Sunday, August 18, 2013

mix and mash - of notds, friends and food.

NOTDs ahead !
yes i'm a nail polish addict and it probably wont be going away any time soon.

subtle red and white themed nails for national day. 

the not so subtle NDP themed nails i did for my aunt.
super detailed and crazy of me but i loved it. 

purple x pink owls i did for bimb ! hoot hoot ~

doing manicures are really therapeutic.
nails have become a mini canvas for me to unleash my creativity.
and i love the final step of applying top coat and sealing the artpiece. :D


other than nails, the other love of my life would be fooood.
took time during the long public holidays to prepare breakfast with jh,
who turns out to be a Gordon Ramsay, LOL.
not just in terms of cooking ability, but the drama too. HAHAHA.

eggs benedict with homemade hollandaise sauce and sauteed mushrooms and potatoes.
sooooo freaking awesome, until chuanjie licked his plate clean. like really licked LOL.

salmon sous vite with sauteed potatoes.

commercial break, featuring the super adorable baby fishball.


went to sing k with my favourite singing kakis ! 
missing out ahsok cause she's kinda broke hahaha. woes of a student but that wont last long ;p
finally finally signed up for the KALA card after much encouragement from von hahahah.
by encouragement i meant nagging. :B

gonna miss our singing sessions when bimb goes HK ):

#ootd : 
the tinsel rack's accordion chiffon top in sunshine yellow
 cobalt blue shorts from bkk which are mad comfy.


met up with my sec school clique to celebrate minyu's birthday!
glad to have been able to catch up with them :D

went to Nakhon's Kitchen, a Thai eating place cause we've heard so much about it.
partially cause i was missing thailand's food, omg cant wait for sept's trip !

clear tom yam soup.
everyone said that its super spicy but it was only spicy for me.
incorrigible chilli queen. :D
the worst chilli is still ayam penyet ria's, which caused me gastric pain wtf.

pineapple fried rice ! 
love the pork floss and the raisins.
didnt find this in bangkok surprisingly, 
and i heard that its because its not authentic Thai cuisine 
OR its not from central Thailand.
i never knew that. :x

minced pork with hot basil leaves.

pandan chicken.
must try, and eat with the sweet/spicy sauce ! 
totally complements and highlights the taste.
omg om nom nom.

Green curry chicken
one of my favourite dishes in Thai cuisine,
cause its got that unique blend of flavors.
and this bowl happened to have the prettiest green i have ever seen so far :D

pad thai !
loved the one i had at Thailand more.
*squeezes extra lemon*

group photo! 
jazz cant be seen clearly in the right photo, 
cause apparently she's shy/scared face looks big. LOLOL.

overall, i think Nakhon Kitchen was good, but it wasnt freaking awesome either.
based on the many reviews for its main stall, what i had was paling in comparison.
maybe its cause i visited the bedok branch but i'm not totally convinced.

only the pandan chicken, pineapple rice and green curry was satisfying.
the thai milk tea was the ultimate disappointment if you ask me,
because it tasted more like 旺仔牛奶 with extra condensed milk :x

plus, the queue is quite long so you cant really sit down and chat either.
another downside is that they keep blasting thai rock songs so its kinda noisy.

if you'd ask me, i would choose ah loy thai over this.

Nakhon Kitchen (Bedok Branch)
Blk 136 Bedok North Ave 3, #01-166
Singapore 460136

Friday, August 16, 2013

幸福不难 - 龚芝怡

我好想脱下身上的盔甲 好好呼吸一下

人总会有悲伤, 狂欢,离别和沮丧
经过了才算 学会坚强

带我飞翔, 到个安全的地方
幸福不难, 就在前方

你的力量 , 是无止境的温暖
幸福不难, 就在前方


人总会有悲伤, 狂欢,离别和沮丧
经过了才算 学会坚强

带我飞翔, 到个安全的地方
幸福不难, 就在前方

你的力量 , 是无止境的温暖
幸福不难, 就在前方


志在四方's theme song, which really reached out to me.
we all need courage to get through life's trials and tribulations. (:

幸福不难, 就在前方

Sunday, August 11, 2013

裂缝中的阳光 - 林俊傑

被懂的痛 只能沉默

有多少的寂寞 无人诉说
有多少次的梦 还没作 已成空

等到黑夜翻面之后 会是新的白昼
等到海啸退去之后 只是潮起潮落
别到最后你才发觉 心里头的野兽

心脏没有那么脆弱 总还会有执着
人生不会只有收获 总难免有伤口
不要害怕生命中 不完美的角落

每个逐渐暗下来的夜 一起走过

等到黑夜翻面之后 会是新的白昼
等到海啸退去之后 只是潮起潮落
别到最后你才发觉 心里头的野兽

心脏没有那么脆弱 总还会有执着
人生不会只有收获 总难免有伤口
不要害怕生命中 不完美的角落

不如就勇敢打破 生命中的裂缝

live the way you want, but at the same time, 
know that the world doesnt only consist of you.

feeling much better now that some things are cleared up. (:

Monday, August 05, 2013

farewell and goodbye.

finally a full clique outing with everyone present.
gonna be the last one because i dont plan on planning one anymore. ever.

simply because i'm tired of doing it,
sick of feeling a mix-mash of heartache and bitterness.
something i no longer want to explain.
everyone is moving on,
so there's no point in me staying.
i dont know how to face this act anymore anyway.

maybe one day we'll meet again, but no thanks for now.
i'm happy enough with who i may have.

thanks for the memories though, i'd still take it to my grave.

chilling at timbre @ the arts house.

half and half pizza, ft. smoked duck and seafood.
which was really the reason i came.

our song dedication, which took forever to come on. 


group photo.




on to happier stuff.
met up with wara and elora, who's finally back after 3 years!
really long awaited, hahah.

had an awesome time just hanging out and talking.
still remember how we disliked each other soooo much in the past.
all cause mariam was talking shit about us,
and later everyone exposed her to be a fake.
epic epic poly year one drama LOL.

so glad fate eventually brought us together in the end.
what's meant to be, indeed will be (:

elora still looks as sexy as ever. hahahah! 

super rich tai-tai wara.
her current job is so awesomely tempting, 
makes me feel like quitting :x

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