Sunday, August 29, 2010

looking forward t th end of ramadan !
then can finally have lunch during work.
cause these days we're always trying out new places but i cant D:

th sacrifices i make. tsktsk :x

finally got t try out ishi mura, th jap foodstreet. heheh.
with boss, bimb, cliff and ahpok.

omelette rice w chicken katsu curry and miso soup. total $6.50.
actually wanted chawanmushi too but then sold out wtf.

wont say th food is really tt nice, cause th omelette tasted bland.
and i think my curry was much nicer. HAHA.
but dessert was awesome !!!

green tea snow ice w chocolate and strawberry. <3

i didnt know it was green tea flavoured snow ice till we saw th guy take out a green block.
cause picture showed otherwise. =/
became really excited instead and i managed t finish my half. heheh.
th matcha taste balances th syrup, and its hershey chocolate sauce anyway ((:

so much for being scared tt its too sweet.

took quite long t eat cause was chatting and by th time we left th shops were closing.
doesnt really make a diff though.
cause city sq mall really nth t shop except to eat crazy foods.

and bimb commented tt th building structure was, "wowwww. so.. weird."
laughed at her for being anti-climax ttm.

woke up in quite a bad mood, shall not elaborate.
in th first place she do wrong and i nvr scream at her, yet she dares t attitude me wtf.

and tt i miss liza. dreamt of her again, telling me tt arlene quit and asked her t come back.

anyw me and blonde were quite random. saw this recipe online and decided t try it out.
right before i was gonna meet bimb for mcspicy LOL!!
it turned out fucking nice and i wanna make it again !

potato, bacon, hotdog and tomato mash is simply an awesome breakfast.
sinful but really comfort food.

and i still had mcspicy cause bimb niammed at me. :x
chatted for quite awhile before deciding t go town for our shopping.

a pair of electric blue flats. denim corset belt w NO FRILLS YAY.
and a pair of really comfortable dark blue jeans from forever21.
damage to my wallet is $37.50.

all i need is a top and its whole set of clothes liao heheh.

then had dinner at bedok simpang!
bimb hasnt been there since 2 years ago, and th last time she had prata was 1 yr. LOL.
we ordered more food than what me and ahpok would order la ! unbelievable.

a 2 hours dinner with gossip and chit-chat <3

met von after her work, since she was meeting friends there as well. heheh.
continue gossiping, but then incomplete cause have t go alr.

reached home at 12 plus, a happy person ((:

Monday, August 23, 2010

17.08.10, a meetup for kbox after work !
with jazz minyu and ruiting ((:

finished work at 6pm and yet still earlier than them. tsktsk !
but they bought koi milktea for me ! so yay forgiven. LOL.
kinda stupid of me t ask 'where's koi' at th counter though :x

first time singing k with ruiting. wahh she got alot of classics which are not bad sia !
动力火车, HAHAH mai siao siao.
and we went high with english/ kpop songs by dancing t it.
bo bian la, dont know how t sing ma. heheh.

camwhored in th toilet w jazz, and at bus stop w th rest.
walao th lighting no good and flash oso not v nice.
nvm next time outing take more photos. (:

bus-ed home with ruiting and chatted.

quite a short outing, but really brings back all th memories from ahs tt i actually enjoy <3
camwhoring in th school's toilet/walking back from ahs after dance.
just tt th location's different. :3

18.08.10 - 21.08.10, family outing t KL/genting
with grandparents, all three aunts and one uncle, his wife, cousin jj and ethel, and blonde!
visited my grandaunt and uncle in KL, stayed at berjaya times square for one night.
genting for th next 2 nights heheh.

berjaya is a shopper's heaven i swear.
one day definitely not enough t shop one lorhs ! so many storeys and sections of shops !

and there was massive sales in malaysia, so awesome !!
killed most of my wallet at thefaceshop cause discounts were simply th bomb.
some products 1/4 price of singapore's. bloody dont know how they do tt.

and thats only day 1 and a half. :B

genting was more boring in terms of shopping.
didnt really buy anything much except ahpok's shirt and a belt.
and presents for dad, mum, jx and ahgong <3

but i did get t spend time with th family more.
cause not running arnd trying t finish shopping ma. HAHAH.

love my family cause we're fucking bonded in th face of both calmity and happiness <3

23.08.10. back from my holidays and back to histo as well (:
saw many intrsting things while assisting pathologists!
i think th month ahead will be damn coolzxzxzx.

