Saturday, May 14, 2016

Review: Althea - For Korean beauty products addicts!

Not a sponsored post - I'm not being paid to advertise for Althea or their referral program, but just honestly sharing a site that I've come to love.
So please don't income tax me LOLOL.

I was approached by Althea last Sept 2015 to be a beta tester for their launch in Singapore :D

Why so excited?

Because Althea is all about bringing you your favourite Korean beauty products,
at prices cheaper or even equivalent to Korea's retail price!

No need to dedicate luggage space for those heavy beauty products liao!
Which means I can buy more clothes #unstoppable :B

Imagine Laneige's Water Sleeping Mask for SGD$27 only?

Give you all a sneak peek at their bestseller prices.

They have periodic markdowns on popular products, occasional freebies you can just cart out with purchases,
and best of all, the 1+1 daebak deals.

No kidding, I've bought the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask at 2 for SGD$31! Like wut 賺到.

Oh yes, and brand day discounts - 30% discount on all products under the specific brand.
There's been Tony Moly, Holika Holika, Missha, etc.
I'm waiting eagerly for Innisfree's turn :D

As a very smart marketing technique, they love to share the deals on social media more than their email subscriptions.
So do make sure you're following their Facebook and Instagram accounts for faster updates.

Other than the products itself, I love the ultra gorgeous boxes they are sent in!

This is the standard pink box..
If you know me, that's not what I'm excited about.

Lined with even more pink paper on the inside. HAHAH.

Okay tadaaa. The special edition boxes are the highlight!

This was for Christmas, damn chio la the wine red. and all the sides had winter scenes.
There was a forest green box too, but siao la cannot buy so many beauty products leh.
I only have one face, and I'm actually quite lazy when it comes to skincare.
CNY special edition box! I didn't know about this design if not I confirm order one. T.T

Wait I'm starting to sound like I'm buying for the box and not the products LOL.

Okay la some products are not available on their website, like my current love - Innisfree Sheet Masks.
So I just got my bff to stock them for me on her recent trip to Korea, hiak hiak.
The Hyaluronic Acid one was so popular, it was sold out in many of the stores she went to,
and when she finally found it, she cleared the entire 30 pcs off the shelves LOLOL.

Xiexie #buddingyeast! :D


Good news, because you're now reading the main intention behind my post. *evil cackle*

All new customers will receive $10 credits for their use!

And that's not all.. because if you sign up via my referral address hereand use my code 'JTJASLYNN' at checkout,
you get another $5 off your first order!

Of course, I also get $5 credits to use during my next order, so it's a win-win :D

Shall review some of the items I've gotten to try next time
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