Thursday, November 25, 2010

i have awesome friends.
thanks bimbo lim, levon teo, cliff and wayne for constantly reassurring me today. <3

thank you my awesome ahpok,
for making me laugh while crying <3

Sunday, November 14, 2010

havent been updating in awhile ! :D

with SIP and MP settled and just waiting for submission, th feeling is awesome man.
take th 2 weeks as a break before officially going back to school.
i just hope tt there are really no lecs and labs, if not sian ttm cause th hours suck.

anyway, had shopping trips and k session alr ! shiok.
actually th shopping was okay only. managed t get one item after walking arnd.
bimb was better, nearly dio th 65 bucks curse again. HAHAH.

k session was back at topone ! whoo 7 hours singing with bimb, wayne and cliff.
von didnt go cause she recently went w colleagues D:
nvm we dedicated shero t her.

accumulated like, 22 pages of songs? LOL LOL.
with th super epic 我问天. HAHAHAH.
and walao, its so difficult t find kpop singers/songs there.
bimb was super disappointed :x

but at least got taeyang's wedding dress. current fav <3

had dinner at shokudo's. japanese curry rosti <3
smaller portion than marche's, but satisfying enough.
th carrots and potatos in th jap curry helped :B
LOL we were actually trying t figure out if th cube was a carrot or potato. HAHAHA.

celebrated 3 years anniversary in advance !
cause tekong only releases ahpok on tuesday night.
at least i can see him and pass th present then ;p

like every year, he takes me on a whirlwind ride.
scam me th stations t get off, drags me in another direction th next. LOL.

lunch + dinner was at manhattan fish market, j8.
wtf such lousy service and food.
his portion was small and looked pathetic. then th fries was cold one la.
th waiter also like some attitude problem idiot. -.-

only th fried mushrooms is awesome, hot hot juicy juicy one. <3
thats th only thing i might go back for.

next time i have fish&chips craving, fish&co. is th place. :D
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