Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i'm feeling bored, so i shall blog :D

i hardly ever just post to randomly ramble.
maybe its cause mapleee undergoing server and i dont feel like going audition. =/

-random thingy no.1-
mini zkm smsed me at 6:48am today morning.
"i cant get to slp; i've been tossing and turning the whole night"

thats a shock, cuz he is a professional piggy whose wakeup time is 2pm. no kidding.

what could i do? call him while in a semi-comatic state and try to get him to slp.
" hug your bolster, close your eyes and K.O"
in given conditions, thats about the best advice i could give, x.x

he did get to slp, at 7:35am. so did i. x)

-random thingy no.2-
i miss dancing.

that might be weird to say, seeing that i've just changed my blog add. x.x
but really, seriously.

i miss the energy of moving tgt with the music.
i miss the flow of movement.
i miss moving across the stage.
i miss the fun of rehearsing with gayshits.
i miss the warpaint i get to scrape off.
i miss the glittery sequiny costumes liao laoshi made us wear. okay, abit not. ;x

i miss dance.

-random thingy no.3-
since i'm too lazy to sms. here's a recruitment drive from ASc.
its for TP open house; we need people to bring students arnd AS to show them around.

Job scope of an AGUIDES: Ushering the secondary school students to our 5 booths and to make the students feel welcome. There will also be mass gathering of all the guides from different schools to create the RA-NESS atmosphere.
aka cheering + enthu-ness required ;D

people intrsted, please sms me your details! 91594840
*name. admin no. course and care grp. shirt size.

`AS students only
`LOA provided for successful applicants.
`awarding of SEAL points
must be free on 25th october, saturday

-random thingy no.4-
i feel random. =/

Monday, September 29, 2008

went for another volunteer thingy at the siglap CC
supposedly a lantern festival children's party.
but doesnt anyone rmb that lantern fest was like 2 weeks ago? x.x

anyway, went with jazz, minyu and pangpang.
very long since i've caught up with them!
they finished their promos alr, hopefully we can go out soon. :D


mini lollipop. cute seh ;D
camwhore photos with jazzzz :Dgroup peeekture. :D

pangpang got into an unglam situation!
cuz, there was this rat / mouse running over,
and she happened to NOT be wearing her shoes.

pang unlimited jumped to her feet barefooted; standing on the garden seat ._.

my aunt just got back from her trip to canada.. and she got us presents! ;DD
i got a white embellished tee and a box of GODIVA DARK CHOCOLATES. whee wheet.

watched F1 night race. wows, most dramatic ever.
i aint a fan; but i happened to have watched previous races before.
hardly ever saw 3 crashes and a unattached fuel hose, LOL.

seriously seh. massa suey until cannt suey.
1st dropped to last, reversed into wall and caused someone else to crash.
tsktsk. wonder what was on his mind at those times. =/

ASc orientation sub-org meeting at 11am.
i reached at 10:58am. ~.~

copied down lots of stuff; namely the details and departmental stuff.
dont know why, i was put under OLTC instead of being assigned a departmental role.
well. it may be fun, training the OLs. x)

but, IF given a choice.
i would take cheers and amazing race. =x

-offically, im fasting for today and tommorrow-
peii mini zkm, lalalala. ;)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

went for my dad's cousin's son's wedding ytd.
thats such a long string of relations ; i didnt have any idea how to address them!

jh forced me into wearing a skirt ._.
only 5 people are capable of that!
mini zkm, shirleeeee and sok, jh, my mum.

ohs, and jh got scammed by me again! teehee.
the restaurant was somewhere near paya lebar; where there was alot of malay bazaars.
she was expecting a hotel, so she got blur when she didnt see one in we got into the carpark.
i told her " oh, the wedding is in one of the tents; its a chinese-malay wedding"

she believed me. =="

camwhore photos!

ahh, jh and the cute lil vampire cousin of mine.
depending on the occasion, i guess wearing skirts might be okay.
but people! dream on if you hope i'll wear skirts as a daily outfit. ;p

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

10 monthniversary :D
and i still cant believe you'd ask me if i'm bored ! tsktsk. ;p

went plaza sing , watched wall-e ! best animation film ever, xDD
wall-e is like freaking cute uhs, along with the cockroach.
i dont think mini zkm agrees with that though =/
srsly, wall-e and eva had to go thru so much.
but they're so cute tgt ! makes it all worthwhile.

baby, you're the best part of my lifee~ <3
hearts mini zkm!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

emotional wreck ystrday night. rawrrs.
thanks mini zkm, for helping me get thru it. <33

i forgot to mention that i've watched 4bia !
went on sunday, with mel and jh.
at first planned to go e hub, but it was too far for mel and timing was abit late.
in the end, we went causeway point for the movie.

i know seems its far for US.
but we were going to my grandma's hse after, which is just there.
ahhh whatever.

