Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 has been an eventful year for me.
quite alot of defining moments uh.

on a high note,
i finally graduated from tp, started work and uni.
got to know some awesome colleagues. :D

on the downside

lost someone really important to me: my ahgong. ):
it is still a devasting blow to me cause his passing was so sudden
and i didnt manage to be there on time.

but through these tears and heartbreak, my family is more bonded now.
not to mention my awesome friends, who've been my support system in those difficult times.
really blessed and extremely lucky to have you all by my side :D
thank you for being in my life <3

family potrait taken 6 years ago, ahgong's 70th.
2011's chinese new year; our last family potrait with ahgong.

family photo before they went thailand, december 2011

my awesome clique at graduation <3

at clique chalet. <3 bimb, sok, levon, cliff and wayne.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

another successful clique meet-up. steamboat at my house!
cause of levon was craving for it heheh.

actually i was feeling quite pessimistic abt the meetup.
dont know why leh, usually i wont feel that way one.
just kept thinking tt it might be cancelled at the last minute. :/

but it turned out to be super awesome cause everyone could make it.
and then they made it my surprise birthday celebration LOL.

really ah, every year my clique MUST make me feel stupid one leh hahah.
last year they brought me around 'friend-hunting',
then blindfolded me with a panda and attempted to make me lost.
this year make me open the door for a 'late' levon and sing song right at doorstep.

but me is really touched by their efforts :D.

thank you bimbo lim for constantly trying to cheer me up tt day.
thank you ahsok for coming up with the idea.
thank you levon teo for running all the way to ang mo kio t get my cake.
thank you cliff and wayne for coming even though you guys are freaking exhausted.

such an awesome clique i have.
and tts the reason why i dont regret going tp, cause i know i've made friends i can keep for life.

love you guys ! <3
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