Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bangkok Trip #2 - with le boyfriend !

kind of crazy to have been to Bangkok twice this year, and within such a short span of time!
but taupok had a budget and he didnt wanna go malaysia, so bangkok it was.

shopping wasnt so shiok this time, but i did have fun being the tour guide!
another challenge this time was to find halal food, which we managed to.
internet research is so helpful :D

cant believe i was crazy enough to draw all these stuff. 
middle finger is mango sticky rice btw. HAHAH.
looks more like chicken rice to be honest :x

breakfast at starbucks before flying ! 
wanted macs but no time :x

ahpok's first time on a plane!
he was bloody excited and scared at the same time,
cause i told him its like a roller coaster ride.
which he is scared shitless of.

our stay this time in Bangkok was at Glow Pratunam!
service of the staff was awesome, true to the hospitality Thailand is known for.
and the room was super spacious.

i love staying at hotels near the Pratunam area cause its so near the shopping malls.
especially my favourite Pratunam morning market and Platinum Mall.
its not very near the BTS stations though, so be prepared to walk around 20 mins.
location wise maybe Novotel is more convenient. 

GLOW Pratunam
919 Petchburi Road, Kwang Thanon Phayathai Rajdhevi, 
Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand 10400

stayed at 19th floor, which gave us quite a view :D
and as quoted by Levon
"wah pok your hotel really is GLOWING"

Visited Terminal 21 for lunch ! 
ahpok was amazed by the themes, 
but he couldnt take photos of the toilet cause it was too weird :p

Terminal 21 is located right next to Asok BTS Station.
Its pronounced as Ah-Soke, but hahahah pok kept calling it ahsok ahsok. :B

Pier 21 Food Court
pok found a halal stall there but the choices were quite limited. 

as for me, i stuck to my fried oyster, pad thai and mango sticky rice. :D

walked a short distance from Terminal 21 to Sukhumvit Plaza,
or also known as Korean Town in Bangkok.

heard that the korean food is pretty authentic,
but we gave it a miss cause pok wanted to try the local Thai Food more.
word of warning though, the back alleys feel abit seedy to me.
dont bother exploring the building, just go for the food places near the entrance :x

the shop display really gives the Korean vibe doesnt it? 

bumped into Levon!
damn funny, we kept trying to meet up but our own plans didnt clash,
then just happened to meet her while walking along the BTS station. 

some things which should be left to fate. HAHAH.

first day #ootd 
top and fishtail skirt both from last trip to bangkok.
haiiish didnt manage to find chio tops this time :x

Dinner time !
while researching for halal places to eat, we found a few hidden gems.
Sinthorn Steakhouse is one of them.

It offers halal mookata, which is a rare find cause moo actually means pork.
This is a unique Thai bbq-steamboat experience, and the special pot is charcoal-heated.
Pieces of chicken fat are left on top of the dome and the oil sorta flows down for grilling.

Me and carnivorous pok ignored the soup and attacked the meat like no tmr. hahahah.
i love the black pepper chicken !
plus i also found the damn awesome Thai chilli tt bimb's mom has been supplying to me every CNY.
love love love.

did i mention, that each adult pays only 220 baht? freaking cheap.

that being said, Sinthorn Steakhouse is located quite a distance from the central area.
we took BTS to the nearest station and continued the journey via metered cab,
but honestly saying it would be better to take a cab all the way.
the cab driver had to take a long route from the station to the main road, then slowly find the lane.

the whole steakhouse is open concept, and resembles a small town area
look out for the gigantic glowing halal symbol, you wont go wrong.

Other than the buffet, they have a normal restaurant menu, from 11 am to 11 pm.
The grilled meat buffet is from 4 pm to 11 pm.

 Sinthorn Steakhouse 
3331/2 Ramkamhaeng Road, Huamark, Bangkok
Between Soi 85 and 87, near Lam Sali Intersection.

woke up bright and early for Pratunam morning market! 
this pok took longer than me to prepare, can you believe it.
nearly fell back asleep waiting for the toilet. ._.

decided to be adventurous this trip and try the roadside food.
this crepe stall located near the hotel WAS DA BOMB.
so damn yummy and only 35 baht. less than SGD 2 dollars okay.

and i didnt get diarrhoea. eh heheh.

visited Siam Discovery center for Madame Tussauds Wax Museum !
i went for the exhibit when it came to Singapore, when i was really young.
and i still vividly remember how lifelike it was.
plus they had a section featuring medieval torture and stuff like that. 
damn cool. #historygeektalking

tickets are priced at 800 baht for adults,
but book your tickets early via their website and you get a 40% discount ! 480 baht.
this early bird ticket is valid for entry before 12 am, and is open-dated.
just rmb to book before flying off :D

day two selfie! with le #handsomeboyfriend hahahaha.

