Tuesday, September 25, 2007

consolation of today. passed emaths

chey i thot i got 55/80 for paper2.
got scammed instead cuz its 55/100 =.=
si paper. qi pian wo de gan qing! f5

anyway i nearly lost it today
dunno why. for a moment got totally pissed at myself
i was like thinking.
moderation. moderate le i oso cant get any better

i rmb i always tell myself must look on the bright side of life
must focus on the good stuff. not the bad
but cant possibly ask me to only think abt my bio ONLY and ignore the rest right?
haiix. whatever.

i lost all my postiveness in that freaking moment

well. anyway.
had no apologies workshop by mr yeow today at creativity rm with 4J
mr yeow super gao xiao larhs
showed us his childhood pics
he like nv change at all can? right frm kindergarden
always looking so xiao haii zi
hard to think dat he's gonna be a FATHER soon x)

ohh. ms chong warned us abt online chatting today.
says more and more girls are getting cheated by guys and whatever
she was like saying
if you're curious, lonely, and has low self-esteem
its better not to go online
well if dats the case
she shldnt go ANYWHERE near a modem. xD

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