Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i know i'm still madly deeply and truly in love with you, ONLY YOU.
you have me by your side, always. :D

*walking day* v v v tired, with aching feet!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

school started at 11am today! which meant that i didnt kill myself. ;p
although from 7plus onwards,
it was an endless cycle of disturbed sleep; wake up, nap, wake up, nap. ><

overall, the day was alright.
CSAS2 for first lesson, where we had to introduce ourselves and all.
smth happened which made my ears go red, but you aint gonna hear abt it. :D

Jap tutorial was fun! turns out that waranya was in my class.
apparently we're the only 2 from A8G3? lawls.
anyway. my tutorial tcher's SANAE SHIGETA.
she's damn cute luh, her voice and expressions. x)

learning jap pronouncation was okay; felt abit like kindergarten phonics :x
and i kept saying the silent u ! ><"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

officially the last day of holidays!
hmm, i dont actually know if i'm looking foward to school.

the new timetable sucks, all so many holes in btwn cuz of 1 hr breaks all over the place.
there's BMic lab, which doesnt alternate. ><
AND most tutorials are at the end of the day! which means no skipping classes, T_T

but on the other hand,
i've got japanese and freehand drawing as my CDS, which i'm quite looking foward to.
and i miss camwhoring and talking to sok and shirlee alrdy!

oh wells. let's just hope i wun wake up late tml. ;x

went shopping for a DRESS just now, for my uncle's wedding in nov.
apparently me and jh have to usher guests or smth, so...
iheartsmybluedress :D

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

realised i didnt update for class chalet. lawls.
my class booked aloha loyang garden terrace I again ._.

ps; its the same one as 4L chalet last yr and 2j chalet the yr before. x.x

anyways. reached there late and left there early.
which is weird. cuz every single chalet i nvr reach home on time / lie just to stay over. ><
but no mood i guess, was feeling v tired and stressed out.

wells. at least i got to spend time with sok and shirlee.
they've been busy with work and all that, plus our kbox plans keep getting pushed ! *rawrs*

im lazy to post photos. plus. there're some not approved by sok yet, no permish to post. ;p

Friday, October 10, 2008

life's a bitch.
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