Friday, July 21, 2017

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone In Concert!

It's no secret that I am a huge Harry Potter fan, having read all the books for at least 20 times?
Each time before a new book is released, I'd always read the series all over again, from the first book.

I've re-watched the entire volume of movies too. Heheheh.

So, I was super excited when I saw that there was gonna be a Harry Potter in Concert playing in Singapore!

The concept is a live orchestra, playing in accompaniment with the movie.
They'll replace the studio soundtrack - which already sounds magical~

When I asked Taupok if he'd go with me, he was flabbergasted..
Because he actually wanted to sneaky surprise me with the tickets LOLOL. 

Sorry pok I'm too fast ;p

And I think I got influenced by Japan's culture?

I initially thought, hey, I can probably wear the merchandise I got from USJ!

Taupok also gamely agreed to cosplay with me heheheheh best bf ever.

Can't believe I wore this out actually, because the knit vest is no joke :x

Oh yes I'm a self-professed Ravenclaw student hahahah 
Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure~

Pok picked Slytherin cause he says it's his zodiac hahahahaha.
Actually cause he's nua like a snake la LOL.

Jx was really nice to lend Pok her wand. :D

Bwahaha with the robe!
Had such a hard time sourcing for a good quality one, but it was worth it!
Didn't buy the one at USJ because it's freaking 170 bucks x.X


Received so many compliments for our outfits hehehe.

I think its a fun way of expressing my love and enthusiasm for the fandom.
Going to a concert doesn't necessarily means you have to dress to the nines.
But of course, I already checked if there were any dress code specified la.

Orchestra getting ready!

The conductor was so cute!
He encouraged the audience to cheer, laugh, jeer at our fav scenes, and simply enjoy the concert freely.
Totally different from a movie, where you're usually expected to behave and not disturb others.

During intermission heheheh.

Other than activating tricks at Wizarding Worlds, the wands are pretty functional too :p

Finished the concert feeling super elated. I miss USJ la!
Can't wait to re-read the entire series again HAHAH.

One last selfie with my favorite pok. Thank you for being so steady!  

And this marks our first ever classical concert together hahah.
We're just not that artsy fartsy. ;p

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