Saturday, May 29, 2010

bought dad his itouch and durian puffs as cake.
cause nobody at home likes cake v much :x

went out w blonde to buy dad's presents after she got home.
sibei funny, my mum used her as a money exchanger, LOL.
cause mum forgot t pass me th 200 bucks for itouch, then it was kinda late to go atm.
she told me, ' nvm i got plan '.

turns out th plan involved getting blonde t go down t work,
mum calling her halfway and telling her t lie and say she got sch,
and passing her th money before sending blonde away.

LOL !!! she geng until so good somemore.
"everytime tell you come work you tell me got school !! " HAHAHAH.
gotta hand it to my mum lorhs, got such aizai acting skills.

so yeah, bought th stuff + my face masks from thefaceshop.
i seriously need masks now cause my skin's breaking out. D:

and i think thefaceshop like v rich.
cause they shift from one corner to another corner and back to the same corner, only opposite.
like wtf, seriously.

met ahpok and we went t airport T2. dinner at fish&co. ! <3
both of us craving for NY fish and chips.
i super super omg love their chilli + the rice. absolutely delicious!!

but now i feeling v sick of fried food cause th fish is v oily.
maybe cause we kept talking, then cold alr tastes not nice. D:

took 24 home, omg all th memories of after work at swensens. hahah !
ahpok's going back on monday t cele faezah's birthday.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

hope you enjoyed th surprise and cakes.
not t mention th 21 inclined. hahah!

surprised wara w a strawberry tart from yamazaki and 2 dessert cups from icing room.
omg i was tempted by th green goldness,
this awesome looking green-tea containing thingy tt has green tea macarons on it.

shall try it w bimb next time if we can :D

LMQA test, super depends on common sense.
bimb says she's not gonna do well cause her answers,
though common sense, are different from th notes. :x

omg i hate it sia. failed my standing broad jump by 4cm !!!
i get A for stuff oso become pointless alr.
bloody emo and was ranting non-stop until i think they scared of me alr D:

and then my 2.4 oso, walao sprint at th wrong time.
didnt know it was th 2nd gate :/
feel so cheated in overall today.

dinner at kfc.
this kid tried t use a straw t poke wayne's... butt.
i ahem-ed loudly and he turned arnd, stunned.

free ice water.

wtf is happening t younger generations! :O

and then i left my shoebag at kfc. zzz.
had t miss this 15 mins bus we waited for.
thanks bimb for walking back w me ! sorry D:

reached home and blonde said tt i was mad cause i thought abt retaking NAPFA.

stole daddy's cigarettes and hid them
cause i didnt want him t smoke.
he got mad at me D:

Monday, May 24, 2010

late for th first time this semester.
i seriously hate old single decked 69 during rush hour.
how t squeeze i ask you !

and walao m tried t put herself tgt in our situation to validate her case.
sorry not gonna link my lateness t yours cause its different.
i kicked off my late habit long long ago.

okay maybe sometimes i'm still late for meetups w pok, but tts different ;p

mcspicy for lunch at st21, cause wayne went t check on his hypochromic blood cells.
ask my uncle t help him do a FBC. and then he forgot t request for blood typing, LOL.
uncle said if he wants t do blood typing need draw blood again. gg.

mcspicy today, rochor tauhuey and shaker fries on sat.

cause went out w pok and then bugis st t buy shoes but didnt buy.
th shoe is v nice but bloody pain.
equivalent t th pain if your feet had a blister and you wore covered shoes.
only tt my feet was unblistered and i hadnt taken a step yet.

imagine if i started walking, i think i would bleed.

then jh, who was out w bowei,
called me and asked me to meet up for rochor tauhuey :D
aint i so lucky she had food cravings and i could benefit ?

btw, she ran into this ex-friend of ours.
so bastard tt you couldnt believe it. wtf.
super desperate and his friends arent any better.

