Friday, April 30, 2010

very nearly late for school today, omg.
cause th bloody queue is long !
ended up taking shuttle bus w elora, hahah.
reached 3 minutes before 9am.

poh said elora got improvement, dio praised sia. LOL.

and dont know whats wrong with 69 these days.
peak hours and they dare t release all th old single decks.
then no one they use th double decks.

von bought me HL milk, :DD
awww, cause she wanted t cheer us up. so cute. HAHAH.
but end up make sokleng jealous cause she nvr buy for her. :x

poh's lesson macham briefing.
i think his 10 cent coin comment is th highlight of th lesson.
sibei anti-climax sia. laugh like mad.

cchem lab got cancelled cause equipment spoil.
gg? become 1 hour of lesson only.
nvm, at least give us time t complete MMic case study.

boss came t sch t collect grad gown.
then buy cereal mcflurry for bimb and von.
sia la, his shirt today so revealing sio.
v-neck due t th sunglasses hanging there.

he only realised tt he was flashing his skin when he reached orchard.
and and at th same time he realised tt he forgot abt his beloved durian bbt.

these are all signs tt he's old alr.
but he keeps denying leh. tsktsk.

chanced upon some eyeball tattoo-ing video online.
zomg gross. cause th thing can like drop out of th socket liddat.
cliff see alr give th epic scared face. damn funny, LOL.
wayne's western nearly came out. :x

surprisingly bimb can tahan sia.
i cannot also. anything involving wrist and eyes mutiliation i bth. eeyer.

ended proj at arnd 4 plus, decided t go home and rest.
shunbian cook my own dinner.
creamy tomyam w small red chillies and lime. zomg nice :D
caught up on my episodes of new beginnings also. hahah.

its good t have some time t myself, feel less tired. (:

ahpok met me at tanah merah mrt t send me t SGH. aww!
he quite tired alr, cause go for job interviews at suntec, but still fetch me. :D

haiiyo, feel so bad for neglecting him too.
cause only meet him for a v short while only.
then talk on phone i also fall aslp, wtf :x

hope i wun be so busy with everything soon.
dont wanna be no life, only have projects and assignments t interact with.

and i need retail therapy! DDD:
or maybe just rochor tauhuey <3

Thursday, April 29, 2010

ahgong much better than ytd.
i stayed overnight again, ended up reach sch late.
cause i rmb wrong time uh, lolol.

2nd week of school and everything's alr v hectic.
case studies and reports all over th place.
what more, we're expected t read by ourselves.
lectures only discuss th impt parts.

and tests are based on notes AND what th lecturers say.
zomg la, sometimes their speed is gg one, how t copy ?
i referred t cliff and bimb's notes today, and they took different notes sia.

year 3 is gonna be an especially hard one.

and yet i'm still not feeling th heat as bad as th others.
cause whole week has been running back and forth SGH.
i'm not complaining, but feeling guilty.

for whatever that i am missing out/cannot do for my projects,
cliff wayne bimb have t take up th responsibility.
they understand tt i'm going thru a difficult period, and tell me not t worry.
but still, i feel bad tt i cant share th work w them.

maybe tts why they're feeling fucking stressed
and i am at this point more worried for my ahgong still.

just hoping tt ahgong will get better, for his health's sake
and i can finally do what i am supposed to.
at least share th workload.

seems v unfair t me tt they have t do work while i deal w a family crisis, really.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ahgong went for bronchoscopy today morning.
cause cgh's didnt confirm th type of cancer cells.
complications arose halfway and they had t stop th procedure.

but managed to obtain fluid sample.
so th results were conclusive and confirmed.
advanced stage lung cancer.

so now he's in th high dependency ward for closer observation.
if he's better tmr then can transfer back t normal ward alr.

just have t wait for his lung inflammation t totally clear up before discharging him.

still feeling very tired.
but at least i didnt fall asleep during lectures.
dont know how i can keep this up leh.

got so many things t revise and complete.
totally turned off on food. seriously D:

thanks bimb, wayne and cliff for understanding,
sorry i couldnt do more for th assignments ):

Monday, April 26, 2010

ahgong is in SGH now.
lung inflammation on sunday. okay after an antibiotic jab.
stayed overnight w 3rd aunt to take care of him.

