Friday, December 26, 2008

updates on my 2008 christmas !

hmm. had my birthday present included inside as well.
the red bear, with my birth date on it. ;p
i loved the whole thing, especially the uber chio white bag :D

simple event, we didnt celebrate it as much as last year.
my cousin was down with stomach flu larhs.
he was so miserable; kept throwing up whatever he ate and crying as he did so. ;x

so we spent the day playing games with him instead. but i dont mind ;D

peektures :D

the purpleee treee :Dpicture courtesy of jh ;p
my presents !
the white bag is damn preeetty! just what i wanted seh.
thanks 3rd aunt :D
birthday bearr~! i thought they really gave me a reusable shopping bag ;x
turns out to be 71% dark chocolate <3>

i HEARTS christmas :D

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