(so tt you can squeeze into a dress few sizes too small)
" i'm scared i'll rip the thing !! "

cannot wear then ask for bigger size la ! breathe siol wtf.

okay then met parents at simpang for dinner also.
xiao long bao and chicken rice :D
dad and mum said tt its nice !
which is really a compliment cause dad's v picky abt food quality.
even more so than me.
headed back t sch and laughed alot cause discussing names for our future kids.
gnorr chua, parahaemolyticus lim, aureus dont know what.

then continued laughing cause we were paper msn-ing.
like seriously! take a piece of paper, write and pass around.
wtf like primary school, HAHAH. damn funny pls !!

and if you're one of th girls sitting next t our table, sorry!
we didnt mean t make fun of you, we're just too stressed. :D
maybe you'll understand when you're year 3.

oh and i passed my bbank. surprisingly.
not a very good pass i'll admit. 17.5/30 :x

mmic heart attack on wednesday.

Friday, May 21, 2010

today's cchem test left me feeling v stoned and mentally tired.
cannot type properly cause i was super blur D:

dont know if i should feel confident or demoralised at th outcome of th quiz. :/

anyw, urine collection and analysis today.
tahan since morning cause dunwan t face shortage. LOL.
cliff damn zai, walao.
one whole bbt cup full of urine. no need scared not enough sia, hahah.

and we found out tt shaun watches bombay barney day and night. HAHAH.

lunch was awesome cause kept laughing.
all th epic things during sec sch. damn joke omg.

stayed back t do mmic lab report, zomg got v distracted by th buffet table.
cliff and wayne were practically drooling and trying t kope food.
both of them sibei high cause too hungry alr.
end up cannot finish mmic cause all too tempted by food.

dinner at ljs, bimb scared SAJC girls off. lolol!
then gossiped abit abt cliff's scandals.
gg i getting influenced by boss and von alr. :x

took 38 w cliff till expo, met ahpok and walked him home.
i stepped on a snail !!!!!
wtf felt fucking bad cause i talk and nvr pay attention t th road .
such an innocent death. sorry snail omg.

and forgot t mention, i saw my EC at grad ! :DD
gg now cannot find new EC alr, cause any cute guys we might see is definitely younger than us.
i dont go for elora's style sia. HAHAHA.

and i realised tt this post may sound completely random. :O

Thursday, May 20, 2010

since bimb complains tt i nvr update, shall let prove her wrong :D
if not later she on her dang jia mode and nag omg.

attended graduation ytd ! (:
me and bimb went A1 t buy bbt for boss and gene. and us of course.
see we so nice . know will risk nose turning red but still go. ;x

random: lemon cheese crushed smoothie is nice !

okay then took photos with boss, buspartner, grace and nadiah.
i love my hair cause its so red. HAHAH. <3
and boss's shirt matches my nails. lavender purple. LOL.
not necessarily a good thing though; he and bimb knows why. -.-

got my head knocked, walao. going t become stupid/shorter alr la.
later my 4cm advantage over bimb gone i v sad one pls.

edit: forgot t mention tt this kind uncle helped me stop th bus today!
cause i was running towards bus stop in th rain and then 38 was gonna leave.
he helped me tell th driver t wait.
soooo kind !

thank you uncle, you saved me from possible nagging by AP.

today, differential WBC counting in haem lab.
walao wtf . th platelet counting v fucked up cause cannot see anything.
anyhow bomb, LOL.