thankfully, he didnt cough at all th whole night. :DD
finally got his well deserved sleep.
cause he's been coughing v badly every night, arnd 3-4am.

hope his good condition keeps up (:

kept falling aslp in sch today, wtf.
MR. alvin poh's monotone voice doesnt help either.
he talks so fast and goes thru th notes equally fast also.

i dont really mind chionging topics la.
but speak abit slower, at least i can copy impt stuff ma. :/

oh yeah. and during apel3 , got free icecream today. LOL.
CP treat us sia. koolwerkz brand. :x

waiting patiently for my pay.
going t dye and highlight my hair red again.
shall do chunky and thin streaks, see nice anot :D

von says tt i not red not happy.
i agree, cause red stays w me for too short a period of time D:
which is why i kinda have a love-hate relationship with it. hahah.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

just got back from lulu's birthday chalet.
another short gathering. hahah.

one epic moment where boss and i had good timing.
laugh like mad omg.

lulu had 2 birthday cakes.
one's really awesome, made by rachael.
th whole thing, complete with icing and decos was made by her.
she has great patience and eye for detail sia. *thumbs up.

and th other 'cake' is slimy and gross.
made especially t sabo lulu one. hahah.
gg he dio a head full of egg and flour and some sauce. :/

left earlier cause i promised my grandma i'd reach before 11pm.
see i so guai sia. :DD
my heart feels very heavy and upset after hearing what my grandfather said.
he knows tt he is old alr, and no longer has th health he used to.
he knows tt we all care for him too.

we're all trying to stay strong for him.
i hope tt he can gain strength from all of us and fight it bravely.

advanced lung cancer. he is only depending on one lung to breathe now..

Friday, April 23, 2010

went jogging with pok today
managed t hit 3 rounds at bedok stadium.
then it rained. ):

after th rest,
ran for 1/2 round and walked 2 rounds.

omgg my stamina sucks now.
cannot pause if not i will feel th strain. D:

shall try t jog every friday, since tts th earliest school ends. 3pm.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

had haematology lab early in th morning today.
supposed t draw blood via venipuncture and finger prick.
mr poh said my vein cannot see. gg cannot volunteer.

end up wayne dio. LOL.
mr poh sucks. he poke wrong site sia. then have t re-poke again.
somemore, he doesnt seem t know where things are located.
keep asking th lab tech t find for him. alvin calling albert LOL LOL

and wayne turned pale as th blood was drawn out.
damn scary, his face white sia. D:

ended classes at 3pm today, printed stuff at comp lab.
omg i brought paper but not my thumbdrive. cannot print.
von says its th 2nd time this week i've done this. )):

origami folding session while waiting for jiajie and von.
sibei random sia ! use th unwanted papers t fold stuff.

wayne fold boat. looks like th baked rice dish. HAHAH.
then fold cranes, lmao wayne forget how t fold, he online search instructions. EPIC.

cliff tried folding lotus. zomg his clsmate aizai.
used t fold many many lotuses then place on table, macham bai guan yin. LOL LOL.

end up everything put tgt,
got this uniquely singaporean inedible plate of crane baked rice w lotus flowers.
plus th barcelona meatball created by bimb.
carry it from comp lab t lib for sokleng. HAHAH.

and saw unexpected guest in th lift.
a bright green DUSTBIN. :x

went k with wayne, cliff, bimb and von . omg awesome. <3
had dinner at subway before tt.

zomg bimb saw this guy w a bandaged head.
and reminded her of her cotton bud joke.

keep laughing more than singing. LOL.
at least i managed t sing all th songs i craved.

sarang heyo still bth though.
this time laugh too much. cause of bimb again.
she thot i want staring match w her siol, LOL.

and cause i realised tt wayne loves t change th lyrics into english ones.
so i recorded it down. :D
tts why von and me were laughing silently and not joining you all. HAHAHAH.

shall post it somewhere. teehee.

jaws are aching from laughing too much today. so are von's. :DD

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

<>happy birthday HO THENG THENG ((:
spent awesome times w her in cambodia. <3
though she keeps scaring us at night w her crazy antics.

