Monday, May 10, 2010

mmic lab today was hilarious.
cause kept laughing at cliff's strep plate smell.
they say it smells damn disgusting.

wayne's face sibei epic. again.
he like his emoticons sia, so many expressions one. :x

anyw, thank goodness for my blocked nose.
cannot smell anything. :D

finally decided t buy tt denim dress i've been aiming for !
took one month to make a decision okay.
cause dont know if wanna risk online shopping. heard so many shit things.
then dont know if i can fit too ! :x

okay la but cause jiawen, ahpok and blonde encouraged me.
and also cause i gave in t temptation. ;p

saw pang unlimited on th way home.
almost didnt see each other cause she was walking in front of me.
i thot it was her but dont dare call, later paiseh. hahah!

but yeah, she recieved her acceptance letter to NTU Chinese alr.
so, congrats pangpang ! i hope you're seeing this ((:
i think it doesnt matter if your course is popular or not.
so long as you have th interest, i believe tt you can excel in th field.

afterall, you're th ever colorful pang unlimited leh ! :D

and suddenly after seeing her i feel like meeting up w EVEpok and buttomFAM for lunch :x

not t mention pb and danicia.
zomg tt green polar bear say labour day meet, meet till he went MIA. !@#$%^
forever liddat one leh !! pangseh until so happy wtf.

nostalgic feelings again? :/

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