AP super gei gao th drawings leh !!
make me re-do 3 times. bimb oso v pek chek, hahah.

epic shitzx, had t opportunity t scold some loser.
he seriously had it coming for doing such bastard things t my bimbo friend sia.
von and me had fun, but not enough.
i think he must have been v suay t have met us, esp when he's alone. teehee.

even your pretend act cannot save you from th embarrassment la pls.
walao take out phone and pretend t be talking, such an old trick pls.

and i still like th sentence i said in a fit of anger.
" got so many crosses, but no balls! "
no offence meant t christians, except him. (:

hmm, lunch at mac. then 31 home with bimb and von.
i think th point fingers thing v joke sia. hahah :D

Monday, May 17, 2010

my dad walked in just now and asked me if he could play bejewelled on th desktop.
i told him he needed an fb account to play.
he asked me t create one for him. LOL LOL.

and then he asked me if can dl jackpot games too.
guess he's addicted t my aunt's itouch. tts why.
walao he see my aunt will ask her for itouch leh !

then then he pestered me t help him cause he wanna buy it.
cause my daddy doesnt know IT stuffzxzx. everything i do at home :x

rofl i refused t help cause i think not worth th money.
somemore i know jx will aim th itouch and i dont think she deserves t play.
pls la she got psp for her birthday and what's it doing now.
rotting in some drawer cause she oso dont play much.

and her grades alr like shit liao still wanna play itouch. go die.

but then i see my dad like, cold turkey from itouch omg.
so i was thinking of getting it as his birthday present + father's day.
should i?
money wise i got enough. can share w blonde oso.

OH and i just thot of it.
can use itouch and make him stop smoking.
he smoke i dont help him dl games. :DD

on th other hand i is v tempted to buy an ipod nano too.
cause i is thinking tt music is taking up quite alot of space on my satio.
so i might wanna get th uber chio red one. <3

but i dont want th camera version leh!!
like wtf i dont need a video cam+ mp3.
and i dont like itunes.

what t do!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

outing w vestige people at seoul garden, ngee ann city.
fucking 30 bucks, its getting more and more expensive.
probably th last time i'm gonna go there alr.

though th mushroooms was awesome.
and there wasnt any coffee chicken wtf.

there was this asshole waitress. made me pissed off w her attitude.
make me so dulan tt i purposely made her change th grill for me.
then when changing she like bing bing biang biang. wtf go die pls.

anyw, celebrated yijie's belated birthday by buying him emicakes' mini desserts.
and weihao's too, which was one month ago. lolol !
damn funny la both of them.

and i think bowei entertained jiawen quite alot too. epic faces.

camwhored in th toilet.
my head like brightest among theirs. <3

walked around 313, bowei was pulled into zara by blonde.
she excitedly bounced arnd pointing to a blazer and dragged him inside.
rest of us followed, and decided t pangseh her and save bowei.

aiseh, bowei so nice sia. refuse t leave her alone inside. aww.

randomly started t compare hand size.
LOL LOL found out tt weihao's hand is super small !
like same size as jiawen's omg.
kept laughing at him, and he super emo.

mrt-ed home via circle line.
first time taking it, so noob.
honestly saying i cant see much difference in th time leh. :x
and and when we reached dakota i was given th middle finger by blonde.
cause i told her my station. LOL. :x

as such a close friend you should know tt i would nvr leave you alone even if my bf's there.
but i WILL ignore you if you actually walk away when i'm paying attention to you.
seriously. why so sensitive?
its not as if we were all over each other in front of you.

Friday, May 14, 2010

today is a very serious day.
cause i went t school at 10am in th morning t do project v seriously.
and after tt went bugis w bimb to shop very very seriously too :DD


bought a tank top, an electric blue top and black shorts.
total damage was 35 bucks.
rofl th shopowner gave me th wrong style for th shorts.
so tmr before work i'm gonna find her and ask for exchange.

shopping was quite cumbersome for us today cause of th laptops.
first time shop until so qi cham. need help each other carry it so tt can see th item.
maybe should have lockers there.
esp for people like us t keep stuff before trying t fight th crowds :O

my 1st blogshop purchase also arrived for me today!
th denim dress tt i've been aiming for.
and and th quality is super good one lorhs. for such a cheap price of 20 bucks only. :D

one day of break, out of infinite extreme days of chionging.
tts how sad year 3 can be sia. DD:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

accompanied ahgong for checkup today, with 2nd and 3rd aunt.
zomg even though no school but i still have t wake up early. D:
but nvm la, ahgong ma. teehee.