Siam Discovery Center
BTS to Siam Station, short 5 minutes walk away.
Linked to Siam Center via 4th floor linkway.

Sawadeeka !

Thai King and Queen, when they were younger.

Princess Diana. Classic regal beauty.

President Obama and Michelle Obama

British Royal Family

PM Lee. actually i'd prefer a photo with his dad. 

Tata Young. 
Only famous Thai artiste i know.
Sexy naughty bitchy me~ hahahaha.

Justin omgwtf -.- bieber. took this photo only for crazy fangirl jx.

oh hai 周阿伦

lady gaga, brad pitt and angelina jolie.

these two are not famous but i find em quite familiar.

pok is considering switching to media and communications. kidding :p

lunch was at Siam Center, Greyhound Cafe !
saw many good reviews and i'm glad we finally got to try this place. 
not halal though, so pok stuck to the vegetarian menu.
our meal amounted to 700+ baht, which i thought was quite reasonable (:

Greyhound Cafe
3rd Floor, Siam Center

love the quirky cutlery island

from left to right:
watermelon shake
pok's baked spinach and cheese
my carbonara - which was light and super nice. slurp.

however, this is the highlight of the meal.
buttery slightly crispy toast, with 5 choices of toppings.
marmalade, sea salt caramel, coffee caramel, thai tea custard, and condensed milk.
omggggg i never felt so happy over toast.
love all the toppings!
if i could only order one thing from the menu, i'd choose this.

why the toilet sign so unique one :x
plus a cute quote i found inside the toilet stall. hahaha.

next stop, MBK.
heard that they had a whole floor selling electronics and games so i wanted to bring pok there.
but it was quite a disappointment cause the mall seemed really old,
and the prices for the games werent cheap at all. 

probably the only time i'd go there.

MBK Shopping Mall
BTS Station: National Stadium

consolation being i managed to find this marshmallow coconut crepe!
really sweet and i couldnt finish, but i liked it. :D

day three selfie!
Lorwen Rainbow Top from Fairbelle
Lilac Maxi skirt from morning market.
i look like a rainbow hahahaha.

pok was feeling under the weather, due to indigestion from the spinach D:
how did we know its the spinach? he eventually puked out green mess, thats why.
heng i had the foresight to stuff a plastic bag under his chin when he was sleeping. hahahaha.

despite not feeling well, he insisted on going out cause he didnt wanna waste the day.
our plans included Siriraj Medical Museum, which i was really looking forward to.
cause i have this morbid interest for forensics :x
so he dragged himself outta bed. #bestboyfriendever.

Siriraj Medical Museum is located in Siriraj Hospital.
getting there was kinda complicated; we had to take a 15 mins boat ride down the Chao Praya River.

In case you need the info:
take the BTS to Saphan Taksin Station, and walk to Sathorn Pier via Exit 2.
Pay 40 baht for the river boat, to N10 Wang Lang Pier.
The hospital is on the right side when you exit the pier.
Try looking for Block 35, Chalermphrakiet or Block 27, Anatomy.
Ask their friendly security guards if you get lost, they will know the way. :D

Entry is 300 baht, or 420 baht for combined entry for the Anatomical museum in the next block.
Note that they're closed on Tuesdays and public holidays.
Opening hours 10 am to 4 pm.

Wat Arun Temple from the river boat 

entrance to the Medical Museum, 
which included the Forensic Museum, Pathology Museum and Parasitology Museum.

no other pictures cause we had to respect the victims, and it was kinda graphic.
there were the actual organs encased in formalin filled clear cases, 
like ruptured livers, tattooed arms. and a head cut at median plane.. with the eyes half opened.
its like histo lab but larger sized sections, and a sombre atmosphere.
some of the exhibits were in Thai with no translation though.

an educational and emotional experience i wont soon forget.

last day selfie!
ahpok is visibly upset :x

cause his tummy was feeling better, we went back to Platinum Food Court for our final meal !
there are two halal stalls in Platinum, selling noodles and indian food.
we ate like a freaking glutton, hahahaha. 

kway teow moo, pad thai and fried oyster. 

chicken tikka and chapatti.

yellow rice with curried chicken.

durian sticky rice which ahpok fell absolutely in love with.

mango sticky rice. MINE ALL MINE.

Don Mueang International Airport - Thai Budget Airport.

and this concludes our first trip overseas together! :D
really fun except for the part where pok fell sick.
feel so bad he still entertained me, but v touched at the same time.

cant wait for the next trip ! ♥ 
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