but sad thing is, just when i thought can gossip w bimbo lim in th morning alr,
my working hours changed back t 9am-6pm again !
sad max for me cause no empty train either. D:

dinner with ahpok at simpang bedok. fucking hungry at tt time !
cause i only had a sugar-free frozz and 1 cup of water in th morning.
and my last meal was at 7pm th day before.

basically running on my storage of carbs :x

now still bloody hungry despite th cheese thosai, 2 xiaolongbaos and 1/2 choco tissue prata.
craving for hot soup!!! D:

Monday, August 16, 2010

gonna do a short post before i sleep !
and omggg i hate doing LMQA. sick of th words accreditation and certification now. -.-

i know you keep dropping by my blog like nobody's business.
but what about your own blog huh !!
last year's september 30th say updating soon. till now still havent see a fullstop wtf.

anyw, 5 years since i've known you.
and you still havent stopped pangseh-ing me pls. its time to stop!

if not next year's birthday karma might be worse than HFMD heheh.

sadly this is gonna be last time we can celebrate confidently on a 16th.
cause ahpok's going NS next month and there's no gurantee he can always get out. D:

so we went MAD JACK cafe at simpang, after work ((:
i like th service there ! not yet comparable t PDW at heeren but they're still v thoughtful.

cause when we reached it was abt 6 plus going 7.
then ahpok hasnt ordered yet.

they offered him red dates t break fast. so nice of them t do tt !
*fyi red dates are like their traditional food for buaka puasa.

and i guess they were quite curious about us,
cause this waiter asked if both of us were fasting. HAHAH.

ordered cheese fries, honey lemon grilled fish for me and chicken & fries for ahpok.
not because i didnt eat for a day, but its really nice.

th amt of cheese + mayo is really generous lorhs. can bua th fries throughly.
th fries also awesome cause its a mix of normal fries and wedges-type fries.
like popeyes fries la ! hahah. *DOES TEEKO FACE AT AHSAI*
and th rice which came along with my fish is mushroom fried rice. :D

worth going back there again, and i'm gonna try th grilled fish w cream sauce!
UNLESS i get t eat mensa dory fish before tt. DD:

slacked at our usual playground before he sent me home. <3

i still wish on th stars, as they fall from above.
cause i still believe, believe in love (:

Sunday, August 15, 2010

movie with bimb, cliff, ahpok and mentor cheechew. ((:

SALT, at century shaw.
i think th movie's not bad,
though i dont really believe some of th stunts she did are humanely possible.
jumping across trucks even though you're shot in th leg? :O

joke of tt day was probably th thing abt enraging 9 million muslims.
laughed like mad cause ahpok's expression was epic too.

cinammon melts with ahpok and cliff after movie !
bimb and mentor had t go off cause they had work tmr morning. HAHAHA.
and kiampa cause i tapau t kfc. not my fault, cliff wanted kfc ma :x

back to school for campus discussion !
really feels v weird t see noobs running loose and being back in tp altogether.

got th first slot w dr. khin, she approved my leave.
th fucked up thing is when she said i screwed my proposal. DD:
oh well. already done. what i can do is make th rest better and improved.

waited from 2.30-5.30 for bimb even though i could leave.
who ask her, suay suay got AP as LO, then so naggy :x
nvm, at least was spending time gossiping with cliff and wayne. mostly abt bimb LOL.

and von was entertaining me with her bimbo act too. HAHAHAHA.
*pats htc desire*

so, shopping at bugis with bimb <3
its been so long since we've actually gone thereeeee.
everything's online shopping these days. =/

managed t get a haul. 1 shirt, 2 belts, orange nail polish and remover, and my slippers !
actually saw this shorts tt i liked, and was looking for tt type for quite long alr
but then its poufy !! and not in a nice way.
side and front oso puffy, macham bubble pants. which i dont like. D:

spent whole morning at ICA, from 9am to 1pm.
stupid uh, cause need t wait 3 hrs for collection.
and th photo taking quite idiotic !!
i had t clip up my fringe and reveal my eyebrow. like omg toot siao.

met ahpok after collection, decided to watch th YOG fireworks !
walao singaporeans are really damn kiasu.
at marina's food court, i saw so many of them camped at th balcony w their dslr stands.
nvr spare a thought for th people who really want t eat also. -.-

at first planned t watch from esplanade rooftop, but then its closed cause of some other event.
then went out t th walkway there.
th view was soooo good, its almost like front row seats :D
cause right smack in th middle of th singapore river.

