everyday: hmm..
Do you think someone is special: everyone is special in their own way
Finishing time: 11.50am
Date: 22 oct 2006

Pple i want to do dis quiz..
yj danicia mel hc
jazz minyu weneng
aiya.. anyone hu reads dis lor..

dance camp is set on 19th dec to 22 dec..
most stuff have been settled liao..
so just turn up and hav fun k?
dis hols gonna be super busy..
got 2J on 2 nov..
and 3L chalet a week b4 dance camp..
plus the screwed up bridging programme..
not to mention dance prac
wa.. can die sia..

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

all the results back liao..
not very good la.. haix
my amaths and ss din make it
ss the worse lor..
den the others oso not as gd as b4..
next yr must jiayou le..
no more conferencing on the phone..
no more comp access..
and no more slping and slacking!!
i dun think i mean the last part
dance camp may be on 18 dec..
omg.. i dun wan..
the other sec3s are planning to pond me lor
haix.. must run away like siao..
night games is gonna be super fun.. whoots!
now post exam activities le..
but den the HCL pple hav to take mock exam
hahahahaha.. so poor thing..
den CL students do "special activities"..
which is playing board games in the PAC
lols.. kinda boring..
but better than doing CL papers!

Friday, October 13, 2006

got back 3 papers today..
haiz.. nuthing was wad i expected..
guess wad?
i got into amaths bridging.. whoo hoo..
can skip dance prac le..
though not the way dat i wanted it..
but still.. i am not too depressed or anything
surprisingly.. hahaha..
when i got back the paper..
hahaha.. i was actually laughing la..
mr chen was bringing us thru the stages of emotions
when we get back the paper..
its denial.. anger.. bargaining.. sumthing.. acceptance
i think i went to acceptance asap..
i dun think you've ever seen sumone
who fails and can actually laugh
its all careless mistakes la..
but hey.. there's no other way but to accept..
wad can you really do la?
its ur own fault dat you din pay att. to ur working..
or 4-1 would nv bcome -3.. hahaha..
i have long accepted the fact that i suck at maths..
bio is the one dat i can't believe..
i din fail dat la..
but i fell short of my own expectations la..
but nvmind.. i hav the previous yr to make up for it..
oh well.. i'll just attend the freaking programme..
no use crying over wad is done..
hahaha.. might as well just move on..
wif life and everything.. haha

Thursday, October 12, 2006

exams finally over le!!
whoots.. hahaha
went to the airport to eat ystrday
wif jazz and minyu..
jazz suggested going to popeyes..
walau the food super nice!!.. but oso ex..
den now i am broke liao la.. haha..
shld have shared wif minyu..
we ordered the same thing.. combo 9.. haha..
in the picture its super small la..
den who noes even i couldn't finish.. haha..
but it was nice anyway..
after dat we went tm to buy stuff for wen eng..
hahaha.. her bday was last sunday.. haha..
exam period lehx.. so suay..
hai shi wo xing fu.. haha..

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

tml is the last paper le..
hahahha.. emaths..
hope it will be okay..
hahahhaha.. freedom!
i din finish history ystrday..
den english was easy.. =>
ahh.. but today's chem was screwed up
i din memorise the anions test..
den i left it blank la.. bleah..
no choice.. 4 marks gone le..
chinese rocks la.. kinda easier than i expected..
hahahaha.. yays..
after tml 10am..
i am free.. haha.. whoots..
but den the rab still hav to go for MEP..
hahaha.. so tml cannot go out.. sighx..
if wan oso hav to wait 3 hrs.. omg..
hahahhaha.. so glad i quit..

Sunday, October 08, 2006

super happy..
ss bio amaths and physics finish le!
wa.. suan shi du guo nan guan..
lolx.. next week de subjects not so bad..
though i think amaths is gonna be a screwup
and physics.. i forgot definition of work done!!
nvmind.. hahaha..
at least i finished it..
when the person was like.. pls stop writing..
i literally threw my pen on the table.. haha..
i love it sia.. hahahha
tml is history and english..
den chem and chinese..
den emaths..
whoots.. FREEDOM!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

today was super fun la..
we played captainsball again.. haha
random grp arrangements la.. as usual..
actually today dun need to play de..
mr chua let us study during PE..
but seriously la.. i wouldn't want to..
its a time to relax lor.. haha
screaming session as usual..
everytime we got the ball
den pple would be screaming
i damn zi high la..
jumping and screaming all over the place.
jazz vivianna and aurial oso..
den mengjit and weneng collided wif each other la..
they both trying to get the ball frm shimin..
den they din see properly
now weneng has dis scratch on her chin or sumthing
den mengjit's teeth is hurting..
haix.. so violent sia..
hahaha.. deb dunno frm where came dis frisbee..
the 2 'goalkeepers'
jiesi and adeline
were throwing it frm 1 end to the other..
kinda distracting la.. but i guess they were sianded..
it really took my mind off the exams..
kk.. go mug le.. jiayou.
8 days to end of EOYS.
LOLX.. haha

Monday, October 02, 2006

tml might be the last day i'll be able to breathe properly
haha.. joking only..
just left wif 1 day to EOYs!!
i'm going to collapse anytime la..
got 8 subjects to prepare for lor..
though english is okay la..
but it doesn't make things easier..
i damn scared..
at least i dun hav art anymore..
yup dats right.
i decided to quit le.
bcoz i dun think i hav enuf time to spare..
my maths needs more practice la.
i can't sit dere drawing animals wad..
too much on my mind to draw a straight line now
let alone a distorted rabbit.. haha
even though i feel kinda bad for dropping it halfway
at least i dun hav to sit in the art room for 3 hrs again..
hahaha.. anyway
jiayou for exams pple..
rmb.. dere is alot to look forward to after EOYs!
so mug hard for the time being..
dne enjoy it afterwards..
hahaha.. =>
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