anyways. the ticket lady asked for our identification, cuz its NC16
me and mel happy happy take out ezlink card.
jh even better, woahs, take IC orh!
she was probably trying reverse psychology on the lady or whatever, hoping she wun check.
which... didnt work. but she let us pass anyway.

the movie was like 4 short stories ; phone. black magic. camping. planes.
all were bloody and gory enuf , except for the 3rd one.
wahahs, that was damn hilarious instead.

compared to body#19, i thot that this was scarier due to its many sudden scenes.
body#19 had even more blood and gore than this, with all the cutting and wires and ...
lets just say it was a bloodfest.
this one , is more of a screamer.

verdict. thai horror movies are the BOMB. xDD

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i got back 2 kinds of results today!

firstly. my end semester results.
i dont know if its considered good, but i'm fairly happy cuz i passed EVERYTHING.
yes everything, including biochm. whoots.

its my little tradition to display my results, no matter gd or bad.

OC1. C+
MSt1 B+

only oc1 tears my heart. sobs.
and shirlee, wahseh aizai. she got 4 As!
now awaiting soktheng's results; she ought to do very well. she works hard lehs! ;DD

secondly. ASc subcomm selections.
soktheng and me officially got in, so did hwa leong.
happy and disappointed at the same time, cuz shirlee didnt get in.

it was supposed to be a go-for-it-tgt thing. =/
shirlee, appeal appeal? ;x

over such a little thing , something big had to happen.
im sick of it, so sick.

Monday, September 08, 2008

updates for camp !
it was tiring but fun; the last thing on my mind was if i managed to get in.
no stress man. ;DD

1st day was sunburn day !
yes, i got sunburnt. whoo.
according to my sis's tuition tcher,
immachocolateybrowncolour. xD

out of 80 shortlisted, 43 showed up ! x_X
my group was small, only 6 people.
rahimi, abjad, melvin, szejie.
coincidentally all were from BMS except melvin; ChE
sok was with me :DDD
shirlee was with another grp, but had hua leong and jovan as her grp mates.

hmm, weird uh. so fated? hahas.

we were given like 4 tasks
- DETAILED proposal for organising freshmen orientation
- build a light/flag stand
- field cooking ! for the grp + FAs.
- plan a performance for entertainment night :D

the proposal was like !@#$%, shall not mention much.
only thing i rmb, there were ALOT of details, we didnt have time.
and, melvin was totally high cuz he kept asking qianbian qns. LOL

light stand both of us couldnt do much, cuz we had NO IDEA!
so, we made the prettyaye flag instead, hahas.
i almost sprayed sok's shoes yellow ;p

there's rahimi beside the flag. nice pout, LOL

field cooking was funnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
campbell soup and maggi mee + sardine. hahas

apparently the FAs forgot abt can openers, we almost resorted to forks.
then, we approached the design canteen !
hahas, that was a stroke of genius.
successfully opened the cans, but in a sneaky way ;P

ahh, thats me and sok camwhoring ;D
even in camp, it doesnt end.

performance night !
we put up this 'silent show' abt being direct, LOL.
its like a bus stop scene, where this guy at the far end likes the girl at the other end,
so he tries to do stuff for her, eg. passing down tissue when she's sneezing, etc.
but ! there's this 'bastard' next to her who keeps taking advantage of the situation
in the end the girl leaves with him instead.

great plot written by rahimi, hahas !
but, we didnt have time to rehearse once, everything was done impromptu.
plus our balloons kept popping ._.
didnt use them in the end, but they still scared shirlee ! hahas.

oh, thats jovan. his legshaking skills are superb.

thats 1/2 the pile of presents we won for best cheer!
we shared the rest ;DD

couldnt slp even after lights out, so we camwhored !
there is ALOT. ;DD

thats the dam freak most unglam faceshot. hahas ;D
seen me with my specs on before? ;DD
probitas and dilligensia combined~!
aka dilligentsia. hahas.
thats the original probitas, with mama rachel and papa jordan!
i didnt make that up. *hands up*

Monday, September 01, 2008

updates, just like i promised.
*jazz! you nvr send me the table derhs! =x

hellos, immateacher ;D
the damnfuck mirror which says ' demonstrate respect for .... "
total bullshit. _l_
plus pangpang! ;D
went to have a much needed haircut on saturday!
cut fringe, trim ends.
jh went octopus! hahas.
shiro and her foooood!
joke understooded by vestige only. xD
she murders her cousin! *gasp*
the body bites back ;D
he's adorable aites. ;D
dearest toot. xD
we tried making mac and cheese , looked horrible at first.
my uncle thot we were trying to burn his kitchen!
masterpiece !
ahhh. beautiful aites. drawn by jinghui :D

word of mention.
me and jh passed by mini zkm's hse while on the way to buy stuff
he came to the window just to wave , xD
and... he could hear jh's laughter 2 streets away, where we were standing

now i understand why her friends suggest buying her a dvd instead of watching a comedy tgt.
tsk tsk. ;D
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