scared bimb and von more than me. lucky. ;p

celebrated her birthday at swensens, treat her t a meal. :D
i had mushroom baked rice w lots of cheese and tabasco sauce.
think i shocked jiajie w th amt of cheese i sprinkled.

heh. so much for trying t go on a diet. LOL.

jacq had salmon mushroom baked rice, jiajie took arrabiatta penne.
bimb had chicken mushroom spaghetti. von didnt eat.
SURPRISINGLY, bimb managed t finish everything.
omg what a miracle :O

got theng a firehouse.
she damn zai, one clap and th fire got extinguished.
without her having t blow at all. hahah.

oh,she tried t feed people w th maraschino cherries, LOL.
i dont like though. v artifical. :x

anyw, up till now, i still not v impressed w tm's branch.
cause their service sucks t th max.
and i kinda miss working at T2 leh. hahah.

bimb forced me t eat cereal mcflurry afterwards. omg super stuffed.
though its very nice and reminds me of yogurt :D
but feel v bloated !!

walked arnd for awhile before taking 31 home w bimb. <3

saw some childish fucktards at tm.
omg bth. th way they act is fucking bastard la.
think so highly of himself sia, wtf.

she's not some bloody show for you t bring yr fucking friends t watch and laugh at.
its been 2 years and you still point her out t yr friends?
c'mon la, dont tell me tt you're so naive.
she most definitely is over you, since so fucking long ago.

behave yourself in public pls, you pathetic holy loser. pui.
you're simply shaming yourself by being such an egoistical asshole.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

first day of year 3.
woke up early for class, yet it was cancelled.
10am in school doing nothing, and th next class is at 4pm.
6 hours break.

lucky got bimbo lim.
walk all over th place t slack/have lunch.

go mac, i dunwan eat but she force me t peii her eat smth.
cause she say i look at her eat she feel funny. LOL.
so i chose apple pie, and end up i still stare at her while she's eating her mcwings.

liddat oso happy sia, tsktsk.

walked t cheers cause she wanna buy pokka milk tea.
not cold so nvr buy. LOL.
then next, mensa t meet ahsok, and also for my dory fish <3

heheh, tts why dunwan eat at mac.
cause got my beloved dory :DD

corridor t slack. zomg alot of freshies/noobs sia.
can identify them cause they tend t stick tgt in one pack.
this style will wear off after few weeks/one sem. cfm.

cause afterall, people will tend t seperate into cliques. :/

accompanied dennis t comp lab. omg th aura inside quite wrong. -.-
then bimb went crazy sticking her name on dennis, wayne and von's stuff.
heng nvr try paste on me.

dennis says she macham marking territory :O

blood banking lec. just a briefing abt BMT schedule, and etc.
quite pointless, seeing tt i stayed 6 hrs for tt.
and also, for bloody APEL3.

which kept changing timings so much, but ended up in th original slot. lameshit.

felt abit moody after school. dont know why, tired maybe?
thanks ahpok for cheering me up though. <3

oh, and i'm grped w wayne, cliff, bimb and michelle for bbank work.
i think t choosing quite hilarious.
cause sokleng acted as if wayne broke up w her. LOL LOL

anyw, hoping it doesnt turn out t be a fiasco with th magical m inside. :/

Sunday, April 18, 2010

survived half a day without internet access.
apparently my aunt's SINGTEL broadband connection refuses t connect me.
it doesnt allow my uncle and cousin t connect either.

only th owner's laptop allows her t use. :x

so we all called her selfish. hahah.

welcome back bimbo lim! :D
go school collect gifts tmr. <3

Thursday, April 15, 2010

woke up at 1pm today but still felt v blur. like nvr wake up properly liddat.
totally lack sleep sia, super tired.

met pok, slacked awhile before sending him off at city hall.
he apparently was going t meet friends t buy present.
end up they bought it before he reached. LOL!

oh, and i bumped into von when i was leaving eastpoint.
more like i smacked her w wrapping paper. HAHAH. :D

then went t dhoby t meet boss. 40mins early. damn.
stoned and listened t music. bloody shit wanna go sing k!!
craving v strong now.

