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Review: J&J Hair Identity's NATULIQUE Hair Color Service

Sample Store is back after their revamping hiatus!

I know it's kinda aunty to say, but samples are really a good way to try out stuff before committing to a purchase, 
especially if a full sized product is expensive.

Just take SKII as an example; 
although it's formulated by Asians and touted to be suitable to people from their 20s onwards,
many of my friends/colleagues all experienced breakouts after using it, and had to give it away.
Money super wasted lor :x

#turningaunty #nodenyingit

I received an invitation to try out NATULIQUE's products at J&J Hair Identity Salon!


NATULIQUE originates from Denmark, and they're all about using certified organic ingredients in their salon products.
They pride themselves on being eco-friendly and sustainable as well - and they actually have the certification to prove it.
Their passion for health and nature also stemmed from one of the founders' personal encounter with cancer, 
so I believe that they really are sincere about using the best ingredients for their clients.

J&J Hair Identity Salon is one of the first salons in Singapore to provide NATULIQUE products.
Not only do they provide ECOCERT certified hair care, 
J&J has their TOP identity formula, which is their professional approach to every customer.

T for Textura - analysis of hair texture
O for Originality - face structure 'that the customer may originally possess'
P for Personality - personality/style 

The combination of these three points allows the stylist to create the best hairstyle for each individual :D

J&J Hair Identity Salon is located in Katong Square, which is super convenient for me whoots.
In case you're not familiar with the area, it's right next to Katong I12 and it looks like this:

Frankly I had no idea there was this place either hahahahah.
Like eh, suddenly pop-up one. 
It's kinda too far inside from the main road? :x

J&J Hair Identity is on the second level, go up the escalator and turn right!

88 East Coast Road 
Katong Square
Singapore 423371

Opening hours: 
Mon - Fri : 11 am to 9 pm
Sat - Sun : 10.30 am to 8 pm

Here's a before pic of my hair (and over-long fringe wtf why does it grow so fast)

General texture of my hair. 
Other than being slightly frizzy sometimes,
I think my hair is generally quite healthy and smooth, and its just that i'm really lazy to style it.

Where got time la, sleep more important.

The salon is spacious and airy, which is really important to me! 
I don't wanna be inhaling the smell of hair chemicals all the time. 
Other than the obvious health issues, my nose itself is also very sensitive. 
Later I come out as Rudolph how.

Aiyoh the magazine rack so cute.

Can't wait to get started!
I was offered drinks and snacks in case I felt hungry (:

How they know I is glutton sia HAHAH.

The use of wood panels and greenery in the storefront, with the metal frame to give it an industrial feel..
I kind of like how the deco brings out the salon's focus on organic products.

Ahem this reminds me of my principals in retail management module hahahah. 

I had Jac Lee, Lead designer and Salon Manager, to advise me on the coloring process!
He gave me a brief introduction on the range of NATULIQUE products I would be reviewing. 

NATULIQUE products are free of Ammonia, Lauryl Sulfate, Parabens, 
and 98.02% of its ingredients are from natural sources.

While most of the colors are natural hair color shades like browns and reds (teehee), 
it would surprise you, but they actually have pastel colors like Lavender, Blueberry and Silver too!

Photo credits to Natulique

Yeah I was kinda stunned too cause you wouldn't expect organic dyes to have these colors.
Their whiteners and color developers are ammonia and parabens free too.
Is it magic.

Jac took the time to discuss with me about my hairspirations (ARIEL hahah) and limitations.

1. I've always had red tones in my hair, so I'd like to stick within that color scheme.
2. My job (actually my manager) requires me to have tame colors, so I can't go for the wild and bright shades.
3. I'd like to have babylights - thin streaks of highlights which blends and looks natural; but red, instead of blonde
4. If possible, I don't mind having wild colors but it has to be hidden in my ponytail #rebelatheart

I'm not an easy customer :x

Jac was very patient though! 
He took the time to consider and think about the best way to incorporate what I've mentioned,
instead of just brushing aside my requests like one of my ex-hairstylists, 
which is why she is an ex LOLOL

Final decision!
1. My base color would be Violet Auburn - a dark purple-red 
2. Highlights in Intense Red Dark Blonde and Intense Violet Mix.

Jac sadly informed me that I wouldn't be able to hide wild colors - which is okay by me la, it's really hard leh.
It'll be easier for me to change job HAHAHA.

He did explain that he'll be doing the highlights not from the top of my head, but lower than eye level instead.
This is so that it wouldn't bring too much attention to the brighter colors.
Wah that's another level of detail sia.

Like there are kit-kats in my hair.

You know the amazing realization I had when sitting through the first round of dyeing?

What sorcery is this?!!

I have highlighted, bleached, and dyed my hair for so long, 
I've always come to expect the sharp tingly feeling and the smell of ammonia.

It's usually the point of time where you'd tell yourself beauty comes with a price HAHAH.

But seriously. I didn't even realize that I was kind of dreading it till 15 minutes into the process.
And I realized that nothing happened.

Natulique is magic. 

Other than the highlights by Jac, I was attended to by Mikko, another hairstylist.

My hair actually got pretty tangled during washing, but she combed it out so carefully I didn't feel much tugging.
*waves* Thank you Mikko, for being gentle, calming and soothing during the wash and scalp massage!

Oh the scalp leave-on treatment she applied for me had a minty tingly feeling,
but it's the comfortable kind la.
I forgot the name of the treatment though :x

After 5 hours at the chair, taaa-daaaa.
Wah their ring light is super legit.

To be really honest, I couldn't see the violet tones, 
but Jac says that it's because the red appears so much brighter hence it seems darker by comparison.
He assures me that the change is definitely there.

Actually I more excited about the red HAHAH.

Here's one with natural lighting!

Okay this one probably shows slightly more purple tones than the artificial lighting. Yay!
I really love how there is a distribution of color, without being too bright on the overall.

Hopefully it's a pass for my manager bwahahah.

Let's see the colors 3 days later, under natural lighting.
I used my color protect shampoo and hair mask - as per my usual practice in the first week of getting a new dye job.

Kind of happy because.. is it me, or did the color become brighter? :D

With the extra processing due to the highlights, my hair texture is generally still as smooth as before dyeing,
but the hair ends are unfortunately feeling slightly dry.
Can't be helped - my hair hasn't been cut for quite some time liao, hahah.

Other than that, I'm mind blown as well, because the red did not bleed off much during bathtime.
My heart always aches when I see the water trickling pink down the drain, 
because it is known that red fades off with each wash.

And you know how you've to wear dark clothing for a week,
because otherwise the dye might cause staining especially when your hair is wet?

Nope. Somehow I didn't kena all those pink stains on my necklines at all.
Towel still pink la though hahaha but eh very good liao leh.

So amazed.

On the overall, J&J Hair Identity has managed to impress me with NATULIQUE's Professional organic salon hair colours,
because I never would have expected that I would be able to achieve such bright results with organic hair dye.
I would say that the best of all is the lack of strong chemical smells and tingly scalp.
Seriously, it made my sitting there so much more comfortable.

Highly recommended for those who are concerned with protecting your scalp and hair while dyeing!

If you're interested in trying out NATULIQUE's range of products,
do make an appointment with J&J Hair Identity (:

Take a look at their Facebook or Instagram for photos of other clients,
or read other blogger reviews here!


Just a quick update.
Quote my name 'JASLYNN' to enjoy 20% off hair services at J&J Hair Identity.
Yay for you if you're interested to try!

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