dr quek reminds me of a squirrel.
i swear, his eyes are forever alert and his expression too. damn funny.
my ahgong asked him t come along w us for bak kut teh later. LOL.

coincidentally saw mr ong, th patient who was neighbour t my ahgong at SGH.
discharged one day after ahgong, hahah.
he said before, tt if we're fated we'll meet again. who knew tt we'd see him today. (:

anyw, dr quek said tt ahgong's condition is improving.
th inflammation on his lungs is disappearing, and so far everything is fine.
only tt his appetite is not very good and he's v skinny.

but okay leh, today his lunch he ate a bowl of bak kut teh
and later on dinner he finished his rice. ((:
i think th doctor's praise added some confidence to him bahs. :D

went for mmic test.
i know tt i didnt do very well. so abit sian alr.

what made th thing worse was hearing tt SGH decided t limit th no. of students
histopathology lab only wants one student, while blood bank doesnt even want any.
so, gg. there goes my first and second choice.

and even better. KKH only wants 4 students.
there goes my second hospital of choice too.

icing on th cake?
AP says its based on GPA. like wtf.

and then bimb says her GPA is low.
guess i can just go jump off a roof or stay in-house then.

2nd aunt v cute. she says she's gonna hint hint her friend t pick me for KKH SIP.
tsktsktsk. misuse of power siol she. very bad ah. :x

Monday, May 10, 2010

mmic lab today was hilarious.
cause kept laughing at cliff's strep plate smell.
they say it smells damn disgusting.

wayne's face sibei epic. again.
he like his emoticons sia, so many expressions one. :x

anyw, thank goodness for my blocked nose.
cannot smell anything. :D

finally decided t buy tt denim dress i've been aiming for !
took one month to make a decision okay.
cause dont know if wanna risk online shopping. heard so many shit things.
then dont know if i can fit too ! :x

okay la but cause jiawen, ahpok and blonde encouraged me.
and also cause i gave in t temptation. ;p

saw pang unlimited on th way home.
almost didnt see each other cause she was walking in front of me.
i thot it was her but dont dare call, later paiseh. hahah!

but yeah, she recieved her acceptance letter to NTU Chinese alr.
so, congrats pangpang ! i hope you're seeing this ((:
i think it doesnt matter if your course is popular or not.
so long as you have th interest, i believe tt you can excel in th field.

afterall, you're th ever colorful pang unlimited leh ! :D

and suddenly after seeing her i feel like meeting up w EVEpok and buttomFAM for lunch :x

not t mention pb and danicia.
zomg tt green polar bear say labour day meet, meet till he went MIA. !@#$%^
forever liddat one leh !! pangseh until so happy wtf.

nostalgic feelings again? :/

Sunday, May 09, 2010

my black pen died just now.
dropped t th ground + somersaulted arnd.

zomg my aunt and tt blonde were like asking me t arrange proper funeral for it. :O
register, burn, cover w white cloth, etc.
joke sia, ROFL.

then blonde says tt i'm morbid and my course shows it. DD:

Friday, May 07, 2010

had haircut and dyed my hair red, again.
really cannot be jingting if i dont have red hair.
so excited when i saw th colour on my head. LOL

met th rest at expo for project again.
i actually wanted t buy mcspicy on th way.
then decided t save my money. :x

end up feel hungry and almost on th verge of gastric.
then sms ahpok ask him help me buy.
whee, free delivery t expo sia. <3

orh but he was held up,
cause apparently there was an accident at bedok mrt. another suicide i think.
quite sad, and i wonder why cant they install those barrier things sooner.
might have prevented someone from dying. ):

anyw, my mouth hurts like fuck.
zomg i cant even smile properly sometimes. cause v pain.
cannot eat in peace too. open my mouth oso pain.
not t mention when food touches it. DDD:

gonna find my uncle t check on it tmr,
hope its not th wisdom tooth. damn exp t remove you know.
then i heard tt will stay v painful for quite long and can take liquid food nia.