but i guess with such a fucked up sem timetable i can forget it.
every morning is lab/tut. CANNOT BE LATE ON MY LIFE.
and 4 out of 5 mornings i have t face my beloved CP.

and breaks are one hour only !!
how t have mensa dory fish sia DD:

okay anyw, went parkmall t have dinner buffet at sakae. :DDDD
eugene and nic joined us later on.
actually nic is impromptu one, last minute come along. lols!

i had 3 cups, finally exeeded tt 2 only curse.
and it wasnt runny/mushy!

though it still took v long. walao waiting time drive people crazy leh, 1 hr plus.
gene say too bad he wearing NS uniform, if not cfm kp th manager. :O

decided t have rochor tauhuey.
yes i was feeling bloody full and i risked breaking curfew, but cannot resist la :D
mother in good mood ma.
then von and sok there leh. :x

basically, cannot resist rochor tauhuey. <3

walked back t dhoby. boss keep tempting me t go k. :x
and eugene had a whole road full of cabs t pick him up. LOL.
super epic. hahah.

mrt-ed home and i am now super tired. D:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ahsai had a one night stand with her history textbook.
slept with th book to hope tt she can pass th test. :O

extremely tired after work!
needs a massage. omg. neck/back v suan. D:

bought 4D today, missed consolation prize by one number _l_.
1611, ended up 5611. damn.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

happy birthday xunxiang boss, aka ACT cute boy.
glad tt i was assigned t work w you last year :D
if not, could nvr have scammed my bimbo friend for 1&1/2 months. rongrong ^^
thanks for gossips and bitching abt tefal too. best.

yeah and tempting me with mineshine/rochor tauhuey/mcspicy. :x

work today and tmr.
cannot believe last week of holidays still have t work. )):
thot can slack at home and rot or go out and become broke.

neither have we went clubbing properly. bleh.
cliff still wanted t go at least once before sch reopen sia.
and i havent gone on a mad shopping spree yet!!

holidays nvr seem long enough. D:

went CGH ytd w aunts and dad, t accompany my ahgong for checkup.
according t th doctor, its not very good.
he has t go back tmr for CT scan and friday for biopsy.
going t accompany him on friday so tt he wun feel scared abt it.

really v emo abt th situation.
but we're all trying t stay positive t make him feel better.
cause he doesnt know anything yet.
and we dont want him to worry before th diagnosis is out.

life is really fragile, but like my aunt said.
what we can do, is t accompany him more, th best we can.
and create memories tt we can keep.

had dinner w almost th whole family at lagoon.
hahah, one pavillion 4 tables, we took up 3 tables. :D
went parkway later on t buy stuff.

and and later on at th arcade, managed t scoop a carebear ! <3
my aunts are addicted t th scoop toys thingy. hahah.
3rd aunt managed t kiap a pink one w rainbow rays and a heart on its tummy. on th 2nd try. AND SHE GAVE IT T ME :DD

awesome, now i have 3 of them.
a friend bear, a white one idk what name, and th hopeful heart bear.
<3 carebears. :D

edit: just found out tt th white one is th 25th anni bear.
just tt mine is th pirated edition. cause no official stamp on its feet. LOL LOL.
but somehow i think th pirated one looks more like original leh.
see th link's one. look so not carebear. th feel not right. ;x

or maybe all th carebears i own/seen are all fake. x.x

edit edit: i know alr. those i own are all th classic ones.
the new ones all look fatter and different. :x

kkays random enough alr, shall go sleep soon if not tmr die.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

today morning/afternoon, i woke up and saw 2 smses.

levon teo: i'm drinking mineshine
xunxiang: eh. mineshine got can one sia.

so coolzxz. remind me of my beloved addiction th moment i wake up. :D

Saturday, April 10, 2010

escape theme park w ahpok today.
third time i've been there in my life, and i doubt there'll be a fourth.
cause th park is getting worser everytime.
alot of th rides have been removed, its like a big open space only.

highlights of th place?
pirate ship, and th go-karts. and maybe th water rides.
pathetic ? yes.

predict tt it'll die after 2 years.