th fireworks were really awesome. first time watching it w ahpok <3
got th ones tt went spiralling up, and some purple ones .
one was super huge !! and bright pink ones were super chio too.

but i've gotta say, the timing for th fireworks was quite cmi.
sometimes th fireworks only lasted lesser than 3 mins, so v anti-climax.
maybe it suits th performance though? no idea :x

i liked th dragonboats and phoenix sculpture too .
surreal sight, seeing th lit up dragonboats and th phoenix w its water wings.
but th path of red fire, err.
it seemed like th phoenix was farting fireballs. LOL!

on th way home, ahpok taught me how t take th shortcut t raffles place.
EPIC WIN. we completed evaded th crowds okay !
whole train was not even filled up, had seats for th rest of th ride :O

while my poor aunt and her family was still trapped in th stands. HAHAH.

must thank ahpok for cheering me up today.
cause things didnt go well in th morning, and i was feeling damn fucked up.
but he was there for me <3

wonder how am i supposed t get thru these gloomy days when he goes NS? D:

Friday, August 06, 2010

eons since i've last posted anything.
shall update before i collect dust.

currently attached to cytology lab. its smaller than histo.
LIKE REALLY SMALLER. half the size?
and most of th techs are doing screening rather than processing.
sooo different, but still interesting to be able t actually do a preliminary diagnosis.

mentor is another tp graduand, and his gpa is fucking 3.97.
WTF, i can go bang wall twice please.
but he's really friendly and lets me try t do stuff instead of just stoning there.

30th July
had souperlicious at suntec again ! w boss, ahpok and bimb.
tried th combos, and i took th sandwich and soup combo.

walao sandwich is small until i finished it in 4 bites. =/
but the soup was filling enough, thank god. potato + nacho cheese soup <3
i know it sounds like a weird thing but its really nice !
drink alr feel v comfortable tt kind. hahah.

tried t visit th helix bridge but it was closed cause of YOG rehearsal.
and whoots, bimb actually led th way successfully! though its th long road instead :x
but yes she didnt get lost, so its smth worth congratulating. LOL.

oh, and there were kids wearing this crown pointy things and i thot they looked cute.
think again i exclaimed tt th crowns looked like middle fingers.
i got scolded by th 3 of them for tt :x

walked along th helix instead, to mbs there.
apparently got this canal for boats? idk but its a fucking waste of water la !
so short nia, and it doesnt even link to anywhere.

night view there was awesome :D
i love to just stand there w th breeze, just gossip and joke and laugh.
"father says cannot watch movie cause got omfg." HAHAH.

2nd august
rochor tauhuey w bimb, eugene and boss.
SHIOK LA. th tauhuey nth wrong this time heheh.
and i managed t make levon teo jealous.

she says i should feel guilty, and scolded me ingrate !!
but idc cause i had rochor. its power is awesome. :D

6th august
dinner at subway ! w bimb cliff von ahpok
also another one of my cravings satisfied. now only mcspicy/cinammon melts left! :D

i like reminiscing abt stuff.
cause it reminds me how young i am. HAHAHAH.
and no one can actually scold me for being bhb cause i AM younger than them. heheh.

perks of being born in december.
another one is nvr having exams during your birthday. :D

7th august
went out w ahpok ! dress and heels today.
he see alr, wanted t go home change into his shirt. LOL! :x

keep scamming me, say going outram t visit bimb.
then say go rochor tauhuey. change again, say going play l4d2.
end up is go city square mall.

its supposedly a new mall, and sg's first eco friendly one.
but i dont see its eco-ness leh! only th recycle bins around nia. =/
and th mall is quite empty la. nothing much oso.

just alot of food places, omg wun run out of options.
i wanna try th jap foodstreet ! i like its concept.
its like a whole area selling different types of jap food and you just buy and eat.
cheaper version of manpuku?
i see th prices like 10 and below for most items.
th seating areas are damn jap style also. ((:

shall go one friday after work <3

oh, and there's this buffet hotpot place as well.
what makes it different from seoul garden, is tt th food are all on conveyor belts !
so cool right !!! like sakae sushi liddat. :x

too bad its not halal, if not ahpok can try. D:
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