imagine porridge/soup everyday while my temptations are arnd me. wtf.
i can still have tauhuey/mineshine though. heehee not bad.

on a brighter note, ahgong is discharged today! :DD

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

stayed back in school t finish cchem just now.
boss suan me sia. ask me why so late still in sch, doing oltc izzit.
WTFFF. such old history sia.

nvm i think my reply quite epic oso. :D
"updated prog flow, log list, rmb cc eugene, nadiah ah. " LOL.

ahpok bought me dinner today! x]]
ramly burger from th nearby pasar malam.
and just nice when i had th craving.

had rochor tauhuey ytd too~
delivery from boss. super nice of him.
but v bad oso. cause he bought dbbt and open in front of me.
lucky nvr turn reindeer leh.

so shiok, got fulfilling feeling 2 days in a row.
shall see if tmr calls for strawberry cereal mcfluffy anot. :D

first time i didnt visit ahgong since he's been hospitalised.
was actually on th way alr, but aunt called me not t come cause he sleeping soon.
so not used to it sia :x

anyw, he can be discharged soon if everything is okay. yay ((:

random note;
you have such a serious case of split personality disorder,
that i dont think you're even aware of how rude/arrogant is th way you use t treat me.
its quite disgusting actually. and maybe scary to a point.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

just came back from SGH not long ago.
ahgong is more energetic and can eat 1 full bowl of porridge :D

witnessed an accident there.
one of th patients, was being stubborn and wanted t buy food t eat.
i think he was not allowed food or drink bahs.

anyw, he first asked for scissors t cut th drip. mad.
then nurses came over and tried t ask him t sit down.
he scolded them and ask them t call th doctor sia.
"you not doctor, i dont want t talk to you"
then he called his family or smth, happy alr he lie down.

not long later he pulled out his drip forcefully.
th nurse replaced one for him.
thank goodness she was alert enough.

then he stood up after awhile. same nurse went over and stopped him.
ask him where he wanna go, tell him cannot move arnd.
he argue, say he dont owe her money, want t see doctor.

so he was on his feet for quite awhile.
constantly trying t shuffle towards th door.
th nurse removed th drip bag from th stand, and held on t him

he took one step and fell head first on th floor.
th poor nurse couldnt do anything cause he was too heavy t hold and she had t drip bag

panic everywhere, all th nurses rushed to help.
including my 2 aunts. hahah.
he injured his forehead and nose and there was a trail of blood lorhs :x

later on 2 of th relatives came.
they knew tt he was being stubborn alr.
th hospital alr asked if they could secure him t th bed,
but th daughter refused.

kept wondering if they knew his condition,
why didnt they get someone t take care of him?
must they wait till smth serious happens? :x

and i think th worse of all,
was tt th uncle denied everything.
he denied ever argueing with th nurse.
he said tt th nurse tripped him.

how can someone trip you if you're standing in front of th person?
somemore everyone saw what happened.
my ahma can even describe how he stepped and fell :O

Saturday, May 01, 2010

labour day aint a holiday.

spent 6 hours at expo doing all th case-based studies we have.
quite productive despite th fact tt we were joking bahs.
completed mmic and bbank, now left with cchem and haematology.

then jinghui said she'll treat me t subway !! <3
zomg craving for it cause i smell th bread then v tempted. HAHAH.
she came w bowei, aka tom. LOL.

i love th freshly baked oatmeal cookies too !
the side still crispy one leh. :D

visited ahgong with them, tom was v nervous about meeting my family again.
super funny, he cut his hair for them sia.
cause everyone feedback say his cockerel hair cannot pass. LOL!

ahgong says need t be like his standard then can. gg. (:
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