went mac, and i didnt crave for mcspicy. wanted t try t cinnamon melts ma (:
see ah, cause i scared its too sweet then i cannot finish.
my tolerance aint tt high for sugar. :x

end up hor, actually not bad leh !
finished alr then feel tt it reached my limit. just nice sia.
i bet jh will like it more than i do, since her sweet tooth is better.

walked back t white sands and walked arnd before gg home. :D

Friday, April 09, 2010

went out w ahpok today, was late :x
NYP to hand in his letter of reservation. he v kiasu la ! hahah.
then walked arnd orchard, and had rochor tauhuey :DD

since i'm not gonna have mcspicy for 1 month i might as well have tauhuey (:

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

accompanied ahok t nyp for his enrolment package collection.
v NOT impressed by their organisation.

suddenly love tp very much
cause they mailed everything t my hse and i didnt have t run there :x

place was an absolute mess, crowded w people and we didnt know where t queue.
approached this woman and asked her where t collect
she directed us t this guy in black.

he was explaining th whole damn booklet t this girl who's super auntie and keeps asking qns.
i trust tt she's actually old enough t read th instructions THEN clarify.
but noooo, she asked everything, from step 1 to 9.

and then she really v auntie cause she exclaims loudly at everything he says.
"wahh so expensive ah!"
"wahh so far leh th clinics!"

bth wait 15 mins for th whole explaination.
THEN another 10 mins for other people who asked him qns.

and then, i kid you not, th guy says we have t go back t th counter and just fill in name.
other people will get th package for ahpok. -.-

omg wanted t strangle people on th spot.

ahpok wanted t ask abt reservation, cause he cannot be deferred.
the guy say need enlistment letter w ORD date and payment of 1st sem fees.

found it quite weird tt they shld ask for fees when he has 2 years of waiting t go.
okay nvm, maybe they needed as a gurantee or what.

turns out tt th guy is crap.
official instructions are DO NOT PROCEED WITH PAYMENT OF SCH FEES.
in big bold black letters inside th booklet.

did i mention tt i love tp? (:

went for lunch at CPF mac.
or as ahsok likes t call it, romantic mac. dont understand why though :x
shared double mcspicy. this time its satisfying :DD

slacked, bus-ed back t bedok and i went back t gmother's hse for dinner. ((:

Monday, April 05, 2010

got woken up by dad at 9am in th morning.
omg he ask me go work cause mum not feeling well.
crawled back t bed t sleep for another precious 2 hrs.

stunned when i saw someone in an orange shirt walk in.
turns out t be jinghui's tom, aka stickboy. LOL LOL. :D

my morning so many surprises alr, omg. exciting sia.

when i reached workplace i saw my mum v energetic.
as opposed t 'lying w her head on th table and having a massive headache'
AND DAD WAS SMILING OMG WTF. did i get scammed ?!

turns out panadol is her elixer. walao so effective siol.
though still got slight giddyness. but i still feel slightly scammed. :x

helped out for awhile, then met ahpok at bugis mrt.
went bedok library t find my series and finish them at one shot.
now all th undead series i can find is w me. teehee.

shared w ahpok. not v satisfied cause th burger isnt v warm. not hot at all ):
thank goodness for th shaker fries though.
at least nvr make me think tt a non-mcvalue lunch meal aint worth it.

decided t walk from bedok inter t my hse cause v full.
end up i randomly thot of going t bimb's hse t scare/surprise her. LOL
i went t th wrong floor at first omg. 13 storey, then i stunned cause door different. :x

anyw her mum like stunned liddat.
and then tt bimbo see me she excited until she jumps. HAHAH.

gossiped and laughed and whatever.
omg going t miss tt bimbo for th next 12 days sia.
she sibei kiampa, dont let us see her off cause dunwan us t go out celebrate w/o her.
where got such thing sia !

and and she tried t sneak greentea into her luggage but failed.
cause her mother niam her, LOL LOL.
shall mms green tea photos t her / sms her if i'm drinking . :DD

green tea waiting for you when you come back aye.
so is milk green tea.
and milk tea.
and ME. LOL. i still dont love you. :D

Saturday, April 03, 2010

after bragging abt posting everyday t ahsai, i felt so exhausted ytd tt i missed a post. LOL!

met up w ziq, naz, ahpok and ahsai ytd after work.
dinner tgt at simpang chicken rice. LOL!
actually quite funny. cause make ziq run all th way t bedok for chicken rice :x

and ahsai got hooked onto th green mango salad .
she like craving for it so much tt i thot she was pregnant. key's? ;p

slacked for awhile at some playground.
there were swings !!
love swings, nowadays playgrounds dont have them alr.
actually, playgrounds dont look like it used t be.
they look bloody 'high-tech' until i dont know how t play.

and they break easier too.
th one below my hse has been reduced t only a trampoline and a whirly looking thing. -.-

OKAY anyw. relive childhood memories <3
naz went t hide ahpok's shoes in th sand. lol lol.
then tt ahsai noob sia omg. dont know how t swing high high.
and keep screaming when ziq pushes her. HAHAH.

i think best part is still laughing at th man in boxers and his dog.
everytime see him me and ahsai just go laughing fit siol.

short gathering, but quite relaxing ((:
hope we can meet up more w ziq sia !

havent seen him for 3 months, and during tt he missed chalet cause misfire rifle omg.
he's like chocolate brown now and eating lots of curry noodle. LOL.

work was as usual today,
saw 2 gross events.

one. an indian guy w a cheena zharbor.
omg flirting openly and hugging at th table. wtf disgusting.
v v v v v desperate pls.

though i cant help wondering if they WERE t have offspring.
would he/she become a toufu-loving impatient baby? LOL LOL.

two. this family of a mother and her 2 daughters.
fucking hell omg th 2 of them sit at th table macham they suffering/getting tortured sia.
looking all prim and proper and delicate wtf.
like its v gross t be seen there -.-

and th worst thing is tt, one of them was bloody rude t th mother
cause i could see her rolling her eyes and practically 睁大眼睛瞪 her . bth.

okay i sound like i v kaypoh at work sia. :x

Thursday, April 01, 2010

woke up today w really painful shoulders.
my price t pay for a nice tan is sunburnt skin. D:

its like, lobster red and hurts when anyone/anything touches it.
even when i try t lift my arms i go ow. ):

went shopping at bugis street w bimb. finally !
haul of th day; necklaces, a gray top and a white dress.

at first we were quite disappointed cause many of th stores at 2nd floor was closed.
12.30pm still closed, then we thot they renovating or smth.
only managed t buy necklaces. so emo siao.

and when i'm emo i tend t eat.
bimb had apple pie and th new cereal mcflurry.
which is quite nice cause its sour and slightly sweet. shall try it next time (:

decided tt shopping wasnt shuang enough, so we headed back again.
end up omg all th 2nd floor stores miraculously open!
okay so we're noob cause we didnt know tt they open so late. :x

so yeahs, managed t buy smth we liked.
but actually, i targeted t buy shorts and flats.
turned out either too exp or not nice. nvm lo.

met ahpok and sent bimb off.
went city hall cause i had a craving for donut fac !
v long nvr eat alr, and i miss th spicy cheese/orange white choco. <3

walked arnd for awhile before heading back.
tts when i got fucking pissed at some gorilla in everlast tee!
has chunky arms and looks huge,
obviously th product of fat guy discovering he's fat and pumping iron furiously.

overheard him talking, he was bitching abt this girl in a racerback tank.
" whats tt hanging on tt girl sia, like some big X on her back.
no money buy clothes izzit. must be cause they spend it all on bags. "
bloody hell rolled my eyes.

but the guy, bloody hell went behind her, and was making some upward swiping action.
cause she was wearing really short shorts.
and he was imitating pulling her shirt up !!

seriously no respect for girls, i was cursing and swearing at him non-stop.
from citylink t mrt LOL LOL.

i know guys do comment on girls, duh.
but fuck sia he's so fugly and passes such stupid comments.
swaggering and trying t impress his friends.
i swear tt if he was MY friend i would have slapped him silly cause he's embarassing me.

noob until dont know whats a racerback, and call it NOT ENOUGH MATERIAL.
WTF then what's he wearing, an undersized super tight shirt which shows oozing fats?
no money buy larger size tee. aww still bitch so loud.

not gentleman nvm, dont even know how t be half a human.
go cut gorilla arms off and wear a larger tee please. buang siao fatass.
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